Taizhou Da Chen Power Plant: Accompanying Damai Island from "" "

Taizhou Da Chen Power Plant: Accompanying Damai Island from "" "

  In 1995, the big Chen Power Plant was restructured into a large-scale power supply, and the island power generation and power supply task.

At that time, the online shelves were very weak, and the complex terrain on the island made the layout of the electric pole difficult, and the rack is still suffering from the island, salt fog, rust and vine. test.

  In August 2006, Wang Haiqiang secretly decided: "Be sure to upgrade the power supply network of Da Chen Island, unlock the relationship between the development of the island.

"For the next 6 years, Wang Haiqiang leads the colleagues, and the island is transformed. He led the line class to change the corrosion cable on the island to the copper wire, install a windproof pull line for all pole, replace 1071 high insulation Insulators, the capacitance of the capacitance of 17 Taiwan districts and the distribution room will change the original "weakness" grid to the "four not afraid" power grids that can fight the 16-level typhoon.

  Plenty of electricity output plus a solid grid, it is not a "shackle" of the development of the island, which has become the "charge number" of Da Chen’s village.

As the only power plant on Dachen Island, the power generation at this time is more than 150 times more than the first building.

  The smart grid island is full coverage, the "witnesses" of the big Chen Power plant have been completed in 2009, and the Damai Island finally ended up to more than 50 years of islands, and plugged into the wings of the soaring.

Big Chen Power Plant also "retreats two lines" at this time, which became the alternate power supply in the island. In 2016, Guo Yun, Wu Peihao, etc. Young blood came to Dam Chen Island, with the perspective of "the three generations" and "new generation" perspective into the new vitality into the power industry in Da Chen. They not only put "smart brain" not only on the island, improve the quality of power supply, but also the "Communist Service Team" identity, carry out anti-regulatory elderly, caring for left-behind children, electric heating island fishing village, safeguarding the island officers and soldiers "four The big service "activities also established" Maritime Business Halls "and 7 × 24-hour" Party Members Emergency Treatment Center ", no matter how far, the customer can call it immediately.

In 2019, Daxian Power Supply was named "National Learning Activity Demonstration Site".

  Today’s Da Chen Island, island B & B, fish and shrimp farmers, the trend of the original, more and more industries, sightseeing, leisure, and entertainment, the beautiful fishing villages, find the way they are unique.