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On November 26, the province and the city’s rural human settlement environment centralized rectification action TV conferences were held one after another.Zhang Yongxiang, deputy county governor of the county government, and the main responsible comrades of all units and township offices of the county and the township offices listened to the meeting at the Xihua Branch.The province’s television conference call requires that it is necessary to improve political standing, and take the development of centralized rectification of rural human settlements as a major matter in rural work.It is necessary to highlight the problem orientation, focus on solving the "six chaos" of random construction, chaos, chaos, and chaos, and to treat the ecological environment of rural production and living and living in accordance with laws and regulations, specimens, and specimens.

We must pay attention to follow the laws, normal and long -term effects, innovate the treatment of garbage and sewage treatment, water change to the toilet and other models to ensure effectiveness, affordable, and sustainable.

It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance, carry out in -depth patriotic health campaigns, and mobilize the general public to truly become builders and maintenanceers of the living environment …

Wenzhou Panqiao Police Station: "Ping An Code" of a National Grassroots Unit of Outstanding Public Security

Wenzhou Panqiao Police Station: "Ping An Code" of a National Grassroots Unit of Outstanding Public Security

Recommended reading, as an important part of the strategy of a strong science and technology country, the development level of high -level technology independence depends on both the level of science and technology progress and the ethics of the integration of science and technology. Judging from the ethical perspective, high -level technology self -reliance will help inspire my country’s scientific and technological development to uphold the concept of goodness, and to realize the purpose of enhancing human well -being of human beings.

2022-06-0209: 24 Gai Zhiyu introduced that since 2002, the research team has worked in the field in the Changxingzhi of Zhejiang, and found one of the most primitive turtle turtle fossils here and named it. Shuyu.

The breathing demand of fish has not decreased, so the first gill sac (tongue pose) behind the eyes was transformed into a water spray hole and became the main organ for inhaling water flow.

2022-06-0209: 13, June 1, 2002, the National Space Weather Monitoring and Early Warning Center (hereinafter referred to as the "Space Weather Center") was established, and the first stroke of the ink is written in the history of my country’s space weather business development.

Focusing on improving basic monitoring capabilities, the "Plan" proposes 4 specific tasks, including improving space weather monitoring planning and design capabilities, improving the space weather observation network, improving the quality of the basic data of the space weather, and building a spatial weather data set. 2022-06-0209: 11 General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly pointed out: "The less developed areas, the more you need to implement the innovation-driven development strategy." Every time General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important instruction for Guizhou to visit Guizhou.

2022-06-0209: Around around the development of big data and deep learning, neural networks have attracted much attention with the development of big data and deep learning. The appearance of deep learning has made face recognition technology breakthrough. 2022-06-0209: 26 The predecessor of our hospital-Shanghai Dusong Hospital was born in the beacon of the Anti-Japanese War and is the first children’s specialist hospital in the country. At the beginning of 2006, I established the first sunshine love website to provide volunteer service for leukemia, and set up a bridge between hospitals and social volunteers. 2022-06-0109: 23 From working in the morning to late at night, the village will be sampled by households, and it will feel worth it anymore … Some time ago, a medical student’s "missing class" story moved a lot of people. As an important part of the rural medical and health service network, rural doctors have continued to grow in their teams in recent years.

2022-06-0109: 23 You Zheng said that world-class universities are the birthplace of innovation and an important base for the cultivation of innovative talents. The first-class science city is the constructive place of innovation ecology.

Breeding innovative ideas, providing discipline support, innovative talents, supporting innovation industries, creating strategic technology forces … In Youzheng’s view, world -class university construction will provide multiple support for the construction of first -class scientific cities.

2022-06-0109: 22 "Our position is now the trenches left by the Battle of Niulingling.

More than 70 years later, the Cattle Lingling Campaign site that had been fiercely fought for three days and three nights has been replaced with a green "uniform", changing from strategic to selenium -enriched land, and releases a new "selenium" gravity.

2022-06-0109: 22 "Following the" activity trajectory "line to the right, there will be clear personnel classification information. Based on this, the transfer team can be reasonably distributed to achieve the purpose of fast closed-loop transfer.

At the meeting, Zhang Yuntao, the secretary of the county party committee and the commander of the county’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters, explained in detail the "Preliminary Tracks Tracks Model of the Estaters". 2022-06-0109: 21 Children’s drug research and development difficulty and less children’s special medicines have always been a problem facing children’s medication. The newly revised Drug Management Law in 2019 clearly supports the development of new varieties, dosage forms and specifications that meet the physiological characteristics of children’s physiological characteristics, and give priority review and approval for children’s medication. From 2022-06-0109: From the beginning of 216, the city will enter the third stage, that is, the city’s normal production and living order stage will be fully restored. 2022-05-3110: 41 In 1994, the Chinese Academy of Engineering was established. Zhu Fengfeng was elected as the first batch of academicians and served as the executive vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Not long ago, on May 19th, Zhu Fengfeng also published signed articles on Guangming Royal Newspapers, and once again conducted an in -depth analysis of the construction and development of the engineers at the new stage of development.

2022-05-3109: 17: General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to science and technology workers, and strategically draws the innovation of great powers, making innovation an inexhaustible motivation for national rejuvenation.

Under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, China is striving for a new journey to building a strong country! 2022-05-3109: 16 The 16th Academician Conference of the China Academy of Engineering was held in Beijing on the 30th, and the 14th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Awards ceremony was held at the opening ceremony of the conference.

The opening ceremony of this academician conference set up a main venue in Beijing. 27 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Hubei, and Dalian, Qingdao, and Shenzhen 3 planned units of the city have 30 branches. 2022-05-3109: 07 At present, it continues to promote the effective supply of public products in rural ecological environment, and to guide the participation of grassroots mass autonomy organizations in an orderly manner.

In addition, inspecting the effective standard for the supply of public products in the rural ecological environment is the coordination of product supply to coordinate with the consumer demand and consumption capacity of the farmers.

2022-05-3109: 04 The R & D team of Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute R & D team of Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute is doing experiments.

Innovation is difficult, but we Chinese must have strong confidence. Even if we consume five or 60 years, we must speed up the speed, fight for innovation, and complete this task. 2022-05-3109: 10 According to the China Manned Aerospace Engineering Office, the Long March 5 Yao San Carrier Rockets of the Temple Experimental Curbage Launch Mission has completed all the development of the factory before the factory. The launch field.

2022-05-3010: On May 28th, a strong precipitation appeared in the Book of the Miao Autonomous Prefecture of the Qianwan of Guizhou Province. The county’s 24-hour precipitation in the county’s Mijing Village, the county, the county, and the rain was rapid. "According to the trend of disaster weather forecasting and adverse effects, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued heavy fog yellow warning, high-temperature yellow warning, heavy rain blue warning, strong blue warning of the weather, orange mountain flood disaster meteorological early warning, and geological disaster weather risk warning. 2022- 2022- 05-3009: 59 May 29th, Shenzhou No. 14 manned spacecraft and Long March 2 F Yao XIV Rocket Combination is ready to transfer to the launch area.

Our newspaper, Beijing, May 29th (Reporter Zhang Wen) According to the China Manned Aerospace Engineering Office, on May 29, Beijing time, Shenzhou 14 manned spacecraft and Long March 2 Far -carry rocket combination has been transferred To the launch area.

At present, the facilities and equipment of the launch site are in good condition. In the future, various functional inspections and joint testing before the launch will be carried out according to the plan.

2022-05-3009: 55.

Tianjin Taxation Bureau: Combined tax and fees policy to speed up the release of dividends

Tianjin Taxation Bureau: Combined tax and fees policy to speed up the release of dividends

Original title: The accelerated release of dividends and tax cuts for combined taxes and fees are one of the most direct and effective measures to help companies relieve the rescue. At a press conference held on June 1 on the June 1st of the Tianjin Municipal Government, Zhu Chunli, deputy director of the Municipal Taxation Bureau, introduced the new combined tax support policy. "The implementation of a large -scale value -added tax refund of VAT is the main content of the new combined tax support policy. It is a key measure to stabilize the macroeconomic market this year. With the tax refund policy, the Tianjin tax system will take measures to accelerate the release of policy dividends. "Zhu Chunli said. Increase the efforts of small and micro enterprises’ value -added tax deduction policy.

Zhu Chunli said that in 2022, the design of the tax refund policy designs small and micro enterprises as the focus and priority arrangement, and relaxes the incremental tax refund conditions to all eligible small and micro enterprises. By 100%, and the one -time refund reserves the amount of tax deductible. In April and May, the amount of reserved taxes for small enterprises and micro -enterprises had been refunded, which directly increased cash flow to enterprises, greatly enhancing the development confidence and confidence of small and micro enterprises, and helping small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. Crossing difficulties and compound gas.

  Tianjin will focus on supporting industries that are more seriously affected by the manufacturing industry and the epidemic, and comprehensively solve the problem of retention tax. Zhu Chunli introduced that in 2022, the previous advance manufacturing industry refund the total amount of incremental tax retaining tax policies on a monthly basis, expanded to all manufacturing industries, as well as scientific research and technical service industries, power thermal gas and water production and supply industries, software and information, software and information The technical service industry, ecological protection and environmental governance industry, transportation and warehousing and postal industries, to comprehensively solve the problem of retained tax on these 6 key industries.

Recently, in a set of policies and measures issued by the State Council’s solid economy, the tax refund industry will be expanded to the wholesale and retail industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, accommodation and catering, residents’ services, repair and other service industries, education, education, education , Health and Social Work, Culture, Sports and Entertainment, including 7 industry companies, will refund the amount of incremental tax on the monthly monthly withdrawal, and the one -time full refund of the existing reserve tax. In order to accelerate the progress of the tax refund work and benefit the enterprise earlier, the Municipal Taxation Bureau has extensively carried out publicity and counseling to ensure that this "timely rain" goes down to the head of the market body as soon as possible to truly rescue and quench thirst.

At the same time, Tianjin will strengthen the risk of tax refund and escort the implementation of policy implementation.

Establish a multi -level, three -dimensional source management system, and analyze, discovery, early cases, and early investigations of enterprises that defraud tax refund.

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Yang Liping’s exclusive response "Internet direct employment": re -election for the dance drama

Yang Liping’s exclusive response "Internet direct employment": re -election for the dance drama

Yang Liping’s exclusive response to the new version of the dance drama "Peacock" was resumed. Recently, Yang Liping, vice chairman of the Chinese Dancers Association and chairman of the Yunnan Dancers Association, was brushed online. She commented on other people’s works.

Yang Liping saw the Dai dance short video of the young female dancer Zhang Xiyuan, and asked her related information directly in the comment area. Subsequently, another dancer named Yang Han was also among Yang Liping. Also on the Internet, Yang Liping saw the other party’s dance video, not only commented that Yang Han’s guy danced, but also directly invited him to join the new version of "Peacock" dance drama. Yang Liping currently lives in Kunming and Dali hometown. Her dance is very "immortal". She couldn’t think of her new form but so grounded.

On May 24th, Yang Liping was interviewed by the cover reporter’s exclusive telephone interview. She said: "The popularity of the Internet and short videos does bring changes to the domestic art ecosystem, and the search for dancers on the Internet is to resume the new version of the dance drama" Peacock ". prepare.

"Yang Liping" directly hired online ": Zhang Xiyuan, who was followed by Yang Liping under the short video of others, was about to graduate from college this year. He just completed the graduation defense not long ago. After the Dai dance performance style characteristics. Yang Liping launched the "direct employment" in Zhang Xiyuan’s Dai dance short video review area. "".

Subsequently, Zhang Xiyuan sent a video to the feeling of being picked by Yang Liping, saying that he was lucky to be seen by Teacher Yang, and thanked netizens for their love and encouragement.

"My information has been sent to Teacher Yang. No matter what the result is, thank you for your attention.

She also said that she would work harder to realize her dance dream.

Following Zhang Xiyuan, the dancer Yang Han posted a video of his own dancing on the Internet, which gave Yang Liping an impulse to "purchase" again. She left a message under this video: "Another man who jumped a male peacock was softened than me. It was really a master in the folk … I wonder if he is willing to join our new version of the dance drama" Peacock "?" Choose a newcomer Objective: It is preparing Yang Liping for the dance drama "Peacock" to "recruit virtues" on the Internet. In fact, the dance drama "Peacock" is being re -scheduled. She is the director and director who is a newcomer.

Yang Liping told the cover news reporter: "There are actually many good dancers, but they are not around us. The new version of" Peacock "is going to tour, especially new actors. The male peacock’s character is just a feminine style, especially the body and arm must be It is flexible. Yang Han is really pretty good. She is more than 180 centimeters tall and the conditions are pretty good.

"It is understood that the dance drama" Peacock "first played at the National Theater Opera House in 2012. The story of the play was original and starred by Yang Liping. The plot revolves around the eternal theme of life and love, conveying the artist’s personal growth process to the audience’s personal growth process to the audience Thinking and perception of art and life. The "peacock" in the play is a bird and a human. It is a sentient beings with a love world. As a "Peacock" that brings together Yang Liping’s decades of dance art, it has toured in many cities in China And in 2013, do n’t the audience. After this famous work curtain, Yang Liping began to retreat behind the scenes, so this year’s "Peacock" restarting is important to her. Organized, so I will find an actor online.

The "Peacock" script also needs to be modified and adjusted, because after all, it is a dance drama many years ago. "She also revealed that Zhang Xiyuan and Yang Han should be interviewed within this month. Self -descendants of maintenance secret recipes: Reasonable diet, the prevalence of short video live broadcasts for 7 hours a day plays a very important role in the spread of art and promotion. This Yang Liping also has his own opinion: "I usually brush the short videos mainly to pay attention to dance content. Now because of the epidemic, many dance troupes have stopped. Many dancers have time and energy to show their own dance skills on the Internet.

"In the Internet age, Yang Liping’s creation also advanced with the times. She was very happy to imagine her dance art and share it online with the audience.

The film combines modern stage elements to integrate dance, instrumental music, musicals, martial arts, installations and other multi -art categories into it, and combines digital art and film and television art to finally create a refreshing dance art film. 64 -year -old Yang Liping has a inconsistent figure and face with age, and the passage of time seems to stagnate in her.

How did she maintain her elegance? This has always been a topic of discussion among netizens. There are even rumors that Yang Liping has not eaten rice or meat for a long time, but instead eats petals to maintain beauty. In this regard, Yang Liping said with a smile, "How is this? I still want to eat staple food and eat meat.

The way I maintain is a reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, and a good managers, so as to be physically and mentally healthy. I slept late every day, but it will guarantee that I sleep for 7 hours.

"Xiao Caiqi: Studying in the Spring Festival Gala of Shakespeare’s Academy of Drama in Shakespeare, a 15 -year -old girl named" Xiao Cai Banner "rotated for 4 hours on the stage, and became a household name in the night. It is Yang Liping.

Xiao Caiqi followed Yang Liping at the age of 3 to learn to dance. At the age of 5, he was admitted by the Beijing Dance Academy at the age of 11. In terms of dance, Xiaocai Banner has an enviable talent. Some people say that Yang Liping has always treated Xiaocai flags as his successor.

Xiao Caiqi has not appeared on the stage with her aunt for a long time. In an interview with cover reporters, Yang Liping answered everyone’s questions: "The color flag is studying at the Shakespeare Drama Academy in London. year.

I believe that Caiqi will finally learn it. "Cover Journalist Dun Lake Yang Fan.

Keeping the "high -voltage line" of financial discipline (observation)

Keeping the "high -voltage line" of financial discipline (observation)

Original title: Keeping the "high -voltage line" of financial and economic discipline (observation) serious financial discipline, which can promote the safety and efficient use of public funds asset resources, fully reflect the public attributes of fiscal funds "taken to the people and the people". The 25th meeting of the Central Committee of the Central Committee comprehensively deepened the reform committee, emphasizing that "we must seriously discipline financial discipline, maintain the order of financial and economic order, and improve the supervision mechanism of the financial meeting." The Central Economic Work Conference held at the end of last year made clear requirements on "serious financial discipline".

All regions and departments must strictly implement the Party Central Committee’s policies and work deployment of financial work, manage the funds of all aspects, and persist in a tight life, better use Yumin, and effectively bear the responsibility of stabilizing the macroeconomic economy.

Financial discipline is the "heir family treasure" of our party to manage the party and the serious party style.

During the Central Soviet Area, Comrade Mao Zedong pointed out: "It should make all government staff understand that corruption and waste are great crimes."

In one training order, Comrade Mao Zedong proposed that all expenses saved must be reduced as much as possible.

In June 1978, Comrade Deng Xiaoping reminded leading cadres to "strictly abide by financial discipline and fight with the phenomenon of violations of financial and economic discipline."

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions on "serious financial discipline", "prevention of financial risks", and "tight days".

The significance of serious financial discipline is that through constraints and standardization of fiscal funds, it promotes party members and cadres to strictly use power, strictly observe discipline, conserves hard work style, and effectively prevent issues such as formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism, and extravagance. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the reform of the fiscal and taxation system has been promoted in depth. One of the important parts is to strengthen the supervision of financial and accounting and strict financial discipline. This is a powerful measure to build a rule of law and a clean government, and it is also an inevitable requirement for economic work. When the public funds are used, they must not be paid nor the private bag.

In 2021, more than 7,400 clues to the public capital asset resources transferred from the national audit organs, promoting income increase and revenue and recovery loss of more than 410 billion yuan.

Strict accountability for violations of relevant fiscal and tax regulations, ensure the safety of public funds, and make the money spent to the maximum effect.

At present, the complexity, severeness, and uncertainty of my country’s economic development environment need to effectively strengthen fiscal management, standardize revenue and expenditure behaviors, and strictly prevent problems such as illegal construction buildings and halls, subsidies for allowance, and political performance engineering image projects to promote it. Active fiscal policy improves efficiency and stabilizes the macroeconomic market. To ensure that the central government’s order is unblocked, it is the meaning of serious financial and economic discipline.

The advantages of macro policies are reflected in the obedience of the central government, and all parties obey the overall situation.

Only by regulating the order of financial and economic discipline can ensure that financial work can be fully and accurately implemented by the party’s central decision -making and deployment. All localities and departments should ensure that each fund is implemented, and at the same time, it resolutely curbs the hidden debt of new local governments and keeps the bottom line that does not occur without systemic risks.

The prohibition of orders in regulation is both financial and economic responsibility and political responsibility.

It is necessary to improve the power supervision system and disciplinary law enforcement system, severely punish the issue of violations of discipline and law in the financial field, and take good care of all aspects of funds. Serious financial discipline can promote the safety and efficient use of public funds asset resources, and fully reflect the public attributes of fiscal funds "take them in the people and use them to the people".

The use of fiscal funds must pay attention to benefits. It is necessary to calculate the economic account and comprehensive accounts to ensure that it is spent on the blade. From a practical point of view, some places are constrained by hardening budgets, requiring money to ask for efficiency, invalidity must be held accountable, and focus on the implementation of major strategic decision -making deployments; Strengthen the direct fund supervision and management to ensure that direct funds are practically benefited from enterprises and people.

In the final analysis, serious financial and economic discipline is to keep the public funds of public funds. "Strengthening discipline and revolution."

The discipline of the party must not be vague.

Strict financial and economic discipline, strictly implement various financial regulations and management systems, and make financial discipline a "high -voltage line" that cannot be touched. It will definitely improve the effectiveness of active fiscal policies, provide support for the construction of party style and political style, and further promote economic sustainable and healthy health. Development and the overall situation of social stability.

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"I have to be more attentive for children’s education"

"I have to be more attentive for children’s education"

Recommended reading on April 25, 2022, a hot slip test vehicle was undergoing a hot slip test in the Hangzhou High -speed Railway Lake Hang section of Kanggan Street, Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. 2022-04-2510: 41 In recent years, Nanchuan District has continued to carry out city Zhou Shi desertified governance, protects urban ecological barriers, improves urban landscape construction, enhances the green land rate of urban construction areas, and makes citizens push the windows to see green and go out to enjoy flowers.

2022-04-2210: 37 April 20, 2022, at the organic wheat exclusive base in the second management area of ??the Beida Wilderness Group Red Star Farm Co., Ltd., the tractor opened the horsepower to pull the wheat seeding machine to shuttle back and forth in the field, pulling the Beida Wilderness to open the Beida Wilderness The prelude to the high standard sowing of 30,000 acres of organic wheat.

2022-04-2109: 47 On April 19, 2022, Zunyi, Guizhou, when the 27th "World Reading Day" arrived, the Wujiangzhai Scenic Area of ??Posterminal held "Reading Red Classics · Telling Zunyi Story" 2022 "4 · 4 · 23 World Reading Day "series of activities. 2022-04-2022: mid-April, Chengde, Hebei, 100,000 acres of apricot flowers in the Great Wall Scenic Area of ??Jinshanling ushered in the flowering period. The blooming apricot flowers are full of inside and outside the Great Wall, attracting tourists and photography enthusiasts to visit the style.

2022-04-2011: 59 Wen’an County has always regarded high-standard farmland construction as an important part of rural revitalization, strengthening modern agricultural material support and service system. It has invested 100 million yuan to promote the construction of high-standard farmland.

2022-04-1910: 59 2022 April 18, 2022, the coniferous sky blue gangster of Fenhe National Wetland Park, Fenhe National Wetland Park, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province competed to bloom, becoming a beautiful landscape on the bank of the Fenhe River. 2022-04-1910: 53 April 17, 2022, Nanjing, Jiangsu, the newly built circular glass landscape bridge on the south bank of the Yangtze River on the south bank of the Yangtze River was bright, complementing the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in the night, and it was beautiful.

2022-04-1810: On April 10, 2022, the island of Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, was full of spring islands. It composed of a beautiful spring scroll with Bishui, Highway, and Green Road, which was beautiful. 2022-04-1110: 44 On April 10, 2022, tourists enjoyed flowers and play in Zhongshan Park, Qingdao City, Shandong Province.

2022-04-1110: On April 7, 2022, the urban terrace scenic spot of luxury villages in Dafang County, Guizhou Province, was full of vitality in the terraced fields.

The ancient town of luxury is the resettlement area of ??Yidi Poverty Alleviation in Dafang County. The pastoral scenery is integrated into the construction of urban and towns, and 120,000 square meters of "urban terraces" have been built in the center of the ancient town, which attracts tourists to visit tour.

2022-04-0810: 00 April 5, 2022, in the Qingming season, farmers in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province caught farmers, carried out various agricultural production such as spring farming, pollination, and spring tube.

2022-04-0611: On April 2, 2022, all teachers and students of the kindergarten in the center of Renshou Town, Jing’an County held the theme event of "Qingming Festival" on the playground. 2022-04-0423: 14 On March 29, 2022, a group of anti-mouths flew to Qianyang Beach in Hongdao, Chengyang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province to prepare for summer reproduction. 2022-03-3010: On March 25, 2022, in Luling Ecological Park, Jizhou District, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, Bishui, Qingshan, and buildings were interesting, forming a urban ecological scroll. In recent years, Ji’an City has actively promoted the construction of parks in the park, organically integrated ecological civilization and urban development, and created an ecological livable urban environment for the masses. 2022-03-2910: 00 on March 27, 2022, the pharmacist of Wenhua Hospital of Wenxian County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province checked the operation of the decoction equipment.

2022-03-2809: 50 Sanmenxia City, in addition to the implementation of ecological restoration and water system governance along the Yellow River, also builds many stadiums and facilities in the place for the masses to carry out exercise and sports training.

2022-03-2719: 39 Henan Sanmenxia Yellow River Ecological Corridor is full of spring.

In recent years, Sanmenxia City has implemented ecological restoration, water system governance, and public service facilities along the Yellow River. The environment has renewed, and the "Baili Gallery" formed has become a good place for the masses to travel. 2022-03-2719: 30, March 24, 2022, Xishuanghu National Wetland Park, Donghai County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, is blue and green, loud willow green, Lakebin New City Spring 2022-03-2510: 36 March 20, 2022, March 20, 2022, March 20, 2022, March 20, 2022 In the evening, the "Nishi Leadership" container wheel of Hong Kong, China, relying on the Dapukou container terminal in Jintang Port District, Hangshan Port, Ningbo. 2022-03-2211: 16.

Focus interview 丨 Play "combined fist" to gather forces "steady employment"

Focus interview ? Play "combined fist" to gather forces "steady employment"

Yang Wen, general manager of Sichuan Kangyang Jian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.: Through investment promotion, we settled in the East and West Cooperation Industrial Park, and the enterprise flexible introduction of experts and doctors of scientific research institutes. College students return home. We conduct people’s fixed, time -oriented, and directional training on these returning college students. This biotechnology company in which Dong Yan has attracted more than 80 Beichuan college students to come here for employment.

The hometown is changing, more and more new industries, more and more scale, there is a good future at the door of the house, so you don’t need to go to another country. Zhang Chewei, Director of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: Rural revitalization has begun. Not only are rural areas who need to engage in agricultural production of simple physical labor workers, but also a large number of knowledgeable and cultural and high -human capital people to go to rural areas to engage in agricultural production. In the industrial integration, a large number of high -quality employment opportunities will be generated. I believe that with the development of the county economy and the advancement of rural revitalization, the regional gap will further reduce the gap between the overall income.

After the Spring Festival this year, the domestic epidemic has a multi -point situation. The impact of the epidemic has continued, and it has also added uncertainty to employment employment. Therefore, employment opportunities at the doorstep have become an ideal choice for some people.

"De kamer is niet gebakken", de toon, de niet-verandering hypotheekrente zal stabiel zijn.

"De kamer is niet gebakken", de toon, de niet-verandering hypotheekrente zal stabiel zijn.

Originele titel: "De kamer is niet gefrituurd", de niet-verandering hypotheekrente zal stabiel zijn en valt op 20 januari, de Nationale Bank Inter-Banks kondigden de prijsreductie (LPR) van de leningmarkt deze maand, 1 jaar LPR aan %, verhouding De maand daalde 10 basispunten; de 5-jarige LPR is%, beneden 5 basispunten van de vorige maand. De 1-jarige LPR-nadeel voor twee opeenvolgende maanden, en de 5-jarige LPR is de eerste daling sinds april 2020, en helpt bij het verminderen van de interesse-rentevoet van de incrementele persoonlijke huisvesting, boostbehuizingsverbruik, en een goedaardige circulatie van de vastgoedsector bevorderen en bevorderen . Gezonde groei.

  Op dezelfde dag hield het ministerie van Huisvesting en Bouw een nationale huisvesting en stedelijke bouwwerkconferentie op dat de naleving van "huisvesting en niet gefrituurde" positionering, niet onroerend goed doen als een korte termijn stimulerende economie-tool en middelen , handhaven van de continu?teitstabiliteit van het regelgevingsbeleid, verbeter de co?rdinatienauwkeurigheid van het regelgevingsbeleid, blijft het reali?n langdurige mechanismen veilig implementeren.

Insiders in insiders zeiden dat voor de vastgoedsector, gestage groei, anti-risico meer prominente positie is geplaatst. In de basis "Thuisbezorging" zal de vastgoedsector de structurele hervorming van de woningtoevoerzijde verder bevorderen, volledig het potentieel van residenti?le behuizing-vraag vrijgeven, en beter de vitaliteit van het bedrijf stabiliseren en de gestage verbetering van de economische realisatie bevorderen. Groei .

  Zhang XU, chief analist van de eerste verlaagd de eerste keer, de eerste keer, 5 jaar LPR, de eerste keer, de eerste keer, de LPR, niet alleen de daling van de LPR kan niet alleen direct de daling van de rente van de lening bevorderen Tarieven, maar hebben ook een onderscheiden "stabiel krediet" "beleidssignaal van constante economie vrijgegeven.

  WEN-bin, hoofdonderzoeker, China MINSHENG BANK, zei dat de beleidsnelheid gedurende het begin van het jaar zal worden verlaagd, en de LPR-aanbieding is afgenomen, wat actief is als een monetair beleid en het wordt weerspiegeld in de voorganger.

De afname van LPR wordt uitgevoerd naar de rente van het bedrijf en vermindert de kosten van kredietfinanciering. Tegelijkertijd zullen de beleidsrentetarieven ook helpen de daling van de obligatie-opbrengsten, verder de daling van uitgebreide financieringskosten te bevorderen, die fungeert als een stabiele verwachting van de markt en het vertrouwen te verbeteren. Het is vermeldenswaard dat de 5-jarige LPR-nadeel de eerste keer is sinds April 2020.

Zhou Yizhen, de hoofdonderzoeker, zei dat de 5-jarige LPR wordt gebruikt als een prijsbehuizing, voornamelijk belangrijke projectleningen, fundamentele bouwleningen en persoonlijke woningkredieten. De daling van LPR boven 5 jaar, het bevorderen van langdurige lening rentetarieven, waardoor de kostenkosten van de leningsprojecten op lange termijn worden verminderd, waardoor de markttentiteiten voor langetermijninvesteringen kunnen stimuleren. Voor huisvestingsconsumenten zal de daling van LPR in 5 jaar bijdragen tot het verminderen van de rentetarieven van incrementele persoonlijke huisvesting, maar beter voldoen aan de redelijke behoeften van de huisvestingconsumptie, en de volatiliteit van vastgoedmarkten te verminderen om een ??gezonde en constante ontwikkeling te behouden. Hij wees erop dat door de Multi-stock Loan RE-prijsdag, de 5-jarige LPR-daling in het 5e jaar van deze maand relatief beperkt is.

  Het is vermeldenswaard dat de 1-jaars LPR daalde met 10 basispunten van de vorige maand, LPR boven de 5 jaar daalde met 5 basispunten ten opzichte van de vorige maand, waaruit blijkt asymmetrie.

  Wen Bin van mening dat de recente investeringen in vastgoed, omzetgroei vertraagt, de daling van de LPR boven de 5 jaar kan helpen om de huisvesting consumptieve vraag, stabiele hypothecaire lening groei.

Tegelijkertijd heeft de LPR van de periode van 5 jaar niet knippen 10 basispunten met MLF rente, maar een daling van 5 basispunten, als gevolg van de eisen voor het onderhoud van goedaardige circulatie en gezondheid ontwikkeling in de vastgoedsector.

Dong Xizhen dat "asymmetrische aanpassing" niet los signalen naar de vastgoedmarkt, als gevolg dat de toon van "huisvesting en niet gefrituurd" blijft constant. De hypotheekrente stabilisatie wordt verwacht dat de daling van de vijf jaar LPR verkorten, is de industrie verwacht dat de hypotheekrente stabiel zal zijn, en de aankoop van een huis zal ook worden versoepeld. Yan Yuejin, directeur van de studie van de Easy Research Institute, zei dat de centrale bank de rente, zal worden uitgevoerd in de hypotheekmarkt, de voorkant en de reductie-effect zou duidelijk moeten zijn.

Neem de hypothecaire lening van 1.000.000 leningen en 30-jarige gelijke hoofdsom en rente.

Na deze rente wordt aangepast, LPR is% en de maandelijkse levering is 5126 yuan. Zo berekend, wordt de maandelijkse levering verlaagd met ongeveer 30 yuan. Als gezien het feit dat de commerci?le lening van de bank fondsen zijn overvloediger, de rente hebben een verder naar beneden-gereglementeerde ruimte, dan vergelijkbaar met reducties zal meer voor de hand.

  Shell Research Institute gegevens blijkt dat 103 belangrijke steden in januari 2022 zijn teruggekeerd naar het redelijk niveau van 2021. Onder hen, de mainstream rente van de hypotheek is 59, die stijgt van 19, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, enz. Van de vorige maand, zal worden verlaagd.

In termen van de kredietverlening cyclus worden 64 stedelijke leningen cycli verkort van vorige maand. 4 first-tier steden worden versneld, en Guangzhou heeft meer dan 40 dagen kortgesloten van vorige maand, en Beijing heeft verkort binnen 12 dagen tot 70 dagen. Hefei, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xiamen, Chengdu en andere tweede-tier steden zijn ingekort met meer dan 20 dagen. "De verwachting is dat meer stedelijke hypotheekrente later worden verlaagd en het krediet milieu is vriendelijk en gunstig voor een redelijke vraag naar woningen, het bevorderen van de goedaardige bloedsomloop en gezonde ontwikkeling van de vastgoedsector." Chief Market analist voor Shell Research Institute gezegd.

  Van vastgoedfinanciering gegevens komen uit de recente verkoop van onroerend goed, aankoop, heeft de financiering geleidelijk weer normaal, en de markt zal naar verwachting gestaag te verbeteren. Zou Wei, de directeur van de People’s Bank of China, gemeld op de Nationale New Office, zei dat vanaf de datum van de gegevens, aan het einde van 2021, de nationale vastgoed lening saldo biljoen yuan, de jaar-op-jaar stijging% en de groei verhoogd met eind september. Onder hen, de onroerend goed-leningen aan 77340000000 yuan toegevoegd in het vierde kwartaal, een jaar-op-jaar stijging van 202 miljard yuan, en meer dan 157.800.000.000 yuan in het derde kwartaal.

  "Over het algemeen, de hypotheekmarkt heeft zich geleidelijk ontwikkeld in de stal richting.

"Central Plains Principal Analyst Zhang Dawei zei dat onder het beleid correctie, vertrouwen van de markt wordt geleidelijk hersteld. Houd u aan" House niet speculeren "naar de redelijke residenti?le vraag te voldoen. In 2022 zal vastgoed reguleringsbeleid continue stabiliteit te handhaven, de co?rdinatie te verbeteren regelgevend beleid Sex, veilig blijven implementeren vastgoed op lange termijn mechanismen. op 20 januari, de nationale huisvesting en stedelijke en landelijke bouw werkconferentie werd gehouden in Peking, die duidelijk werkt sleutelwerk in de 2022 woningbouw, en regelt de regulering van het onroerend goed markt in 2022. het is het vermelden waard dat in vergelijking met vorig jaar, "verhogen het hart, anti-risico, gestage groei" werd voor het eerst genoemd.

  Wang Menghui, partijsecretaris en minister van Huisvesting en Stedelijke-plattelandsontwikkeling, zei dat de anti-risico is meer op de voorgrond, en resoluut beschikken van de individuele vastgoed bedrijven in vastgoedprojecten te laat, en resoluut houdt de onderste regel die niet systematisch heeft risico. Tegelijkertijd, volledig los residenti?le de vraag naar woningen, nieuwe stedelijke infrastructuur vraag in de bouwsector investeringspotentieel, synchroon bevorderen van de ontwikkeling van de binnenlandse vraag, transfer mode, aanpassing structuur, en het bevorderen van economische realisatie. Rationaliteit.

  Li Yujia, Chief Researcher, Guangdong Provinciale Housing Policy Research Center, zei dat de vastgoedsector is verbruikt, en een is een volk levensonderhoud, en het is uiterst belangrijk. Over het geheel genomen in 2022 de vastgoedmarkt regulering en controle mechanisme werd be?nvloed naar "steady", redelijk voldoen aan de vraag, en controles het risico van onroerend goed ondernemingen.

  De vergadering erop gewezen dat aandringen op het huren en opheffen, meerdere hoofdtoevoerleiding, meerkanaals beveiliging optimaliseren behuizing aanbodstructuur.

Krachtig het aanbod van betaalbare huurwoningen, met de nadruk op de grootste steden die instroom in de bevolking, het hele jaar is het verhogen van 24,0 miljoen toestellen van betaalbare huurwoningen (kamer). Verbetering van de stedelijke huisvesting beveiligingssysteem, leiden alle plaatsen de opstelling van huisvesting beveiligingssysteem bepalen deze regio. Versnellen de ontwikkeling van de lange termijn verhuur. Verbeter de huisvesting voorzorg fonds storten, gebruik, het beheer en de exploitatie mechanisme.

  Daarnaast is de uitvoering van de stedelijke update-procedure is een belangrijke strategische maatregel om de stedelijke ontwikkeling van hoogwaardige bevorderen, stedelijke bouw en negatieve transformatie, en krachtig bevorderen van de bouw van nieuwe stedelijke infrastructuur. Versterking van stedelijk bestuur, het bouwen van een nationale stedelijke operatie management service platform "een netwerk", vast te stellen afdeling, provinciale, gemeentelijke stedelijk beheer werksysteem, de oprichting van een grootschalige stedelijke bestuur preventie en bestrijding van risico-mechanisme. (Economische verwijzing reporter Zhang Mo Liang Qian) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Luo Wei) Sharing meer mensen laten zien.

The Central Internet Information Office Reporting Center released the main business website platform in April 2022 Internet infringement report acceptance and disposal

The Central Internet Information Office Reporting Center released the main business website platform in April 2022 Internet infringement report acceptance and disposal

In order to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of netizens, rectify network violence, and create a good network ecology, the Central Cyberspace Office illegal and bad information reporting center (hereinafter referred to as the "Central Internet Information Office Report Center") guide the major domestic business websites to earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of the platform. Unblocked report channels and actively accept the disposal of network infringement reports.

In April 2022, Weibo, Douyin, Baidu, Tencent, Zhihu, Bilibili, Xiaohongshu, Kuaishou, Douban, Netease, Sina, Sohu and other major business website platforms focused on leaking the privacy of others, insulting and abuse, insulting, insults, Rumor and defamation reports have reported 10,000 online infringement reports. Among them, Weibo accepts 37,5927 reports, Douyin accepts 17,432 reports, Baidu accepts 17,166 reports, Tencent accepts relevant reports of 11,638, knows 8,609 reports, Bilibili accepts 4,843 reports, Bilibili accepts 4,843 reports. Xiaohongshu accepted 1742 reports, 942 related reports were accepted, and 454 reports were accepted by NetEase. 321 reports were reported to Sina, 314 reports were reported in Douban, and 198 related reports were reported. At present, the Central Cyberspace Report Center has organized domestic major business website platforms to regularly announce the disposal of online infringement reports to the society. The majority of netizens are welcome to actively participate in comprehensive network governance, proactively reporting the power of power in accordance with the law, consciously purify the network environment, and jointly protect the clear network space.

@Zhejiang 11 districts and cities, please pay attention to check!

@Zhejiang 11 districts and cities, please pay attention to check!

  2022 is a critical year for carbon -peak carbon neutralization from comprehensive planning to promotion of implementation. In order to promote the green and low carbon transformation and high -quality development of the manufacturing industry, the Zhejiang Economic and Credit Department has issued the "2022 Zhejiang Green Manufacturing in 2022 in Zhejiang Province Green Manufacturing in 2022Work points.Key tasks ● In 2022, the energy consumption of 1022 industries in the province decreased by%(excluding national single -column projects), the value -saving environmental protection and the added value of the new energy industry strive to increase by more than 8%throughout the year. The comprehensive utilization rate of general industrial solid wasteUp to 98%.

  How to implement green low -carbon transformation? The five major tasks will answer you ~ Orderly promote the implementation of the industrial field and the implementation of the industrial field and the seven key industries of the carbon peak organizations in the industrial field and the implementation of the industrial field and the seven major industries.

Focus on the seven high energy consumption industries for key energy -consuming enterprises, and organize energy -saving carbon reduction diagnostic services.

  Organize the promotion of thousands of energy -saving and carbon reduction technology transformation projects to implement the "Three -Year Action Plan for Industrial Energy -saving and Carbon Reduction Technology Transformation". In various localities, the requirements of the benchmarking energy efficiency are required, and the recommendations of the energy efficiency level of the enterprise and the energy -saving carbon reduction diagnostic service report should be established to establish and improve the energy saving reduction reduction. Carbon technology transformation reserve project library.

Accelerate the implementation of the technical renovation of energy -effective benchmarking standards for relevant enterprises. Provincial organizations implement 100 provincial key energy -saving carbon reduction demonstration application projects with good technical benefits and strong driving capabilities, and cities, counties (cities, districts) organize more than 2,000 energy -saving carbon reduction technology transformation projects.

  Accelerate the promotion and application of energy -saving and carbon reduction technology equipment to improve the application and promotion mechanism of technology equipment, and further promote the first (set) identification and promotion work in the field of energy conservation and carbon reduction technology.

Cultivate and release a group of industrial energy -saving carbon reduction technology, technology, equipment and engineering solutions service providers, and organize industry and regional organizations to hold the promotion site meeting of advanced energy -saving technology and equipment promotion. There are no less than one session of districts and cities.

  Create a major application organization of carbon efficiency code to carry out pilots for innovative application of local carbon effects, and to promote a number of excellent cases at the provincial level. Support the incorporation of industrial carbon efficiency codes into the evaluation of the "Muju Lunar Heroes", orderly use, budget management, high -efficiency enterprise rectification, credit evaluation, carbon verification and other related work systems to promote the application expansion of the results of carbon efficiency evaluation results Essence Strive to create a pilot pilot of the national digital intelligence control.

  Accelerate the construction of a green manufacturing system to promote the construction of green low -carbon parks to promote the implementation of green low -carbon circulation transformations in the economic and technological development zone at or above the provincial level and high -tech zones, and improve the environmental management system and energy management system. In 2022, 10 provincial green low -carbon industrial parks and 18 municipal green low -carbon industrial parks.

  Construction of green low -carbon factories iteration and optimizing the evaluation guide for the construction of green low -carbon factories, supporting enterprises advanced, accelerating the transformation of green low -carbon transformation in infrastructure, operation management, energy and resource investment, product development, environmental discharge, etc. The county linkage promotes the construction of green low -carbon factories. In 2022, 100 provincial -level green low -carbon factories and 710 municipal green low -carbon factories were added.

  Create a green supply chain to formulate the provincial green supply chain standard system, focusing on automotive, electronic appliances, communications, large -scale equipment, textiles and other leading enterprises to encourage enterprises to carry out product full life cycle, upstream and downstream of the supply chain green low -carbon transformation transformation , Actively create a number of national green supply chain management demonstration enterprises. Promote green design and green products to vigorously promote the green design of industrial products. In industries with large ecological environment, large products involved, and high industrial associations, they will cultivate and create a number of industrial products green design demonstration enterprises.

  Vigorously promote the use of resource circulation to promote the efficient utilization, steps and recycling of resource reinforcement to strengthen the production process resources, reduce the intensity of solid waste; improve the use of local resourceization of solid waste.

Support industrial kiln such as cement, steel, thermal power, and petrochemical devices such as refining, gasification, and alkali -roasted petrochemical equipment.

  Promote the high value of renewable resources to promote high -value utilization of renewable resources, and promote the use of high -value use of renewable resources to promote the comprehensive use of industry standards for recycled resources such as waste steel, waste plastic, and new energy vehicle waste power batteries to cultivate a group of backbone enterprises Essence Promote the combination of new energy vehicle power battery recycling and utilization industrial chain to build recycling channels to build a recycling system; increase technology R & D and promotion of technology research and development and promotion of power battery automation disassembly and high -efficiency metal extraction. Strengthen industrial water -saving introduction "Zhejiang Water -saving benchmarking park evaluation index system", promote the integration and optimization of parks and enterprise water systems, and realize the use of stroke, massive water, multi -purpose water, and steps.

In 2022, there were 180 provincial -level water -saving enterprises and 3 water -saving benchmarking parks.

  Vigorously develop the green and low -carbon industry to accelerate the development of new energy industries. It focuses on new energy applications such as industrial parks and factory roof, wind power, energy storage and other new energy applications, promote the implementation of a number of industrial energy -saving carbon reduction technology transformation projects, and accelerate the application of new energy promotion in the industrial field; Support photovoltaic, power batteries, fan and other high -efficiency energy product equipment production applications. Continuously strengthening energy -saving and environmental protection manufacturing industries focusing on high -efficiency energy -saving equipment and advanced environmental protection equipment, actively expanding high value -added links such as energy conservation and environmental protection design, and comprehensive environmental governance of environmental governance, and encouraged enterprises to develop environmentally friendly pharmaceuticals, low -carbon chemicals, and lightweight environmental protection equipment, and improve the improvement of environmental protection equipment to improve and improve. Pollution governance green level.

  Promote the construction of ecological civilization in the industrial field to promote the continuous development of voluntary clean production of industrial enterprises to continue to carry out voluntary production review, and focus on supporting the clean production technology, process, equipment, and product -oriented directory in accordance with the development of the seven major industries in accordance with the country’s encouragement development.

Promoting key industries such as steel, building materials, petrochemicals, and chemical industry to implement clean production and transformation projects, and promote a number of key enterprises to reach the leading level of international clean production. In 2022, 685 clean production audit companies were completed.

  Do a good job in the work of ecological pollution prevention and control in the industrial field to promote the prevention and control of pollution such as water, gas, soil, and waste in the industrial field, cooperate with the construction of "non -waste cities"; The discovery and rectification of ecological environment issues involved in the industrial field.