@Zhejiang 11 districts and cities, please pay attention to check!

@Zhejiang 11 districts and cities, please pay attention to check!

  2022 is a critical year for carbon -peak carbon neutralization from comprehensive planning to promotion of implementation. In order to promote the green and low carbon transformation and high -quality development of the manufacturing industry, the Zhejiang Economic and Credit Department has issued the "2022 Zhejiang Green Manufacturing in 2022 in Zhejiang Province Green Manufacturing in 2022Work points.Key tasks ● In 2022, the energy consumption of 1022 industries in the province decreased by%(excluding national single -column projects), the value -saving environmental protection and the added value of the new energy industry strive to increase by more than 8%throughout the year. The comprehensive utilization rate of general industrial solid wasteUp to 98%.

  How to implement green low -carbon transformation? The five major tasks will answer you ~ Orderly promote the implementation of the industrial field and the implementation of the industrial field and the seven key industries of the carbon peak organizations in the industrial field and the implementation of the industrial field and the seven major industries.

Focus on the seven high energy consumption industries for key energy -consuming enterprises, and organize energy -saving carbon reduction diagnostic services.

  Organize the promotion of thousands of energy -saving and carbon reduction technology transformation projects to implement the "Three -Year Action Plan for Industrial Energy -saving and Carbon Reduction Technology Transformation". In various localities, the requirements of the benchmarking energy efficiency are required, and the recommendations of the energy efficiency level of the enterprise and the energy -saving carbon reduction diagnostic service report should be established to establish and improve the energy saving reduction reduction. Carbon technology transformation reserve project library.

Accelerate the implementation of the technical renovation of energy -effective benchmarking standards for relevant enterprises. Provincial organizations implement 100 provincial key energy -saving carbon reduction demonstration application projects with good technical benefits and strong driving capabilities, and cities, counties (cities, districts) organize more than 2,000 energy -saving carbon reduction technology transformation projects.

  Accelerate the promotion and application of energy -saving and carbon reduction technology equipment to improve the application and promotion mechanism of technology equipment, and further promote the first (set) identification and promotion work in the field of energy conservation and carbon reduction technology.

Cultivate and release a group of industrial energy -saving carbon reduction technology, technology, equipment and engineering solutions service providers, and organize industry and regional organizations to hold the promotion site meeting of advanced energy -saving technology and equipment promotion. There are no less than one session of districts and cities.

  Create a major application organization of carbon efficiency code to carry out pilots for innovative application of local carbon effects, and to promote a number of excellent cases at the provincial level. Support the incorporation of industrial carbon efficiency codes into the evaluation of the "Muju Lunar Heroes", orderly use, budget management, high -efficiency enterprise rectification, credit evaluation, carbon verification and other related work systems to promote the application expansion of the results of carbon efficiency evaluation results Essence Strive to create a pilot pilot of the national digital intelligence control.

  Accelerate the construction of a green manufacturing system to promote the construction of green low -carbon parks to promote the implementation of green low -carbon circulation transformations in the economic and technological development zone at or above the provincial level and high -tech zones, and improve the environmental management system and energy management system. In 2022, 10 provincial green low -carbon industrial parks and 18 municipal green low -carbon industrial parks.

  Construction of green low -carbon factories iteration and optimizing the evaluation guide for the construction of green low -carbon factories, supporting enterprises advanced, accelerating the transformation of green low -carbon transformation in infrastructure, operation management, energy and resource investment, product development, environmental discharge, etc. The county linkage promotes the construction of green low -carbon factories. In 2022, 100 provincial -level green low -carbon factories and 710 municipal green low -carbon factories were added.

  Create a green supply chain to formulate the provincial green supply chain standard system, focusing on automotive, electronic appliances, communications, large -scale equipment, textiles and other leading enterprises to encourage enterprises to carry out product full life cycle, upstream and downstream of the supply chain green low -carbon transformation transformation , Actively create a number of national green supply chain management demonstration enterprises. Promote green design and green products to vigorously promote the green design of industrial products. In industries with large ecological environment, large products involved, and high industrial associations, they will cultivate and create a number of industrial products green design demonstration enterprises.

  Vigorously promote the use of resource circulation to promote the efficient utilization, steps and recycling of resource reinforcement to strengthen the production process resources, reduce the intensity of solid waste; improve the use of local resourceization of solid waste.

Support industrial kiln such as cement, steel, thermal power, and petrochemical devices such as refining, gasification, and alkali -roasted petrochemical equipment.

  Promote the high value of renewable resources to promote high -value utilization of renewable resources, and promote the use of high -value use of renewable resources to promote the comprehensive use of industry standards for recycled resources such as waste steel, waste plastic, and new energy vehicle waste power batteries to cultivate a group of backbone enterprises Essence Promote the combination of new energy vehicle power battery recycling and utilization industrial chain to build recycling channels to build a recycling system; increase technology R & D and promotion of technology research and development and promotion of power battery automation disassembly and high -efficiency metal extraction. Strengthen industrial water -saving introduction "Zhejiang Water -saving benchmarking park evaluation index system", promote the integration and optimization of parks and enterprise water systems, and realize the use of stroke, massive water, multi -purpose water, and steps.

In 2022, there were 180 provincial -level water -saving enterprises and 3 water -saving benchmarking parks.

  Vigorously develop the green and low -carbon industry to accelerate the development of new energy industries. It focuses on new energy applications such as industrial parks and factory roof, wind power, energy storage and other new energy applications, promote the implementation of a number of industrial energy -saving carbon reduction technology transformation projects, and accelerate the application of new energy promotion in the industrial field; Support photovoltaic, power batteries, fan and other high -efficiency energy product equipment production applications. Continuously strengthening energy -saving and environmental protection manufacturing industries focusing on high -efficiency energy -saving equipment and advanced environmental protection equipment, actively expanding high value -added links such as energy conservation and environmental protection design, and comprehensive environmental governance of environmental governance, and encouraged enterprises to develop environmentally friendly pharmaceuticals, low -carbon chemicals, and lightweight environmental protection equipment, and improve the improvement of environmental protection equipment to improve and improve. Pollution governance green level.

  Promote the construction of ecological civilization in the industrial field to promote the continuous development of voluntary clean production of industrial enterprises to continue to carry out voluntary production review, and focus on supporting the clean production technology, process, equipment, and product -oriented directory in accordance with the development of the seven major industries in accordance with the country’s encouragement development.

Promoting key industries such as steel, building materials, petrochemicals, and chemical industry to implement clean production and transformation projects, and promote a number of key enterprises to reach the leading level of international clean production. In 2022, 685 clean production audit companies were completed.

  Do a good job in the work of ecological pollution prevention and control in the industrial field to promote the prevention and control of pollution such as water, gas, soil, and waste in the industrial field, cooperate with the construction of "non -waste cities"; The discovery and rectification of ecological environment issues involved in the industrial field.