Yang Liping’s exclusive response "Internet direct employment": re -election for the dance drama

Yang Liping’s exclusive response "Internet direct employment": re -election for the dance drama

Yang Liping’s exclusive response to the new version of the dance drama "Peacock" was resumed. Recently, Yang Liping, vice chairman of the Chinese Dancers Association and chairman of the Yunnan Dancers Association, was brushed online. She commented on other people’s works.

Yang Liping saw the Dai dance short video of the young female dancer Zhang Xiyuan, and asked her related information directly in the comment area. Subsequently, another dancer named Yang Han was also among Yang Liping. Also on the Internet, Yang Liping saw the other party’s dance video, not only commented that Yang Han’s guy danced, but also directly invited him to join the new version of "Peacock" dance drama. Yang Liping currently lives in Kunming and Dali hometown. Her dance is very "immortal". She couldn’t think of her new form but so grounded.

On May 24th, Yang Liping was interviewed by the cover reporter’s exclusive telephone interview. She said: "The popularity of the Internet and short videos does bring changes to the domestic art ecosystem, and the search for dancers on the Internet is to resume the new version of the dance drama" Peacock ". prepare.

"Yang Liping" directly hired online ": Zhang Xiyuan, who was followed by Yang Liping under the short video of others, was about to graduate from college this year. He just completed the graduation defense not long ago. After the Dai dance performance style characteristics. Yang Liping launched the "direct employment" in Zhang Xiyuan’s Dai dance short video review area. "".

Subsequently, Zhang Xiyuan sent a video to the feeling of being picked by Yang Liping, saying that he was lucky to be seen by Teacher Yang, and thanked netizens for their love and encouragement.

"My information has been sent to Teacher Yang. No matter what the result is, thank you for your attention.

She also said that she would work harder to realize her dance dream.

Following Zhang Xiyuan, the dancer Yang Han posted a video of his own dancing on the Internet, which gave Yang Liping an impulse to "purchase" again. She left a message under this video: "Another man who jumped a male peacock was softened than me. It was really a master in the folk … I wonder if he is willing to join our new version of the dance drama" Peacock "?" Choose a newcomer Objective: It is preparing Yang Liping for the dance drama "Peacock" to "recruit virtues" on the Internet. In fact, the dance drama "Peacock" is being re -scheduled. She is the director and director who is a newcomer.

Yang Liping told the cover news reporter: "There are actually many good dancers, but they are not around us. The new version of" Peacock "is going to tour, especially new actors. The male peacock’s character is just a feminine style, especially the body and arm must be It is flexible. Yang Han is really pretty good. She is more than 180 centimeters tall and the conditions are pretty good.

"It is understood that the dance drama" Peacock "first played at the National Theater Opera House in 2012. The story of the play was original and starred by Yang Liping. The plot revolves around the eternal theme of life and love, conveying the artist’s personal growth process to the audience’s personal growth process to the audience Thinking and perception of art and life. The "peacock" in the play is a bird and a human. It is a sentient beings with a love world. As a "Peacock" that brings together Yang Liping’s decades of dance art, it has toured in many cities in China And in 2013, do n’t the audience. After this famous work curtain, Yang Liping began to retreat behind the scenes, so this year’s "Peacock" restarting is important to her. Organized, so I will find an actor online.

The "Peacock" script also needs to be modified and adjusted, because after all, it is a dance drama many years ago. "She also revealed that Zhang Xiyuan and Yang Han should be interviewed within this month. Self -descendants of maintenance secret recipes: Reasonable diet, the prevalence of short video live broadcasts for 7 hours a day plays a very important role in the spread of art and promotion. This Yang Liping also has his own opinion: "I usually brush the short videos mainly to pay attention to dance content. Now because of the epidemic, many dance troupes have stopped. Many dancers have time and energy to show their own dance skills on the Internet.

"In the Internet age, Yang Liping’s creation also advanced with the times. She was very happy to imagine her dance art and share it online with the audience.

The film combines modern stage elements to integrate dance, instrumental music, musicals, martial arts, installations and other multi -art categories into it, and combines digital art and film and television art to finally create a refreshing dance art film. 64 -year -old Yang Liping has a inconsistent figure and face with age, and the passage of time seems to stagnate in her.

How did she maintain her elegance? This has always been a topic of discussion among netizens. There are even rumors that Yang Liping has not eaten rice or meat for a long time, but instead eats petals to maintain beauty. In this regard, Yang Liping said with a smile, "How is this? I still want to eat staple food and eat meat.

The way I maintain is a reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, and a good managers, so as to be physically and mentally healthy. I slept late every day, but it will guarantee that I sleep for 7 hours.

"Xiao Caiqi: Studying in the Spring Festival Gala of Shakespeare’s Academy of Drama in Shakespeare, a 15 -year -old girl named" Xiao Cai Banner "rotated for 4 hours on the stage, and became a household name in the night. It is Yang Liping.

Xiao Caiqi followed Yang Liping at the age of 3 to learn to dance. At the age of 5, he was admitted by the Beijing Dance Academy at the age of 11. In terms of dance, Xiaocai Banner has an enviable talent. Some people say that Yang Liping has always treated Xiaocai flags as his successor.

Xiao Caiqi has not appeared on the stage with her aunt for a long time. In an interview with cover reporters, Yang Liping answered everyone’s questions: "The color flag is studying at the Shakespeare Drama Academy in London. year.

I believe that Caiqi will finally learn it. "Cover Journalist Dun Lake Yang Fan.