A piece of "golden leaves" plant the happy life of the people in 3 provinces and 5 counties

A piece of "golden leaves" plant the happy life of the people in 3 provinces and 5 counties

Huangdu Village is located in the middle of the northeast of Anji County, Zhejiang Province. It is known as the "Chinese White Tea First Village". The area of ??white tea planting is 10,000 acres, with an annual output value of about 100 million yuan.

In 2018, the village rely on white tea sales, with an average household income of more than 300,000 yuan. "Do not forget to dig wells, and get rich and not forget the party.

"In April 2018, 20 members of Huangdu Village wrote to General Secretary Xi Jinping, reporting the situation of planting white tea in the village, and proposing to donate 15 million tea seedlings to help the people in poor areas get rid of poverty. Village farmers’ members donated white tea seedlings to make important instructions to emphasize, enhance the sources of drinking water, not forgetting the party’s grace, and promote the spirit of dividing the party for the party, the first to be rich, and then rich. The party members of Huangdu Village actively actively, and the county named the poverty alleviation project "Baiye No. 1" project. Therefore, the donated tea seedlings have a common name- "Baiye 1".

Carry out systemic training, implement tea package sales, and establish a rural rejuvenation party building alliance … In April of this year, the donated land "Baiye No. 1" entered the high yield period and benefited more than 6,600 people in 3 provinces and 5 counties.

From the donation of tea seedlings to picking harvests, what is the "walking path" of "Baiye No. 1" in the past 4 years? Scan the two -dimensional code in the figure above, follow the H5 wave, and feel the journey of galloping through a "golden leaves". (Responsible editor: Zhang Liwei, Kang Mengqi) Share let more people see recommended reading.