Tianjin Taxation Bureau: Combined tax and fees policy to speed up the release of dividends

Tianjin Taxation Bureau: Combined tax and fees policy to speed up the release of dividends

Original title: The accelerated release of dividends and tax cuts for combined taxes and fees are one of the most direct and effective measures to help companies relieve the rescue. At a press conference held on June 1 on the June 1st of the Tianjin Municipal Government, Zhu Chunli, deputy director of the Municipal Taxation Bureau, introduced the new combined tax support policy. "The implementation of a large -scale value -added tax refund of VAT is the main content of the new combined tax support policy. It is a key measure to stabilize the macroeconomic market this year. With the tax refund policy, the Tianjin tax system will take measures to accelerate the release of policy dividends. "Zhu Chunli said. Increase the efforts of small and micro enterprises’ value -added tax deduction policy.

Zhu Chunli said that in 2022, the design of the tax refund policy designs small and micro enterprises as the focus and priority arrangement, and relaxes the incremental tax refund conditions to all eligible small and micro enterprises. By 100%, and the one -time refund reserves the amount of tax deductible. In April and May, the amount of reserved taxes for small enterprises and micro -enterprises had been refunded, which directly increased cash flow to enterprises, greatly enhancing the development confidence and confidence of small and micro enterprises, and helping small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. Crossing difficulties and compound gas.

  Tianjin will focus on supporting industries that are more seriously affected by the manufacturing industry and the epidemic, and comprehensively solve the problem of retention tax. Zhu Chunli introduced that in 2022, the previous advance manufacturing industry refund the total amount of incremental tax retaining tax policies on a monthly basis, expanded to all manufacturing industries, as well as scientific research and technical service industries, power thermal gas and water production and supply industries, software and information, software and information The technical service industry, ecological protection and environmental governance industry, transportation and warehousing and postal industries, to comprehensively solve the problem of retained tax on these 6 key industries.

Recently, in a set of policies and measures issued by the State Council’s solid economy, the tax refund industry will be expanded to the wholesale and retail industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, accommodation and catering, residents’ services, repair and other service industries, education, education, education , Health and Social Work, Culture, Sports and Entertainment, including 7 industry companies, will refund the amount of incremental tax on the monthly monthly withdrawal, and the one -time full refund of the existing reserve tax. In order to accelerate the progress of the tax refund work and benefit the enterprise earlier, the Municipal Taxation Bureau has extensively carried out publicity and counseling to ensure that this "timely rain" goes down to the head of the market body as soon as possible to truly rescue and quench thirst.

At the same time, Tianjin will strengthen the risk of tax refund and escort the implementation of policy implementation.

Establish a multi -level, three -dimensional source management system, and analyze, discovery, early cases, and early investigations of enterprises that defraud tax refund.

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