Zheng Wenzhi, a good teacher, Zheng Wenzhi: More than 30 years, the first line of cultivation teaching, "Old Bring New", pursue youth teachers

Zheng Wenzhi, a good teacher, Zheng Wenzhi: More than 30 years, the first line of cultivation teaching, "Old Bring New", pursue youth teachers

Zheng Wenzhi in the class.

The respondents are mapped to the teacher’s work since 1988, Zheng Wenzhi did not leave the teaching line, more than 30 years, active in front of the podium.

For more than 30 years, she has seriously grinding teaching skills, and constantly refining the skills skills. Her quality has also harvested professional affirmation. "In 2013, the clinical inspection base course of our professor received a school-level quality course, 2021 experiment diagnosis Get a provincial-level first-class course, in the same year, the team I led has also obtained the advanced collective of the national textbook. "Behind a series of honors, Zheng Wenzhi’s strict requirements for himself.

In order to tell the lesson, she asked her own constant progress, continuous learning, and preparing the literature before preparing the knowledge point, and be rigorous and serious, responsible for the students.

As a teacher, class, she value the training of inspection skills, and emphasizes the students to learn knowledge, and strengthen communication skills, collaboration skills, thinking skills through the group cooperation and classroom debate; under class, she value under class Establish a good interaction with students, "My phone is on 24 hours, I will try to participate in the scene every week, to chat in the scene and students, see their status, discover the problem and the situation to communicate and communicate in time.

"Even if she is busy, she tries to give students care and guidance in learning and life, and she will encourage students to actively move." I hope that my students have a good job, have a heart, have a sense of life, there is a country Feelings, make a person with a temperature of the soul. "Talking about" teacher ", Zheng Wenzhi believes: a teacher’s sentence and a action will affect the students for a lifetime, you must improve the teaching level, and establish a noble moral sentiment. She recalls that there is a Chinese and Western medicine professional students to themselves. The course is very interested, and each class is absent.

Even at the school gold chalk contest, the student also spontaneously participated in the interaction. "Now, this student has already studied graduate. After graduation, he also sent me a WeChat message after graduation, saying that I will never forget the good teacher." I will definitely let Zheng Wenzhi are pleased again, and let her firmly firmly Idea: Tell a good class, do a good job. In addition to teaching work, Zheng Wenzhi also needs to be guided as teaching supervision, and guides from tips and communication methods for teaching supervision.

"For new teachers, constructive advice in teaching, PPT production, reminds them to strengthen the courses and political work, improve the teaching level, help students to achieve ‘knowing the best one’." 30 years of cultivation, Zheng Wenzhi Dedicated to the "teacher" this lofty career.

She frankly, nearing retirement, energy is not so abundant, time is also more urgent, "What honors are not important for me, I only hope to train young teachers, use their own experience and resources, recommend young teachers to participate in writing Textbooks, carry forward the tropical medical characteristics of the sea, improve the school’s visibility. Through my ‘biopsy, let the new teachers grow faster. "Related news:.