Zhejiang hijacked the party’s 100-year theme propaganda flag to create a "Youth Youth" report brand

Zhejiang hijacked the party’s 100-year theme propaganda flag to create a "Youth Youth" report brand

Recently, the Central Radio and Television Head-Guangxing Network jointly launched the "Mountain Youth Youth Second Season: Hundred Years Youth", the large-scale integration media series reported from the perspective of young party members, explained the Vast Party of the 100-year-old party and youthful vitality.

The Provincial Party Nets Office is fully committed to do a good job in the online publicity work.

As of the end of August, the whole network has issued nearly 3600 series of "Hundred Years Youth" series of manuscripts, and the accumulated clicks of more than 80 million, driving online formation celebrating the 100-year powerful situation.

The joint venture capital reported team detailed research, meticulous planning, from nearly 100 characters, selected 10 typical images with distinct personality characteristics and times in Zhejiang. Through the preliminary information collection, organize the centralized interview, and strive to report the work of the work.

"Mei Yueyuan: 66 seconds, 96 meters, 128 steps of Chinese female soldiers" "Dai Jie: Put the Chinese culture throughout the world" "Zhou Mingming: Chuan Millennium Youth Porcelain Heart" The work is incorporated from the perspective of youth party members, showing the fresh story of young party members to adhere to the first line, and fully reflects the active spirit of modern youth, the active spirit of the modern youth, and the example of the original party, interprets the richness of the 100-year party. young and energetic. After the report, the Yangguang Net opened in the PC side, the mobile terminal opened "Mountain Youth Second Quarter: Hundred Years Youth" integration A total of more than 100 media and commercial websites have been forwarded to form a full media, all platform propagation matrices, and "learning power" platforms separately open the topic of the collection, accumulated reading volume exceeded 1 million. The Yangguang.com report team summary the first quarter reported successful experience, tight the theme of the era, carefully planned, from the story of the story of the grassroots youth, launched the three major theme sectors "of the" Youth Delivery "," Village Revitalization ", pass Multi-stereo shaping, record the positive spirit of young people and the example of the example of unforgettable, talking about the "Mountain Youth" story, continuously expanding the influence and communication power of the theme report.