25 measures in Taiyuan Customs to promote foreign trade to maintain stability and improve quality

25 measures in Taiyuan Customs to promote foreign trade to maintain stability and improve quality

  (Reporter Meng Ting) In order to comprehensively implement the relevant measures to promote the overall and promote the quality and improve quality of foreign trade, on May 24th, Taiyuan Customs combined with Shanxi actual situation to introduce the "25 measures to promote Shanxi Provincial Foreign Trade Preservation and Stability" in combination with the actual situation. From 7 aspects of deepening the cooperation of political and customs enterprises, ensuring the security of the industrial chain supply chain, and improving trade facilitation, we will bring out realistic moves and launching pragmatic measures, and make every effort to promote Shanxi Foreign Trade to maintain stability and improve quality. In terms of ensuring the industrial chain supply chain, the coordination mechanism of key enterprises and key materials is established, and the "one enterprise, one specialist" solves the difficulties of the difficulties of Foxconn Taiyuan Park, China Baoduta Group, and Huayuan International Lugang Group. Establish a comparison list of RCEP tariff reductions in key industries in Shanxi to guide enterprises to fully enjoy tax benefits.

Vigorously promote independent declarations of origin, "self -printed" and "intelligent review" of the original origin certificate, actively promote the approval exporter system, and help more foreign trade entities to facilitate benefits. In terms of the construction of international logistics channels, comprehensive policies are made to ensure the smooth flow of aviation, railways, and postal routes. Establish a working mechanism for airport cargo stations, airlines, and freight agency linkage, do a good job of supporting and rehabilitation support for international freight routes and flights in Shanxi Province, and coordinate and promote the opening and acceptance of Yuncheng and Datong Airport Port. Deepen the customs cooperation and intelligent supervision to ensure the smooth customs clearance of China -EU trains, entering and leaving the country.

  In terms of supporting the high -quality development of the Shanxi open platform, it strongly supports the Shenjian China (Shanxi) Pilot Zone, helps traditional foreign trade enterprises in need to transform to cross -border e -commerce, and guide the development of cross -border e -commerce B2B export business.

Support logistics companies to explore new models of "postal+cross -border e -commerce" and "trains+cross -border e -commerce". In addition, Taiyuan Customs continues to increase the service efforts of beneficiary enterprises and convenience, establish the emergency clearance mechanism of cargo, and set up a green channel for preferred inspection and inspection of fresh and easy -to -rot agricultural food products and the "5+2" appointment inspection. Ensure that corporate problems and demands are dynamically cleared, and an excellent business environment is created.

(Responsible editor: Chu Jialin, Liu Yang).