The number of Liaocheng Foundation reaches 11 houses is an Education Foundation

The number of Liaocheng Foundation reaches 11 houses is an Education Foundation

  This newspaper (Reporter Sun Kefeng correspondent Lu Lu) On November 10, the reporter learned from the Municipal Administrative Approval Service Bureau that the number of Liaocheng Foundation has grown rapidly, and there are currently 11, of which 7 is an Education Foundation.

  After the 2015 fund approval authority is decentralized, the city approved 6 Foundation, namely the chat, Liaocheng Public Welfare Foundation, Liaocheng City Public Welfare Foundation, Liaocheng Yichang Education Development Foundation, Liaocheng No. 1 Middle School Education Development Foundation, Liaocheng Communist Foundation, Guan County, Zhizhengzheng Education Foundation.

Plus, the Shandong Provincial Waun Xun Education Foundation, Liaocheng City, the Civil Affairs Department, Liaocheng University Education Development Foundation, Liaocheng Chen Guang Education Foundation, Jixian Excellence Education Foundation, Total 11 .

  According to reports, after 2020, the city administrative examination and approval service office is currently conducting business guidance on the establishment of the Youth Development Foundation.

  The Foundation is an important form of charity. It is a natural person, legal person or other organization to donate property to engage in non-profit institutions for public welfare undertakings. The public fund will not be less than 70% of the public welfare business expenditure, which is not less than the total income of the previous year. The non-public fund will not be less than 8% of the fund balance of the previous year’s fund balance per year. [Editor in charge: Li Taidou].