Innovation method promotes the village revitalization, beautiful 上海闵行油压 village picture

  Golden Variety Gao Yong – High-yield Experience Motto Summary "is another harvest year!" The peasants of Yingjing Village, Shahe Town, Dongfeng County, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province, gave birth to a happy, standing in their own grain warehouse, Huang Chengcheng’s corn piled up Blocking two meters and a wall of about 30 meters.

This year, Gao Guangyong contracted 150 acres of land, according to him, and estimated, each mu of property can reach 800 kg. In 2018, the 35-year-old Gao Guangyong returned to the countryside, which became the first batch of farmers who tried to protective cultivation in the village.

Ying Cang Village belongs to the hilly semi-mountainous area, and there are many white pulp soils, and the rural commonly used spread cultivation is not completely adapted to the local land, and the old high income. In the first year, Gao Guangyong boulder the problem.

Wait until winter, he will modify the agricultural machinery.

The hooks of the screwdrivers of the condolence machine were more thick, and the old high was put on the top, "excavated to be more energetic."

The soil of the plate is loose, and the roots of crops are more developed.

"Let the crops eat well in the ground, the vitality of the stalk is so strong, the corn grains that have been baled above are sure to be more full." "Grandpa, you, is the corn, is it a bit?" Protective cultivation After that, the grain production in the old high-level from the initial per acre of 500 kg, such as this year, his own problem solved, and he often "starts in the class" and the villagers share experience.

  In contact, Gao Guangyong found that some farmers did not accept protective cultivation techniques, but "I didn’t understand the specific thing." I naturally didn’t do it. "In order to make technology better understand, Gao Guangyong and friends Zhao Xinkai imitated the children’s thinking According to the map, draw a map of the protective cultivation technique of black soil in Zhanghuking.

Spring homework, after the seedlings have been worcothe, pests and diseases should be … these years, Gao Guangyong summed up the problem, and the answer is given on the map. After the first draft is completed, Gao Guangyong urged the experts to make the map wording more regulated.

  Today, this map has passed to many farmers’ hands.

"Before the book is all the words, then I can’t see it, now it is not the same, the spring farming is coming!" Zhao Miao, the villagers of Pure Bao Village, Shahe Town.

  "I want to make everyone go up in the premise of applicable local.

"After lunch, Gao Guangyong runs around the agricultural machinery," I will give yourself ‘winter holiday homework "is also changed the cultivation machine, and spring farming let everyone use it! "Wheat seed expert Ru Zhen steel-variety promotion, excellence, wheat breeding expert, Henan University of Science and Technology Wheat Research Institute, Dang Ru Zhanhui will drive to the wheat breeding in Langui Town, Xinxiang County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province Field. Sowing, fertilization, anti-disease, harvesting, each key link he is personally involved.

"This piece of wheat is like my child." Ru Zhen steel said. 66-year-old Ru Zhen steel bent down, slammed the leaves from wheat seedlings, put it carefully in his hand, touched it with fingering, show satisfied smile: "This 100 farm 4199 improved the growth! Can increase.

"In the previous investigation, he found that the wheat blade near the cold belt is thin, the color is deep, and the photosynthesis can be carried out in the dawn and overhang, and starch; close to the tropical wheat blade thick, color, not strong Sleep.

  Differentiated characteristics of wheat all over the world have stimulated the inspiration of Ru Zheng. He chose 100 kinds of origin of wheat and 100 origin close to the equator. After three years of theoretical research and 14 years of hybrid and field improvement, it has finally cultivated a hundred farmers, two types of wheat advantages.

  "This kind of wheat leaves are thick, the color is deep, and the dawn can be used in the morning and evening. After the gage, the photosynthesis will not rest at noon. It can be said to be the morning, the late get off work, still not afraid, the output is naturally high! Male capacity increase 300 catty.

"Ru Zhen Steel said. In an artificial climate in the Wheat Institute, the seedlings of different wheat varieties are neatly placed, and the computer is real-time controlling light, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration.

"In such a laboratory, we can accelerate the growth of wheat, five familiar for a year, two years can complete the breeding work of the past 8 years." Novel technology, Ru Zhenang is quite proud.

  "Teacher Can raise a new variety or 8 years, 10 years." A staff member joked.

  "The promotion of a new wheat variety requires a lot of costs in the whole society. It is related to the sweat and labor of farmers. We must have to excel, even if you have achievements, send a little bit!" Ru Zhen steel quickly explained. Talking about the future of the future, Ru Zhengang took a small smart greenhouse, which planted dozens of wheat, and more "picked out" wild grass. "The vitality of wild grass is tenacious, cold, drought, salt-to-salient, resistance to strong disease."

We want to make wheat absorb the fine characteristics of the wild grass, it is best to form hybridization. "Ru Zhen Steel said to the reporter that he didn’t do anything else in our lives. It is to think that the wheat is better, the output is higher, and the quality is better. Chen Guihua, the first secretary of the Poverty, and the road to get rich road width After the winter, the temperature in the mountainous area is lower than one day.

I have a breakfast, and the first secretary of the Guanxiang Village, Longquan Town, Danzhai County, Guizhou Province, Guizhou Province, was wrapped in thick cotton clothes. Recently, the village has expanded the tea tree. When he came to the base, the fellows have been busy. .

"Chen Guihua said.

  It is located in Miaoling Mountain, southeast Guizhou. Gaoyuan is a natural cottage gathers a Miao mass.

I have been printed on poor labels because of the remote position of the geographic location.

After a dealing, the village has a change in the earth. More gratifying is that the previous development of the industry gradually ushered in harvest, which has become a way to make money by the paste. The old ridiculous mountains have planted tea and blueberries, and the vegetable base is built at the foot, and Chinese herbal medicines are planted under the forest.

"The people can get gains from land transfer fees, trials and dividends, and they are more stronger than that of themselves.

"Chen Guihua said. At the end of last year, the per capita disposable income of the whole village has exceeded 10,000 yuan, which is higher than the rural average level in the 上海工作室高端水磨 province.

And Chen Guihua is not satisfied, he is awake, the Gaoyuan Village is a small village with less mountains, and the industrial scale is difficult to have breakthrough. It is necessary to drive the masses to continue to increasing, and must explore new tricks.

  A generation of Miao family is smashed in the high demand village, forming a unique national style, retaining the next largest specialized traditional building. Two years ago, the village was included in the Chinese traditional village directory. In addition, there are thousands of acres of terraces in the village. Whether it is the rapeseed of winter and spring, or the rice in summer and autumn, the field crop layer is stacked, from the top of the mountain to the foot, like a beautiful belt.

  With the improvement of traffic conditions, 爱上海贵族宝贝龙凤 there are more and more foreigners enter the village. "There is a scenery, this is not a ready-made scenic spot?" To promote the consolidation of the effective connection of the rural revitalization, it is a batch of foreign tourists to find a new bureau to find a new bureau. Inspire.

  To do it, you will do it. At the active connection between Chen Guihua, the tourism company development team came to Gaoyao Village, preparing to sell in natural scenery and folk culture, and creating a rural tourist destination. "Idle house can be used to develop farmhouse and home and bource, producing agricultural products can be done to be accommodated, and they can be sold to tourists …" The prospect of the future, Chen Guihua is full.