The secret room is killed, and Shanghai is the first step in "supervision"!

The secret room is killed, and Shanghai is the first step in "supervision"!

  "Status the first responsible person, the game content is not violent", Shanghai took the lead in exploring the implementation of the record of the murder of the secret room, which is the first city that will be killed into managed in the country. Shanghai, why do you want to do this? What kind of reference can you bring to other cities? "News 1 + 1" Connection Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau Party Secretary, Director Fang Shizhong and the President of Political Science and Public Administration School of Political Science and Law, Professor Ren Yong, joint attention: the secret room is killed, Shanghai is "supervised" first step! 1. Why is Shanghai do this? Fang Shizhong: Shanghai this is the first to introduce content filing management regulations on the murder of the secret room, mainly based on the new state of this cultural and entertainment, deeply liked by young people, and this industry is showing explosive, blowout growth. Now whether it is a place or a population of entertainment, Shanghai’s rankings in the country are born, then we found in the research process of industry management, in the process of developing state development in the secret room, its content management Relatively lacks regulations, this time, Shanghai is the first to introduce the provisions of its contents to make a record management. 2. The quantity of the plaint is high and the replacement rate is high, how is the filing management time and efficient? Fang Shizhong: Shanghai this is the management of content filing is not the management method of administrative licensing.

The filing management has built a very convenient channel and platform, and we have also taken a graded management approach, foreign investment, including some investment subjects involving Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, by Shanghai municipal level, and the cultural department of each district, Domestic investment in domestic investment in the country killed the company’s main body, conducting a grading record management. At the same time, in the management process, it also introduces the third party expert team, empowers the professionalism of our file management, and through the establishment of the script of the script, improve the efficiency of the record management, we hope to continue to explore during this process, both can have It is conducive to the development of new cultural agents, and it can also make content record management more convenient, efficient and specified. 3. Why does the business unit are the first responsible person? Fang Shizhong: Because we considering the new state of the secret room, it is a new state of cultural and entertainment. This business has actually has many uncertainties in the future, so we need to form a living atmosphere, we have this content record management Special clarity of the first responsible person of the business entity, I hope they can take the first responsibility of management, able to improve their original abilities and identification of the script, provide a better, healthy product content for young consumer groups. At the same time, in this process, it also strengthens the social management of the government’s professional industry management and secret room, and we want to form a situation of treatment.

  4. The principle of management of Shanghai is: inclusive and prudentian Shi Zhong: Shanghai Cultural Tourism Bureau is "inclusive" and "prudent" in the process of led the draft draft rural script. During the record management process, do not affect the normal operation of the market main body as much as possible.

  This time, as long as the main business has received qualified market business qualifications, it can carry out normal operations. Synchronize the contents of the content in the process of normal operation. If he has content modifications, he can make a record in time. Then we can also give him a message in time, he can operate normally.

  5. What are the management plans in Shanghai? Fang Shizhong: This time, in order to support the content filing management of the secret room, we are ready to set up a joint meeting of government-related departments. We now have relevant market supervision, public security, fire, copyright, and residential buildings. In the joint meeting of the department, we hope that all departments can give full play to their respective functions, and they can jointly formulate the synergy of supervision. At the same time, Shanghai has set up a special committee called an immersion experience. We hope to pass the industry. Self-discipline driven the healthy development of this industry.

  6. Do you need to manage the consumer group? "Secret Room Escape" "Script Kill" presents new attitude, but the supervision has lagging Ren Yong: The first "Script Kill" is a young person, especially after 95, they often kill the script as a social interaction The way, this is a very important feature; the second "Script Kill" is not only like Shanghai, Beijing’s big cities, and a large number of three or four-tier cities, even some counties, this is the second characteristic. Third, "Script Kill" as an emerging business, it involves various chain links such as places, sales, so it also involves multiple departments, "Script Kill" combines with the local literary industry.

Based on the above three characteristics, I think the script is now, and the supervision is still a relatively lag. "Secret room escape" and "Script Kill" game, do you need to manage the consumer group? Ren Yong: It should be a grading and hierarchical, but it depends on a premise that everyone has a clear norm to "Script Kill" itself, which can participate in minors, which minors can’t participate, this is a very important Premise.

Standards, the norm is the future we have to do, on the one hand, avoid our embarrassment of our supervision "one to die, one to let go of chaos", at the same time, to achieve the caution supervision of inclusive, promote the health of this emerging industry developing.