Strengthening the people’s hearts and create a better future

Strengthening the people’s hearts and create a better future

On November 15th, at the opening meeting of the 6th China-Non-Folk Forum held in the Ministry of Foreign Liaison Department, many African national political parties, and China’s envoys in China underline, and the friendly story of the Central and non-private exchanges. "Folk Communications deepened the mutual understanding of non-Chinese people, consolidating both friends and friendship, helping to work together to build a more closely fate community.

"The China-Non Cooperation Forum Non-co-Chairman Duzine President Saler said in a speech.

Tanzanian Ambassador, ambassador to China, reviewed the vivid discussion of the non-civilian exchanges in the speech: Chinese workers aided the Tanzan Railway, China Medical Team and African people fight against Ebola epidemic … "The non-Chinese people watch help, support each other , Make an important contribution to the relationship between the two parties.

"Mauritius Folol Ken Citizen Alliance Chairman Xerollen as a representative of the African civil organization, with the mushroom skill training cooperation with Beijing as an example, highly evaluated the exchange interaction in non-Chinese agriculture:" Non-China Agriculture Cooperation continues to deepen, this work together in both parties Unique value is displayed during the epidemic. "He is looking forward to exchange more innovative technology with Chinese local agencies and civil society organizations and expanding its cooperation.

"The current global epidemic situation is still grim, we should be closely united and deepen cooperation.

"Burundi President Na Ischimi said that the country is working hard to protect food self-sufficiency, improve the people’s living standards, improve national education and medical system. I hope that China will further deepen cooperation, and strive to achieve the above development goals as soon as possible.

"The Chinese Communist Party ‘s successful experience in eliminating poverty and governing the country is amazing.

The People’s Liberation Movement in South Sudan will continue to learn successfully to the Communist Party of China. "Chairman of the Southern Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, President Kille said. Proponents of Excerpts, Premier Egypt, said that global challenges constitute a serious threat to the world, especially developing countries.

Non-China and both sides need to strengthen human exchange mutual improvement mechanisms, and strive to maintain common value of all humanities.

At the end of this month, the 8th ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum will be held in Senegal. Participants expect that China-African parties take this as an opportunity to further deepen folk friendly cooperation, consolidate friendship, and create a better future.