Struggle 100 Years Road Qihang New Journey · School Party History Reform Thought Office Released New Bureau 丨 Zhejiang Cangnan: "Point" Governing is the base loss

Struggle 100 Years Road Qihang New Journey · School Party History Reform Thought Office Released New Bureau 丨 Zhejiang Cangnan: "Point" Governing is the base loss

  Xinhua News Agency, November 25th: Zhejiang Cangnan: "Point" governance is the grassroots reduction of Xinhua News Agency, Li Ping "has been reduced by 6 institutions in our village since 2019, the agency brand in our village has reduced 6, and the wall system is reduced. 11 items, the stamp is reduced by 22, and the superiors have less inspection and assessment. "Liu Chenghu said Liu Chenghu, Party Branch of the Pohan Town, Gangshan Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

  In the early winter, the reporter walked into the village of this mountain clear show to understand the changes in the grassroots to the village cadres and villages.

"The previous departments like to hang up the name in the village. In the most, there were 12 bodies in the village. They all rushed to the top of the wall. After using the ‘smart village social" platform, we don’t have to repeat the newspaper, the whole village paper table The account is reduced by more than 30%.

"Liu Chenghu said that the inspection of the" ushered to "in the village is there, and the village cadres are used for development and service.

  Xu Fang, the head of the party and government complex of Cangnan County, said: "The grassroots reduction is good for the grassroots cadres." He is exemplified, the original meeting is working for two or three hours, now compressed to 90 minutes Within the timeout, if it is free to time, you can report to the "grassroots reduction report hotline" 12345 anonymity, and the reporting clues are given by the county party committee to supervise the supervision of the supervision of the county party committee.

  Since 2019, Cangnan County has declined by "meeting, document, supervisors" three declines, and the three-course documents issued by the county have decreased by 75% year-on-year. The county meeting is 50% year-on-year, "supervised test" is reduced year-on-year. 75%. "From the ‘Wenshan Sea’, too many supervisors to check the grassroots cadres coming out of ‘Swirl’, now there are more time and energy to close the people, understand the public opinion, solve the civil." Zhou Wen, deputy director of the Cangnan County Committee. In front of the WeChat public number and official WeChat public number and official Weibo number, the Cangnan County Education Bureau staff Xie Zhou Yu is mostly used in the content update and maintenance of these two media platforms, because the employees are more working hours, The county education bureau later invited third-party companies to operate two media numbers, 1 year cost of 50,000 yuan.

  Xie Zhou Yu said that after the county is unified to clean up the media public account, they will liberate from the middle, focus on their own work. According to reports, in order to break the "fingertips" formalism, Cangnan County has closed the party and government organ "two micro-one" since 2019, the reduction of%, saving more than 4 million yuan.

"Now there is a need for information unified on ‘watching Cangnan’ App, which is effective for the reduction of grassroots cadres." The number of leadership groups in the township leadership group has been the importance of the grassroots reflection by the superiors.

In this regard, Cangnan County Big Treatment, Regulations for the Necessary Conditions and Personnel of the Leadership. "Through centralized cleaning and customization, the original 3292 leading groups in the townships of Cangnan have finally retained 431, and a large batch of pumping officers will be returned to clearly." Zhou Wen said. The reporter interviewed, in order to avoid the grassroots to reduce the wind, Cangnan County strongly promoted the "maximum of the most running" reforms in the department, and reducing the length of the grassroots cadres to the county-level department, the link, frequency, etc .; on the other hand, The grassroots level led by the supervision committee of the county discipline committee will reduce the "Blue Army" and carry out normalization supervision on the implementation of grassroots levels.

  "We must take the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China to grasp the" grassroots reduction "as an opportunity, so that the grassroots cadres will lose their burdens, earnestly solve the people, and better take the glory given from the times. Mission. "Zhang Benfeng, secretary of the Cangnan County Party Committee.