They are in the wind and snow

They are in the wind and snow

The cold wind is hunting, the snow is flying, since November 5th, the city’s discipline inspection and supervision organizations have discovered that there is 76 problems such as the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures, and the operation irregularity, etc.

Docing, the supervision of the supervision is not easy to make a relaxation to further standardize the "three capital" management of rural villages, the Luohe Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission adopts the "changing land" linkage, focusing on the collective funds, assets, resources of the township (street) village Deepen the "face-to-face" understanding of the village, accurately grasp the information, supervise the implementation of the subject’s responsibility, comprehensive investigation, find out the bottom, establish "three-fund" account, and urge financial, agriculture, auditing and other related functional departments to fulfill the subject Responsibility, timely, the "three-capital" management chaotic township (street) concentrated on rectification, blocking supervision and vulnerabilities, and safeguarding the interests of farmers.

In order to do a good job in rural domile protection subsidies and one-time subsidy issuance, Henan Street, Xinnong Street Commission for Discipline Application for 41 administrative villages, data contrast, sampling, and field viewing, etc. For the question, the issuance of the issuance of the issuance, the publication of the envoys, and the village Supervision Committee collects protocol materials.

The super-area violation is issued, and the responsibility is strictly pursued. "How much is the income of the family this year? How long does cadres in the town? How long does cadres in the village? Is there any difficulty in the winter?" The cold wave hit, the masses "rice bag" "food basket" guarantee? Special group masses can warmly warm the winter and become the focus of discipline inspection and supervision organizations at the Luohe City.

The Bai Shishan Town Discipline Committee checks the implementation of poverty alleviation policy and cadres in poor households, and conducts visiting for poverty, high-risk supporters, low-conditioning families, heavy diseases in the low-cost family, and ensure that the mass production and life Get effective guarantees. After the field investigation, the mass production and life is safe and in order to reduce the snow, the main traffic roads of the remote towns in the Luohe City frozen.

The Jihe City Residential Junction Bureau Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group went into the city passenger station and the municipal transportation command center. Through big data to view the city’s transportation operation, it is required to pay close attention to weather changes, implement various emergency prevention measures, and launch an emergency plan in time. Comprehensively prevent harsh weather may lead to derivative disasters, ensure safe and smooth road, and the people are safe to travel.