Share innovation achievements, promote energy cooperation offshore wind power technology and innovation Forum in Yancheng

Share innovation achievements, promote energy cooperation offshore wind power technology and innovation Forum in Yancheng

Ocean Wind Power Technology and Innovation Sites Scenes in the country, in the country, in the country, renewable energy, as the leading direction of energy low carbon transformation, will usher in large-scale development, sea wind power as renewable energy Important components, its development is significant, broad prospects. In order to accelerate the development of the sea wind power industry, sea wind power technology and innovation Sites held in the afternoon of the 16th. The aspect of the forum’s main point of view is hosted by the Assistant Guo Chen, the Assistant Guo Chen, the Dean of the Clean Energy Technology Research Institute. In the Sub-Forum, Liu Xin, director of the Department of Clean Energy Technology, Clean Energy Technology, Clean Energy, and the theme of "Thinking" theme of "Thinking on the Top R & D of Wind Power Technology in Sea Wind Power".

He said that in recent years, China has ushered in the golden development of sea wind power, and the Huaneng Group is one of the important developers of China’s sea wind power, which will create a million kilowatt sea wind power base in Jiangsu Province.

  In the main point of speech entitled "Building an International Maritime Wind Power, the Shengyang Economic Development Zone Party Crafts Committee" said that the Yanyang has nearly 900-1500 square kilometers of wind power, is Jiangsu sea wind power Develop one of the best areas of "home". The International Maritime Wind Power in Section of Yanyang City, various advantageous opportunities, various advantageous factors accelerated agglomeration, are brewing the wonderful butterfly. Xie Dekui, General Manager of Vision Energy Maritime Product Line, is proposed in the theme of "Increasing the Wind Power in Challenges and Opportunities". As a wind power leader in the development of Yanyang in 2017, the prospective energy hopes will be able to join hands in the future, together Demonstrate zero carbon mother port and pull the industry aggregation.

  Ye Fan, vice president of Mingyang Smart Energy Group Co., Ltd., as the theme of "Mingyang Maritime Drain Technology Innovation", said that Mingyang intelligence will combine a variety of different application scenarios to make the energy consumption of sea wind power. It is reduced with energy cost to contribute to the technology and strength of the "Double Carbon" target.

  Chai Qiang, general manager of Siemens Energy Transport Group, Sea Wind Power Business, is shared by "Siemens Energy Sea Wind Power Grid Access System Evaluation Solution". He said that Siemens began researching marine wind power systems since the 190s, after years of practice, Solving solutions were proposed for the evaluation of sea wind power grid access system.

  In the topic of the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan During the Development Situation and Suggestions", Jiang Yanqiang, Dean of the New Energy Institute of East China Survey and Design, China, said that East China Institute is willing to participate in experts and business representatives of participating in the forum Strengthen international cooperation, reduce construction costs, and promote the healthy and orderly development of sea wind power industry. The deputy chief engineer of Nanrui Group, Yan Yuan, through the video form, the title of "The Research and Outlook of Wisdom Operation and Maintenance Research and Outlook" in Sea.

He said that the future, Nanrui Group will vigorously improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation, commitment to become the international leading energy-friendly Internet industry group, fully support the new power system construction, help "carbon-carbon carbon neutral" goal Realize, contribute to Nanrui Wisdom and Nanrui.