Zhangzhou Changzhou District: Enhance the village style to promote rural resolution

Zhangzhou Changzhou District: Enhance the village style to promote rural resolution

People’s Network January 27th, "After the completion of the facade", the value of my house has risen a lot, thanks to the good policy of the party committee government. "On the morning of January 26th, the villagers who pick vegetables in the family are pleased to say happily . Gan Weilian is the villagers in the tail group of Fuwan Village, Yuanzhou District, Zhangzhou City, and a building in a 2nd floor. In the Rural Town, there is a rising action in Changzhou District, Gan Weilian is included in the transformation, and last August last year. At the Leading of the Construction Bureau of the Cheungzhou District Construction Bureau, Gandai Lian’s house transformed the facade, brush the exterior wall, and the small garden after the home house, the chicken house was also regulated, after the transformation, the housing appeared, The space layout such as the exterior wall and the vegetable garden has a misfour, and the title of the five-star rural tourist area of ??this autonomous region is completed.

This is a powerful initiative to promote rural style and promoting rural environment, promoting rural environment.

In the process of retrofitting, there are measures in Chezhou District, and they have highlighted advantage development by integrated funds. As the 1st provincial road as a link, Wanyu Village, Shuizhou Village and the village along the village as "Water Yunzhou · Leisure Wantian City Integrated Changzhou District Ecotourism Demonstration Belt", and coordinates the financial fund of this grade to Fuwan Village Tourism The residential scene of the district farmers, vigorously improve the village of the village, realizing the change of the rural style, from the line and film, from the film to the face, comprehensively enhance the level of rural style in our district. Fully combined with the actual situation in the Cheungzhou District, according to the customs of the customs, landscape, historical inheritance, the design of the characteristic residential buildings is designed to provide the masses to use, and the masses "will build" is "unified". Promoting the "Secretary at the scene" action, fully utilize the "one group of one room", focus on the core leading role of the party organization, set the "party group in the suite room", give full play to the party members in the village, to the rich people, intellectuals, and towns The leading role, collecting opinions, multi-input, perfect planning, the whole village promotion, guiding the villagers to actively participate in the improvement of rural extensions, and promote the improvement of rural rustic style in Changzhou District.

According to reports, according to the rural style of the autonomous region, the three-year action work was promoted, in 2020, the task of improving the project task in Changzhou District is 80 basic rectification villages and 5 villages. Public lighting project construction. Up to now, the 80 basic remediation villages have been completed and passed through the three levels of county, municipal and autonomous regions.

All the 5 villages are all completed, and the total 2 light light is all installed in place. The second batch of rural style enhancement projects in Changzhou District, 2020-21 were 260 basic rectification villages.

At present, 31 national remediation villages have been started, and the investment fund is approximately 160,000 yuan.

(Shi Qiulan Huang Liqion) (Editor: Yan Li Zheng, Huang Yumei).