Shen Bing: new city construction to expand investment in space

Shen Bing: new city construction to expand investment in space

  "Fourteen Five-Year" Plan made it clear that promoting new urban construction. This is in turn building a modern socialist country on the occasion of a new journey, to adapt to the new situation and new urbanization development stage, complete major decisions and plans of urbanization strategy.

Cities are an important space carrier strategy of expanding domestic demand, promoting new urban construction investment will help enhance the growth potential, create an important engine for the modernization drive. Promoting new urban construction calibrated strategic orientation of urbanization of a new era.

2020, my country’s urbanization rate increased to% resident population. From the development of the law of international experience and urbanization, the urban development during this period many challenges. In our outstanding performance for the overall urban construction, systematic, livability, sustainability and inclusiveness is not strong, the city public goods and services supplied to a single body, the total lack of supply, supply of structural imbalance, it is difficult to satisfy the masses the demand for a better city life.

  New construction focuses on optimizing urban city development concept, promote urban development to intensive development from extensive connotation extensive expansion, the incremental construction of large-scale into the stock of quality reconstruction and incremental restructuring. Promoting new urban construction key task is to build a modern city livable, innovation, intelligence, green, humanities, toughness.

First, scientific allocation of municipal utilities, gradually raise the level of basic public services for urban residents, improve the city’s livability.

Second, accelerate the construction of new infrastructure, information technology, digital, intelligent, raising the city’s intelligence level. Third, improve the urban ecosystem, the development of intelligent construction, the construction of low-carbon city.

Fourth, protection and continuation of the urban context.

Fifth, improve the city’s ability to withstand shocks and emergency support.

  Promoting new urban construction investment to mention excellent space efficiency Tinto structural requirements. Judging from past experience, in the development of urbanization in the late urbanization led to more significant effect on investment demand.

Studies have shown that in the early and middle stages of urbanization, the urbanization rate increases by 1 percentage point each, will be directly contributing to the increase in capital stock per capita%; urbanization rate in the 50-60% stages, each driven by lifting a percentage point increase in capital stock per capita%; after the urbanization rate reached 60% in higher income urban development on the basis of efforts to promote investment demand times liters, the urbanization rate increases by 1 percentage point each, directly contributing to the increase in capital stock per capita%, the first two were driving effect times and times stages. From our look at the present stage, the city is expanding domestic demand make up the short board, increase investment and promote consumption, the main front building strong domestic market.

Promoting new urban development, through the implementation of a series of livelihood projects and development projects in key areas, will drive investment demand has great potential fully released, give full play to investment in optimizing the supply structure, improve the quality of supply, accelerate key role in building a new pattern of development.

  Promoting new urban development require innovative investment and financing mechanism. Expand new areas of urban construction investment effective, the key is to build multi-channel, duration matching, financially sustainable financing mechanisms. Further expand the market diversification of funding sources. "Fourteen five" new infrastructure plan clearly, to support private and foreign capital to participate in new infrastructure investment operations, which also attracted new types of market players to participate in urban construction to provide policy support.

  Improve the proportion of direct financing. Sum up the pilot experience in real estate investment trust funds, accelerate the improvement of the system, forming a virtuous cycle of existing assets and new investments.

It has a new technology infrastructure for iterative fast, intangible assets, and more, need to continue to introduce the characteristics of incremental funding, can explore the right to use the facility of pledge financing based on future orders right of return of financial products.

  Establish a standard of local government debt financing mechanism. Improve the system of bonds, bonds with institutional norms and constraints borrowing behavior.

In the prevention of risk, based on increased long-term government bond products to ensure a stable source of urban construction funds.

Meanwhile, to further improve public transparency and enhance market constraints of local government debt financing.

  Foster city government to stabilize the main source of revenue. Co-ordinate the integration of municipal finance, land, financial and other resources, rich city government credit sources. Strengthen the comprehensive development of the city, the business projects and public welfare projects organic combined to form a comprehensive project income balance mechanism.

Deepen the reform of the price mechanism field of urban infrastructure, a sound and reasonable pricing, adjustment and compensation mechanisms and investment return mechanism.

  (This article Source: Economic Times of Bing Shen, director of the Department of National Geospatial Information Center).