Wuxi City Court implements a case centralized distribution

Wuxi City Court implements a case centralized distribution

  "I didn’t expect money to be arreled to come back!" During the day, I applied for a billion-dollar case lost by the person, and was performed by the city’s grassroots court. Yesterday, under the unified deployment of the Supreme People’s Court, the city’s court executive, the annual event was held, and the on-site on site was issued in the form of a video conference, and invited people to the National People’s Congress. All of the same day is all in the hands of the parties.

  At 10:30, the case of the new Wu court issued the site, and the executive judge was examined by the application authorized information, payment, check exchange, etc., to the parties to execute the case.

"The court is worried about the people, truly guarantees our legitimate rights and interests.

"The parties who got the implementation of the authority are pleased.

On the same day, this case of liquidity group disputes, of which 20 (people) were distributed underline, involving more than 920,000 yuan; online issuance of 20 cases (people), involving more than 900,000 yuan.

  "The implementation of the case is issued to a certain extent, to a certain extent, to resolve the urgentity of the applicant’s burning, explain the deep connotation of the judiciary.

Zhao Wei, Executive Director of the People’s Court of Wuxi High-tech Zone (Xinwu District), said that the implementation of the case is centralized, mainly involving people’s livelihood types such as labor compensation, industrial injury insurance, personal injury compensation, and the class of small and medium-sized enterprise contract disputes Case. (Willow).