Focus interview 丨 Play "combined fist" to gather forces "steady employment"

Focus interview ? Play "combined fist" to gather forces "steady employment"

Yang Wen, general manager of Sichuan Kangyang Jian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.: Through investment promotion, we settled in the East and West Cooperation Industrial Park, and the enterprise flexible introduction of experts and doctors of scientific research institutes. College students return home. We conduct people’s fixed, time -oriented, and directional training on these returning college students. This biotechnology company in which Dong Yan has attracted more than 80 Beichuan college students to come here for employment.

The hometown is changing, more and more new industries, more and more scale, there is a good future at the door of the house, so you don’t need to go to another country. Zhang Chewei, Director of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: Rural revitalization has begun. Not only are rural areas who need to engage in agricultural production of simple physical labor workers, but also a large number of knowledgeable and cultural and high -human capital people to go to rural areas to engage in agricultural production. In the industrial integration, a large number of high -quality employment opportunities will be generated. I believe that with the development of the county economy and the advancement of rural revitalization, the regional gap will further reduce the gap between the overall income.

After the Spring Festival this year, the domestic epidemic has a multi -point situation. The impact of the epidemic has continued, and it has also added uncertainty to employment employment. Therefore, employment opportunities at the doorstep have become an ideal choice for some people.