"Genzang’s Love" is 561 Tibetan children to carry out hip love surgery

"Genzang’s Love" is 561 Tibetan children to carry out hip love surgery

  Over the years, "The Love of Ginger" has completed 59 hip love surgery in children with 561 people in Tibet.

According to the reporter of Shanghai Children’s Hospital, I learned that Shanghai Children’s Hospital and Shiganese Development Hip Destination Diagnosis and Treatment Center have launched the "Love" public welfare project of "Genzang Flower".

Over the years, the project has completed 59 hip love surgery in 561 people in Tibet. In 2013, Shanghai Children’s Hospital signed a cooperative agreement with the Shigati City People’s Hospital. In 2014, the "Diagnosis Center of the Shengkawa region" is established in 2014, and the "Gesang Flower Love" public welfare project is launched. The reporter learned that the Orthopedic team of Shanghai Children’s Hospital screened Tibet Shigati, Ningxia, Yunchuan, Ningxia, Ningxia, Ningxia, Yunzhou, Jiangsu, Yunnan, China To check the diagnosis of DDH (developmental hip dislocation) more than 50 children, while giving treatment, the team will also study the incidence of various places and in depth of factoring.

  House living in Nanmutin County, Shigatse (pseudonym), 2 years ago Always with a wheelchair. The child’s parents learned that the Shanghai Children’s Hospital has carried out the "Love" project carried out by Shigatse City, and I came to the orthopedics of Shanghai Children’s Hospital.

After the doctor examined, Xiaoleunza was not ordinary fracture, and there was a rare disease-nerve fibroma and the tibial fake joint.

  Zhao Lihua, director of the orthopedics of Shanghai Children’s Hospital, told reporters that this rare disease is extremely poor, once fractures, hardly healing.

Because the humerus of the humerus has shrunk, bone crosses must be taken from the pelvis. It is reported that after the bone progenitor surgery, the child who has been deformed has been retraced, and the gypsum will gradually rehabilitate.

  Zhao Lihua interviewed reporters on the same day: "In recent years, ‘Ginger’s love’ has extended and radiated. In addition to DDH children, including horseshoe, malignant bone tumor, scoliosis, etc. More and more orthopedic The malformed patients came to the treatment. "From the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the strong ganthus flowers will warm the pioneers in China. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.