Sinopec’s first proton exchange membrane (PEM) hydrogen production station in Yanshan Petrochemical

Sinopec’s first proton exchange membrane (PEM) hydrogen production station in Yanshan Petrochemical

On November 4, China Petrochemical Substances Stand in Yanshan Petrochemicals, marking the entire set of domestic PEM hydrogen production equipment from China Petrochemical Independently developed from key materials, core components to system integration The process has accumulated valuable experience to the construction of hydrogen production and equipment construction of China Petrochemical independent research and development, and laid a solid foundation for the domesticization of megawatts proton exchange membrane electrolytic water.

The proton exchange membrane electrolysis technology and the coupling of Yanshan Petrochemical photovoltaic power will achieve the true green hydrogen production, which can provide powerful clean energy security for Beijing Winter Olympics. It has accelerated green energy transformation for Beijing and San China. The green hydrogen energy base is of great significance to speed up carbon emission reduction.

It is reported that the demonstration station uses the high-performance inchemeric catalyst independently developed by Petrochemical Science Research Institute, which has significant advantages in the preparation process, quality specific activity, long cycle stability.

With a large-area average film electrode, this design can be directly developed into single-slot-saving scale, which provides a large-scale test for proton exchange membrane electrolysis hydrogen production technology. As the proton exchange membrane electrolysis tank of the core components, the hydrogen production efficiency is more than 85%, and the key core material components such as the cathode and anode catalyst, bipolar plate, and collectors are realized.

In recent years, Yanshan Petrochemical has always been innovative, high-end lead as an inexhaustible motivation of stimulating enterprise progress, anchoring "double carbon" target, accelerating transformation and upgrading, actively integrating into the capital city strategic positioning, and implementing China Petrochemical world leading development strategy, With the strong support and help of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Sinopec Party Group, the construction of the "hydrogen energy industry demonstration base" is focused on creating "Science and Technology Pirate Hydrogen Energy Development Leading Enterprises and New Materials R & D and Production Leading Enterprises".

At present, Yanshan Petrochemical has built the production of 2000 standard / hour hydrogen purification facilities, and the online analysis of high-purity hydrogen quality, the hydrogen purity, the hydrogen product has been successfully sold to Beijing 4 service Winter Oora Hydrogen stations and Beijing markets have effectively guaranteed Winter Olympics and Beijing Hydrogen supply, and become the largest hydrogen production and supply enterprises in Beijing; Multiple hydrogen energy application scenarios; cooperate with research institutes such as Tsinghua University, Stone Academy, and actively promote "green hydrogen" development, carry out photovoltaic power generation + electrolytic water hydrogen production project, further enrich "hydrogen" supply chain, with technology innovation Growing new development kinetic energy, providing advanced innovation technology for the development of hydrogen energy industry in Beijing.

Next, Yanshan Petrochemical will closely cooperate with the Petrochemical Research Institute to complete the performance verification of PEM electrolytic water hydrogen production technology and electrolytic water catalysts, and lay a practical basis for the application of MW-level PEM hydrogen production system, continuous improvement of PEM electrolytic cells and Yin and Yangzhu catalysts and other technical levels, play a demonstration leading role, and strive to promote application in Sinopec and even nationwide. (Wang Xi Hui Mi Liang Du Poetry) (Editor: Menzhu, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.