Take the door, when the head is drinking, keep the call, Wuchang police use the earth to prevent the masses to avoid more than 4 million

Take the door, when the head is drinking, keep the call, Wuchang police use the earth to prevent the masses to avoid more than 4 million

Wuchang police walked into the community and residents to face anti-electric scams.

Correspondent Yang Shui is on July 17, the police station of the Huanghe Tower Street Police Station has been inquired, and the police will listen to the contact information of his brother, and learned that Chen is hospitalized in a hospital, so the police guidelines. Its younger brother rushed to the hospital and stopped the remittance of the remittance.

Then the police advised by Chen’s brother’s phone, Chen finally realized that she was cheated. Item of more than 10 times, 2 million to keep the person in charge of the anti-electric scivation center of Wuchang District, encountering the phone, not open, the party does not open, relatives and friends can contact the party, the police is the most urgent, if you give up the discouragement It means that the masses will suffer huge losses.

The police have to use some "Earth Measures".

At 4 o’clock on July 19, the Baishazhou police station received a warning, and the resident soup may be talking to the fraud.

The police stationed outside their houses, he did not answer the phone, and the second ignored knocking on the door.

In desperation, the police whispered more than ten times "Never turn money", I finally let Tang wake up the door, more than 200 million demolitions saved.

The next day, the police encountered a parties who did not be willing to open the door and the police, which was completely pretending to be "brainwashing" in the "public inspection law". After contacting his child, the police will disconnect the electric locks in the parties in the case of the family members of the parties. When the parties came out, I suddenly realized the police patiently. Afterwards, the parties were sincerely gumped on the Wuhan City Message Board: "Wuchang policeman is worthy of people, perseverance is worthy of praise!" For 7 minutes, 200,000 is not exchanged in early July this year, Wuchang District Public Security Bureau Meyuan Street Police Station Meiyuan Street Police Station After receiving the interception instruction, I learned that the parties are preparing to travel to the bank, so the police are rushing to the bank, while informing the nearby mens and bank security prior to persuade, the parties have successfully saved the parties 100,000 yuan deposit. In response to the parties who are undergoing transfer services, Wuchang police fully launched the community grid, bank security and other group defense power to invest interception, and improve the efficiency of interception. The police introduced that if the party telephone is connected, there is still a distance from the scene, and the police, security, networkers who will discourage the police will maintain a call state, and the continuous line of anti-fraud is until they meet. In late July, they used this "keeping call" to help a parties to avoid damaging 200,000 yuan.

In the warning interception work, Wuchang police established the three-level interception mechanism of "Crown Center + Police Station + Community Police", forming a set of instructions to efficiently, feedback, and supervise strict standardized workflows, and actively through "national anti-fraud" pressure Real ministries supervision responsibility, the main responsibility of the street belongings, deepen the "unuscrow community", launch group anti-mission power, and jointly build a national anti-fraud "firewall."

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