Keep "Shanghai"! Beijing’s first futures aid 1,000 sets of protective clothing in Shanghai -related communities

Keep "Shanghai"! Beijing’s first futures aid 1,000 sets of protective clothing in Shanghai -related communities

On April 28, Beijing’s first Futures Futures and Beijing Changan Investment Public Welfare Foundation donated 1,000 sets of protective suits to 10 communities in Shanghai. At present, all materials have been distributed to the community neighborhood committee or property company. Beijing’s first futures in Shanghai, Ms. Luo Jing and Mr. Xie Fei, led the planning and organization to deploy the donation activity. From the beginning of the epidemic, Beijing’s first futures have always put employees’ health and safety first. All employees actively respond to epidemic prevention measures and achieve zero infection of two years.

After the concentration of the Shanghai epidemic broke out, the Beijing headquarters continued to express their care and condolences to the Shanghai Sales Department and the employees of Shanghai Zhangjiang Machine House. During the period, there were no cases of confirmed cases, positive and asymptomatic personnel. In the case of ensuring their own protection, employees of Shanghai Sales Department have been committed to participating in community volunteer activities and assisting in closing the community residents’ group shopping capital.

Some employees have learned that some communities have limited conditions and volunteer protective services have a lot of gaps. On April 22, they started contacting Beijing Headquarters and Changan Investment Public Welfare Foundation to actively plan multi -party coordination and carry out centralized procurement matters.

On the evening of the 27th, the supplies had successfully arrived at the community neighborhood committee or property company, which promptly ensured the prevention needs of community volunteers.

Asked the difficulties in the whole process, Luo Jing said that the most difficult thing is the transportation distribution link.

Due to the transportation pressure in Shanghai and the current high transportation costs, Xie Fei thought of many ways. Finally, according to the way of distribution in Pudong and Puxi, it contacted the cargo Lala and distribution companies in multiple parties. The acceptance of the community overcome many difficulties, and finally completed the task successfully.

The community leaders who received the supplies expressed their gratitude to Beijing’s first futures and Beijing Changan Investment Public Welfare Foundation, saying that they were not only sent, but also warm. The Shanghai epidemic not only reflects the employees with a sense of responsibility and mission of the first future futures, but also assume corporate social responsibility with practical actions.

Whether it is the national epidemic in early 2020 or the Henan flood in 2021, the first futures materials and the first futures futures always appear at the scene of epidemic prevention and relief. Behind the "Shanghai" operation this time, it is also the first responsibility of the social responsibility of the futures, and it is also the embodiment of the in -depth implementation of the corporate culture.

We believe that Shanghai under the epidemic is that the light of these stars has gathered the anti -epidemic defense line, and the light can eventually dispel the haze of the epidemic. Label:.