Shuozhou "Tuoju Brother" lifts up great love

Shuozhou "Tuoju Brother" lifts up great love

  The "most beautiful" lifting of an ordinary person blooms shocking power.

Recently, Pingshuo Rescue Fire Emergency Rescue Center Mine Rescue Second Squadron Fighter, An Peng, Shuozhou City. An Peng bravely rescued the heroine of the girls who fell the window. It was a good story in Shuozhou. At 2:30 pm on May 18th, a resident in the Qinyuan Community in Qinyuan District, Shuocheng District. The mother went to school to go to school, leaving a 5 -year -old daughter to sleep alone at home.

When the girl woke up, she saw her mother’s absence, so she climbed up the window sill and opened the window screen and hurried to find her mother.

Accidentally, the neck was hanging from the window to fall from the window. At this moment, An Peng, who lived in Qinyuan Community, saw that a child was hung outside the window. "At that time, the child was hung on the sixth floor, the entire body was hung outside the window, and there was no support point. The head was stuck in the gap between the window protection. "An Peng said. Seeing this, he rushed downstairs. Based on the professional ability of hard training in the rescue team, it quickly evaluated the on -site environment and danger. Before he could make more preparations, An Peng made a stop and decided to rescue immediately. He used his hands and feet, grabbed the anti -theft bar installed by the residents on all floors, climbed from the first floor to the sixth floor with his bare hands, and successfully reached below the dangerous child. He fixed his own hand on the window, and the other hand was held up with the child.

He wanted to push the child back to the window sill, but tried several times without success. So he had to appease the child while waiting for the rescue. "Because the child was hanging for a while, she was scared and kept crying. I told her not to be afraid, and my uncle would save you.

"In this way, he held up his child with one hand for more than ten minutes to fight for the time for rescue. At this moment, he had forgotten his dangerous situation.

At this time, the child’s mother rushed back, and successfully rescued the child back to the room with the cooperation of the two. Fortunately, the rescue was timely, and the girl did not hurt. "At that time, I was shocked, but I was crying. I didn’t even say a word of gratitude to the kind people. Today, I want to use the media to represent our family, let me say thank you!" On May 20th, the reporter came to the interview in the interview. , Girls Mother Zhang Chunhua is grateful. The entire thrilling rescue process was captured by the residents of the community. The rescue team member An Peng risked his life and rescued children. He immediately called him "the most beautiful brother" around him. In all, he raised not only a lively life, the happiness of a family, but also the love of the rescuers. An Peng, born in 1989, gave the first impression that it was spiritual, agile, and negligible.

In an interview, he said: "At that time, there was a thought in his mind, and the girl must be rescued. There is really nothing. I believe that no matter if anyone encounters such a thing, it will do it so, let alone I am a person. Rescue staff. "Ren Yongliang Wu Yuelin (responsible editor: Chu Jialin, Liu Yang).