Zhongshan: Realizing the "Double Clear" of the Poverty Poverty and Poor Village

Zhongshan: Realizing the "Double Clear" of the Poverty Poverty and Poor Village

Hezhou Zhongshan County adheres to precise poverty alleviation, precision and depletion, 2020, the remaining 4 poor villages in the county, 948 3,394 poor people are all governed, and the poor people and poor village "double clear".

The county is compacting responsibility.

The county party committee, the main leaders of the government implemented the subject responsibility, regularly visiting poor villages, poor households.

Each entrantive team led the head of the war, held a member of the Standing Committee of the Poverty Alleviation County Committee on time, and strengthened the planning and guidance of the projections of poverty, and timely study the problem of dealing with key difficulties. The 12 towns and towns in the county were divided into 12 off-poverty-stricken areas. They served as the commander and deputy commander of the county level, regularly held a Poverty Alleviation Society in township or poor villages, and integrates the rear shield units and township power to concentrate on the maintenance area. . At the same time, enrich the team.

Adhere to the grassroots first-line cultivation cadres, discover the goals and promotion of cadres, and choose a batch of political quality, strong work ability, strong career and strong sense of professionalism, and strong careful cadres and workers to take out the poverty reduction (village revitalization) Work in the village Team team. Last year, the county was oriented to be 301 poverty (rural revitalization) team members, 101 poverty alleviation information (files), 109 administrative villages (community) realize the secretary of the village party organization, director of the village committee "shoulder" .

The county excitation starter. The development of "Notice to further press the poverty of poverty", etc.

Last year, the county promoted 10 leading cadres in the universities of the poverty campaign.

At the same time, the listing is played.

Established a combat office, formulating the poverty-attacking operation plan, coordinating the county listing operations. For 4 unpovered villages, they were listed by county-level, and 22 poverty alleviation tasks were listed by townships.

Four four commando, support 4 county-level listing operations to complete the prostitutes of the poverty attack, and the county-level leaders of the township towns and towns were listed.

Every 2 months of all the listing of all the county listing a dispatching work, achieving the combination of "supervising" and "do", ensuring smooth completion of the depletion of the campaign.

(Editor: Liu Jia, Huang Yizhen).