The United States boycotts Beijing Winter Olympics will only become a laughter of the international community.

The United States boycotts Beijing Winter Olympics will only become a laughter of the international community.

  Nice Researchor, USA, Institute of Modern International Relations, Jia Chunyang, recently, US President Biden said in answering reporters "whether to support the Beijing Winter Olympics for diplomatic", "We are considering this."Previously, the US "Washington Post" columnist Josh Luo Jin said that US officials revealed that the Biden government expects to announce that "president or any US government official will not attend the Beijing Winter Olympics before the end of November."

The words of Biden have confirmed the "Washington Post" report at least to some extent, that is, the Biden government is indeed considering whether to "diplomatism" for Beijing Winter Olympics. From the US domestic political atmosphere and anti-China power to resist the sound waves of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Biden government is ultimately likely to make a boycott. However, is the so-called "diplomatic boycott" in Beijing Winter Olympics to block the process of Beijing Winter Olympics? Can you bring benefits or benefits to the United States? The answers to the two are obviously "can’t". On the contrary, boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics not only can’t hold the Winter Olympics, but also unable to enhance the interests of the United States, but will damage the interests of the United States, and ultimately can only become a laughter of the international community.

  First, "diplomatic boycott" Beijing Winter Olympics will not achieve any effect.

Although the Beijing Winter Olympics is hosted by China, it is not a Chinese Winter Olympics, but the stage of the world’s participation in the world is a shared sports event in the people of the world.

In the context of new crown epidemic, athletes in the world need such a grand event that demonstrates their competitive level and hard work than ever, and human society is more likely to boost like this. Morary, firmly defeat the determination and confidence of the new crown epidemic.

  In this regard, the CEO of the US Olympic Committee said, "Sarahhirshland, said," After a new championship in the world, there will be no more important moments than this Olympic Games. "HUGHROBERTSON, Chairman of the British Olympic Committee, said he is full of Beijing Winter Olympics," We know how difficult it is to prepare for the winter Olympics during the global epidemic, we especially look forward to participating in this world-class sports meeting. I hope that Beijing Winter Olympics is successful. " It can be said that the Beijing Winter Olympics is completely compliant with the time and people. In this context, the so-called "human rights" and scorpion, obviously can’t afford any wind and waves, and will not give any substantive impact on the Beijing Winter Olympics. Second, the United States will not get any benefits from the boycott of Winter Olympics.

The excuse of the US anti-China to resist the Beijing Winter Olympics is the so-called "human rights issue", especially the issue of the problem. In order to strengthen the moment, the US anti-China power is not only boycott, but also encourages the United States allies and partners.

However, well known, so-called "human rights issues", especially those involved, only the United States used to latenate and maliciously suppress China, and the facts do not match the facts.

At this point, it is not only very clear that the Chinese people are clear. Any international perspective to Xinjiang is also very clear. I have to smear China’s "violation of human rights" in Xinjiang or even the so-called "racial extinction", which is completely insulting these IQ who have been visiting Xinjiang.

Linking the Winter Olympics and the so-called "human rights issue", it is entirely the politicalization of sports, which is completely embarrassed to the Olympic spirit. Therefore, the United States bosses the Beijing Winter Olympics in the United States, especially the problem of the problem of the problem, and cannot use this to increase the moral status of the United States in the international community and will not enhance the US international reputation and other countries.

Because most countries, most countries know why the United States has to resist the Winter Olympics, knowing that "human rights issues" is just a scorpion of the United States.

In this regard, Johncoates, vice chairman of the International Olympic Committee, said, "Any country boycotts the Beijing Winter Olympics." Third, boycotting Beijing Winter Olympics will only harm the US own interests and become a laughter of the international community. As we all know, the Olympic Games are not only the arena of the athletes, but also an important event in the development of friendship in the world. During the Olympic Games, not only the country and the invited country guests can strengthen their exchanges, but also the leaders of all countries can also link in contact and enhance understanding. Therefore, if the United States and its small allies finally choose "diplomatic boycott" for Beijing Winter Olympics, then losses are not China, but the United States, because the United States has lost a communication with the world, enhancing the opportunity of friendship, lost Opposition to promote the United States with an Olympic event. At the same time, if the US does not send officials to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, then they have lost the opportunity to refueling the athletes in the field.

In this regard, the US Olympic Committee Chairman Susannelyons has a clear understanding. She is disclosed, "Although the voice of the Beijing Olympics continues to continue, this is a harm to those who have been training for this event. We think this kind of boycott is no effect.

Will only hurt athhers who put them in the training of their lives to represent their own countries. "At the same time, regardless of how the United States and Western anti-China will not noise, it is foreseeable that most countries in the world will follow the United States to" diplomatism "for the Beijing Winter Olympics, only may be the United States and their small allies, obviously According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian President Pujin has enjoyed the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Obviously, a few countries entered the "diplomatic boycott", not only will not expand the influence of the United States, but will become a laughter of the international community. Today, the footsteps of the Beijing Winter Olympics have become more and more close. The athletes from all over the world are conducting the final preparation. The people of the world are also enthusiastic about the opening of the Winter Olympics. Those who have boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics, it is time to gain, boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics will not receive any benefits, but will harm their own interests, and there is no way to stand in the opposite of the people of the world. Do you really do it? .