The second phase of the National Convention Center is delivered to the service of more than 100 intelligent robots.

The second phase of the National Convention Center is delivered to the service of more than 100 intelligent robots.

Original title: The second phase of the National Convention Center, the main media center, the three national stadiums, national speed skating halls, the national swimming center, the main group of Beijing "Shuangbo City", the first collective light, this newspaper is thisOpened the patrol column of Winter Olympics.Yesterday, Beijing Youth Daily Visit the Second Phase of the National Convention Center and two major venues in Wukesong Stadium, in detail the operation of the game and the service situation after the game.In addition to the competition for the competition, the Olympics is also a "stadium" competition in the world.

Yesterday, Beiqing reporter learned from the Beijing Major Project Office that as the main media center of the National Conference Center of the Winter Olympics Media Reporter, the second phase of the National Convention Center, which has been completed in June 2021. The Olympic Broadcasting Services has been delivered. . At the time of the Winter Olympics, the venue is expected to receive more than 3,000 text and photographers, about 12,000 new people. At the same time, more than 100 intelligent robots will serve the media staff, undertake, cook, dining, etc. The "Flying Bird" curtain wall appeared in a smart rhythm yesterday, the North Youth Daily reporter came to the second phase of the national conference center that has completed delivery, and the entire building will show milky white, and the large-scale "flying bird" curtain wall cooperates with a large glass. Transparent, give it clean, fresh. According to Zhang Lidong, Minister of Engineering, Minister of Engineering, Beijing Beichen Exhibition Investment Co., Ltd., the second phase of the national conference center, the main project is mainly based on steel structure, and its external wall uses a unique "group of bird" styles. The main building is east, south, and the north side of the north, the metal and glass curtain wall of the special curtain wall unit – "Bird Window" modeling. 2376 The wall unit is connected to the face, just like a slight flying bird, with the shape of the architectural main body "鲲 鲲 展", "like Bird", the wings of the birds seem to fly from the curtain wall Out of a general, highlighting the intensive rhythm of architecture and nature. During the Winter Olympics, the media from the world will see that the sun is sprinkled through the "flying bird" in the curtain wall, forming a soft and active light and shadow effect.

How is this realistic effect? The project team uses the smuggling of the group of birds, and the curtain wall is used in the curtain casting process – double enamel steel plate program, stamping the shape of "group bird" on the curtain wall, not only look good, "Flying Bird" curtain wall also has insulation , Light transmissions and so on. You can receive 15,000 journalists and broadcasters, according to the Beijing Municipal Major Project Construction Command, Sun Guojun, the total construction area of ??the second phase of the National Convention Center, is the latest in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Beijing Division, the largest New project.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Main Media Center serves as Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, site selection is in the project, which is a global registered plan medium and a newer time of the media headquarters.

The total use area is about 10,000 square meters.

During Winter Olympics, more than 3,000 text and photographers were expected to receive approximately 12,000 new newspapers, reporting and broadcasting the International News Editor and TV Signal Production Transfer Center of Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics.

At the same time, the main media center is also the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Broadcast Service Company, and the Tournament Command of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee. The North Youth reporter entered a layer of hall found that the decoration project in the field has been basically completed, and the sponsor settled in the renovation.

Zhang Li Dong introduced that there were nearly a thousand square meters of the main press release hall, and there were two three-three news release halls to meet the needs of the press release. In addition, there is enough broadcast area in the venue to meet the demand for broadcast. The underground layer is the media restaurant, which can meet the dinner needs of 10,000 people. Along the elevator up, you can reach the three floors of the conference center. Here, the roof garden is also set up. The garden can be opened, about 3,000 square meters of glass lighting tops can achieve large-scale electric opening, enhance natural ventilation and natural lighting effects. Can also start the exhaust function. Let the main building and the city sky "total breathing", not only visually enjoyment, but it is better to understand the beauty of "urban oasis" when you are in its situation. More than 100 robots will be worth mentioning at the time of the game. There will be more than 100 robots will serve you during the season.

According to different division of labor, it is divided into killing robots, cooking robots, shipping robots and clearing robots.

The most expecting thing is that there are a variety of robots that will serve the media reporters in the Media Wisdom Restaurant. Zhang Lidong told Beiqing reporters, whether it is a chef or a service person, the media reporter will see robots that will be cooked, make coffee, burger and other functions in the restaurant, and only need mobile scanning code.

"The whole process does not have to operate, but we will set some guiding staff to guide everyone." Zhang Lidong said.

In the stage of time, robots can complete more than 170 dishes, and the media restaurant can also meet 10,000 dining needs. However, for the special needs of different people, the media restaurant has also set some dinner windows, which is convenient for everyone to eat.

After the game, the integrated body continues to use Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics to practice "thrifting" office Olympics, "borrow" urban infrastructure service Winter Olympics, continue to serve urban people’s livelihood and development after the game, becoming another Olympics in Beijing Innovation. The second phase of the National Convention Center is an important facility that strengthens the international exchange of capital international interactions. Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be temporarily used as the main media center of the Winter Olympics, serving the media service for the world, will return to the original exhibition after the game Function.

After the game, the second phase of the National Convention Center will continue to build as a conventional construction.

After completion, the first phase of the National Convention Center will have a world-class exhibition complex of the total scale of more than 1.3 million square meters, which can meet the demand for high-end government, state affairs activities, but also meet all kinds of large international exchange activities and business exhibition activities. need.

Zhang Lidong introduced that in the future, a city complex will be formed to meet one-stop demand such as conference and business travel. Text / This reporter Liu Yang photography / reporter Cui Jun (editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.