Volunteer Service + Procuratorate Public Welfare Litigation "Tong" You "Benefits"

Volunteer Service + Procuratorate Public Welfare Litigation "Tong" You "Benefits"

The Yellow River News Net Dacheng News (Reporter Hu Yan) In order to implement the "Opinions on Strengthening the Legal Supervision of the Communist Party of China" in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the positive role of the Communist Youth League Municipal Party Committee and Volunteers in public welfare protection, Widely mobilized social forces to better participate in prosecutorial public welfare lawsuits, broaden the prosecutorial public welfare litigation clues to discover channels, jointly safeguard national interests and social public interests, November 12th, Datong Municipal People’s Procuratorate held "Volunteer Service and Procuratorate Litigation Cooperation Mechanism Conference Mechanism ". At the signing ceremony, I read the "Opinions on Establishing Volunteer Service and Procuratorial Litigation Cooperation Mechanism", the party secretary of the Datong Municipal People’s Procuratorate, Zheng Liming, and the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee signed an agreement and exchanged the text.

Subsequently, Zheng Liming announced the "Procuratorate Public Welfare Litigation" The small procedure was officially launched and issued a "procuratorate public welfare litigation volunteer".

Participants watched the "Procuratorate Public Welfare Litigation" small program operational demo.

The procuratorate filed a public welfare lawsuit system, which is a comprehensive advancement of major decisions to governing the country according to law and building a rule of law. It is an important measure to promote the modernization of national governance systems and governance. It is also a new function of the prosecution to perform legal supervision. Since the full deployment of public welfare litigation, the city and county second-level procuratorate adhere to the new power of public welfare lawsuit as a prosecutive organ service center service, highlighting the key points, surrounding the "4 + 5" statutory field and new fields, and increase the case Strengthen, improve the quality of handling, striving for first-class performance. After all of the unremitting struggles, at present, the number of the procuratorial public welfare lawsuits has recorded the four-term assessment indicators in the province of the high-quality development of public welfare lawsuits in the province. The Datong Municipal People’s Procuratorate is handled by the Coal Dust Pollution Behavior of the Coal Ground, the administrative public welfare lawsuit of the coal yard, the administrative public welfare lawsuit in the Coal Storage Coal Ground, was rated as the top ten boutique cases of the prosecutionary public welfare lawsuit. The public welfare lawsuit series is incorporating the national guiding cases. At present, the special action of "I have to do practical things for the masses" procuratorate public welfare lawsuit is played by Shanxi News. The public welfare lawsuit has become a business card that brightens the procuratorate, is contributing to the high-quality development of high quality development in the Qingli green water blue sky, service economy. Zheng Liming said that the Volunteer organizes the advice to provide support for the procuratorate of public welfare litigation, "Proclaimers", the "Propagander" collected by the case clues, supervising the "supervisor" of the implementation of rectification. Seriously study public welfare litigation related knowledge and cases, actively promote the procuratorate lawsuit work, so that more people know and participate.

With the "Procuratorate Public Welfare Litigation" platform to provide more valuable case clues and more professional opinions and suggestions for the work of Datong Municipal People’s Procuratorate. Zheng Liming emphasized that the city and county two-level procuratorial public welfare litigation department should strengthen communication and cooperation with youth volunteers, volunteers, and constantly improve the working mechanism, standard working methods, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of young volunteers to participate in prosecution.

In the work, we must take the initiative to ask, earnestly listen to the suggestions proposed by the Volunteer Organization, timely understand, help volunteers solve the problem encountered in the work and regularly carry out professional training. It is necessary to actively invite volunteers to participate in the public hearing of public welfare lawsuit, promote the organic integration of volunteer service and prosecutive public welfare laws, and form a good interaction and continuously improve the Quality of Datong City Procuratorate. Quality.

In the new era of rapid development, highly integrated, facing higher demands in the new development stage, promoting the continued healthy development of prosecutors, not only need to work together in the system, but also need to strive for the identity and support from all walks of life.

The establishment of volunteer service and procuratorial public welfare lawsuit will definite the Datong public welfare lawsuit, realize the win-win win-win win-win, "Tong", you will defend "Datong Blue", build "Datong Qing", thick "Datong Green", better The land is the construction of peace. It is written to the new era to catch up with the new chapter.