Liang Xiaosheng: Write ordinary people with ordinary heart

Liang Xiaosheng: Write ordinary people with ordinary heart

  [Close to the literary artist] At the age of 73, he has just published two new works -the essay collection "Little Character has gone through the Big Age" and the novel "Chinese Tao Li". Today, he does not have to be deeper in writing, and no longer deliberately choose a certain subject matter or certain types of characters for writing.

He believes that literature must be viewed in ordinary mind, showing the truth, kindness and beauty of human nature in words, and let readers remember some truths after reading it. This is enough.

  "Pippi, Pippi, we will meet.

"The old man put on a piece of clothes, walked to the desk, and gently called a lively rolling dog.

  At the end of spring, the sun is getting longer. A common community near Beijing West Erqi, willow color is green and spring flowers are rough. Writer Liang Xiaosheng lived here. This residence was mentioned in Liang Xiaosheng’s prose "Brother" that he bought his brother who had a mental illness many years ago.

This spring, "Brother" was included in Liang Xiaosheng’s prose collection "Little Character Walking over the Big Age", which is the first part of the collection.

  Liang Xiaosheng wrote the room to the sun. The desk was not large, with a few stacks of paper, four or five boxes of pencils and a pack of cigarettes on it.

There is a simple vine chair at the desk, which is the exclusive location of Liang Xiaosheng’s dog "Pippi" to accompany the owner.

On the wall opposite the desk, there was a half -meter -high Tolsta portrait hanging.

  "Writer is a kind of feelings. Tolstoy wrote for everyone. I am willing to follow him." Liang Xiaosheng sat at the desk and stared at the portrait for a long time.

  Liang Xiaosheng, who is the same age as New China, was born in a worker family in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province.

In his teens, Liang Xiaosheng read a large number of Russian literary works. The works of writers such as Tolstoy and Torgenev left a deep mark in his heart. After graduating from high school, Liang Xiaosheng spent seven years of knowing youth in the Peking University of Wilderness. This experience has become an important source of his future creation.

In 1977, Liang Xiaosheng graduated from Fudan University and was assigned to Beijing Film Studio. He was completely immersed in the world of reading and writing after his work.

Later, with a series of works such as "There is Storm Snow Tonight", "This is a magical land", "Snow City", and "annual wheel", he became the representative of "educated youth literature". In 2010, Liang Xiaosheng, who was in the year of Er Shun, began the creation of the novel "The World".

With the simple wish of "writing a work and paying tribute to literature", Liang Xiaosheng insisted on writing for about 10 hours before the book case. In the meantime, the increasing cervical spondylosis was constantly entangled with him for a long time. When writing the lower part, Liang Xiaosheng confirmed the gastric cancer. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the creation, he chose to conservative treatment. In 2019, 70 -year -old Liang Xiaosheng won the 10th Mao Dun Literature Award with the game. This year, this 1.15 million -word work has been adapted to the TV screen, causing a wave of chasing drama.

  In this spring, Liang Xiaosheng was particularly busy. In addition to cooperating with the publicity of the TV series "The World", he also published two new works -prose collection "Little Character Walking over the Big Age" and the novel "Chinese Tao Li". This "evergreen tree in Chinese literary world" is still open and loose leaves and make new fruits.

  For writing, Liang Xiaosheng always has a concept, that is, "self" is not a deep well that can never be dug to the end.

"As a writer, if writing has had a close and long relationship with his life, his eyes should pay more attention to others. His pen must write more about his life and destiny." Because of this Liang Xiaosheng created a large number of "other" images in his creation. From brother to educated youth friends, from neighbors to the people of the city … In many descriptions of Liang Xiaosheng’s many descriptions to others, the "little people" are often seen. In the postscript of the essay collection of "Little Persons Walking through the Big Age", Liang Xiaosheng wrote: "My prose, naturally there are a lot of chapters who write their emotions, feelings, feelings, moods, and emotions, but they are more written by others. ——The others who have attracted my attention. "The hawkers who recovered the waste, the village women who bought stocks lost money, and the young people who worked overtime … When asked why they paid so much attention to these ordinary others, they were asked Liang Xiaosheng admitted that his record of these people was almost instinct.

"Sometimes I just saw them on the side of the road, and I wrote their stories." At the same time, Liang Xiaosheng was also willing to give them the help that he could, sign a few more books for friends, and help the elderly with a pound of tea. Liang Xiaosheng occurs in daily life. "My writing does not have to be deeper." Today, Liang Xiaosheng no longer deliberately choose a certain subject or a certain type of character for writing. He believes that unlike movies and music, literature itself is not a matter about skills.

"Literature must look at it with ordinary intentions." In Liang Xiaosheng’s view, literary creation is like the noodles in the bun shop day to make buns day after day, just to make customers full, and it looks like a driver diligently and diligently. We are doing their own jobs and driving.

"Use words to show the truth, goodness and beauty in human nature, so that readers can remember some truths after reading it, which is enough." In the TV series "The World", Liang Xiaosheng guest a judge.

When reading the judgment, the scenery, lighting, and props were all into the real scene. He watched Zhou Bingkun in the play and remembered his prototype character -his death brother, and he could not help but red. In his novel "Chinese Peach Li", "Liang Xiaosheng" also appeared.

In the book, Liang Xiaosheng talked about the contact and adherence to the growth of the post -80s college students in the post -80s of the post -80s of the post -80s.

At the end of the novel, Liang Xiaosheng prepared a signing meeting for "Writer Liang Xiaosheng", and used the evaluation lecture of the novel protagonist Li Xiaodong as "the old talk, too far away from reality, and the writer puzzled the sorrow."

  In reality, Liang Xiaosheng continued to understand and record what young people thought, and extended a warm and powerful hand to a large number of literary youths.

When coaching at Beijing Language University, Liang Xiaosheng liked to read his works with the students so that students could feel the power of literature from the text.

He has a WeChat group named "Liang Shiyou" with his graduate student, and he also meets and chat with graduates every year. In April, the first "Liang Xiaosheng Youth Literature Award" awarded the award, Liang Xiaosheng presented the signature version of the novel "The World" to the winner.

"The young feeling is so good. The literature written by young people is always the most readable literature!" Liang Xiaosheng sighed at watching the young faces.

  "In the usual age, the background of literature should be the April days of the world." When talking about his own view of literature, Liang Xiaosheng summarized with Lin Huiyin’s poems: "You are the flowers of one tree and one tree. ——You is love, warmth, hope, you are the April days of the world! "In the garden of literature, the" one tree and one tree flower "has the red literature of the martyrs, and Lu Xun’s shot dagger. There is also a huge cactus, and all kinds of flowers bloom, all of which are landscapes.

  In the middle of the interview, a graduate of Liang Xiaosheng came to visit with a thick book, and Liang Xiaosheng signed him skillfully. Love dog Pippi was lying on the vine chair, and the black eyes condensed the owner’s busy pen tip.

Outside the window, the spring light is warm, and the flowers are flourishing. (Reporter Hao Zehua correspondent Xie Junyan).