Shuxiang reading sharing civilization

Shuxiang reading sharing civilization

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Gan Xiao’s book is far away, ink to the constant. The last week of May every year is the national public library service publicity week. From May 25th to 31st, Beiliu City is the theme of "the beauty of the world, the beauty", focusing on the establishment of a national civilized city goal, a variety of forms, rich in content, and strives to make the book all over the copper. On May 30th, the positive weekend, the newspaper reading room on the first floor of the Beiliu City Library, the morning sun came from the window, the table was clear, and the cool breeze.

Including retired veteran cadres, community masses, school teachers and students, including readers with masks, is gently brutal to the hands and magazines, enjoy this quiet reading time.

On the same day, the author came to the venue. During this pleasant publicity week, the author was used as the whole people to read the main position. Beiliu City Library fully utilizes the collection of resources, effectively integrates digital resources, accurately docking readers, planning to launch Lecture, interview live broadcast, online reading clubs, etc., etc. On the morning of May 29, the Beiliu City Library organized staff to set up service publicity activities in Nanyuan Park in Northern City.

The main contents of service promotion include: Promote the "Guangxi Beilun City Library" WeChat public account and guide the public to pay attention to the public number and online books, answer reader consultation, on-site license, etc. The service propaganda activities in the same day have got a lot of citizens to respond positively. Many citizens have come to the on-site scanning to pay attention to the relevant public numbers and receive small gifts. The staff on-site solution free of charge of more than 810 people, giving the masses who pay attention to the library WeChat public number or the library borrowing certificate, and issued 562 copies of the library specialized fine paper towel.

It is understood that in addition to the day of service promotion activities, "National Public Library Service Propaganda Week" period, staff returned to the organs, enterprises, schools and other places to promote Beiliu City Library and its innovative service projects, promote reading, powerful Beiliu City created "National Civilized City".

Childhood is the root of life, reading is the soul of life. In order to stimulate the emotions of children’s love reading, let the children enjoy library special resource services, June 1st, Beiliu City Library launched the "Colorful Childhood, Pig Pig Pizza Dream" Theme Activities, Intimaiced Children’s Love Reading. Let children enjoy library special resource services.

Among the activities, 40 4-8 years old children are accompanying parents to play, first, listen to the host of the host to tell the Pig Porch, and then organize the people to play the character in the story, finally Handmade small pig Porch, let the little readers have got joy in the entertaining, feel happy, let reading children are happy.

(Gan Ximang) (Editor: Li Minjun, Chen Luo).