The courtyard movie "Dad’s Lies" started booting in Quanzhou

The courtyard movie "Dad’s Lies" started booting in Quanzhou

Southeast Net November 12 (this reporter Chen Shutte) Today, the postal movie "Dad’s Lie" held a press conference in Quanzhou.

The reporter learned from the press conference that the film will be officially turned on in December. The movie "Dad’s Lies" is directed by Yang Tuheng, Fujian Youth Director Yang Sheng, the national first-level actor Hou Tianlai and Zhu Xijuan starring, actor Fu Shaojie, Hu Wenshan, Zhu Shui, etc. A touching story of a thousand miles.

Yang Ping, who came out, carefully created this courtyard, not only to shoot a movie with ornamental and artistic value, but also hoped that people’s social issues such as empty nesters, left-behind children and trafficking children Resonance and attention.

"I hope to pass such a story that describes the big glory of the little person to deliver social positive energy.

Yang Ping said.

It is understood that the hospital movie "Dad’s Lies" has been adapted from a popular population in 2016, and the network movie "爸" in the tears is "unparalleled", "the original class main creation" of the year.

In this regard, the director Yang Sheng said that as "upgraded version" of "爸", "Dad’s Lie" is still a "highway theme" movie, and will still pass the power of the image to "abandon baby", etc. Social problems and their roots think, but different is that "Dad’s Lies" will "add code" in the main character’s love, and human dealers "plus code", let the good and evil elements are more Highlight, form a more distinct contrast, and drive more audience to experience the true love of the world, can also explore human nature together. At that time, the courtyard movie "Dad’s Lies" will take Quanzhou as the main scene, radiate the province, will plenty of integration into Quanzhou Minnan culture, Haishi non-legacy culture, etc., comprehensively show the beautiful geographical scenery and strong humanistic style.