Tibet Autonomous Region Library set up the first child reading promotion service point

Tibet Autonomous Region Library set up the first child reading promotion service point

The picture shows the students to read the book in children’s reading promotion. Lhasa Fusion Reporter Ramsha Ren Retrieval according to Cultural and Tourism Department, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Finance, "China" encourages public cultural services and education and integration development, The spirit of establishing an extracurricular education base for primary and secondary school students, the Tibet Autonomous Region Library jointly in Mozhukiku County Township Township Tourism Team, recently established the "Tibet Autonomous Region Library Children’s Reading Service Point" in Mozhu Autonomous Region.

  Mima, deputy director of the Children’s View Department, Tibet Autonomous Region, said: "Ni Duo Township Central Primary School, as the first children’s reading promotion service point set up in the whole district library, planning the management model of the library total branch construction, With a service point 1000 books as standards, some books are made in the form of some books in the form of a book.

The Tunar Tourism Team has taken a bridge, followed up, and supervises the implementation of the two-party agreement in the future. "It is reported that the Tibet Autonomous Region library applies for some books to the Beijing Cotton Public Welfare Foundation, and it is suitable for books that are suitable for local children’s children’s reading. The 749 volumes of the book will be continuously suppressed. In order to adapt to the management of modern libraries. In high-quality mode, book borrowings and follow-up reading promotion activities, volunteers, etc., the Tibet Autonomous Region Library introduces the small library automation management system according to the actual situation of the school, and provides online management of service points. It will also make a special custom branch card for the students. "The Tibet Autonomous Region library set up a service point in the school, aimed at the form of bookwork, and the third-party resident work team supervision through book borrowings, and various forms Continuous child reading promotion activities to improve children’s reading rate. In order to promote common collaboration, the unveiling ceremony, the Library of Tibet Autonomous Region, and the Niko Township Primary School representatives have signed the "Tibet Autonomous Region Library Views and the Rural Primary School Cooperation Construction Agreement". Mima said.

  The person in charge of the library of Tibet Autonomous Region, Beijing Coteon Public Welfare Foundation, Tibet Autonomous Region Library View Department, Japan Township Government, Niko Primary School, Japan Township Tourism Team Related Head of Township Tourism Team All students, Parents represent the unveiling ceremony.

(Editor: Chen Mengmeng).