On June 2nd Jiangsu’s newly added local symptoms of infection, 1 case of Huai’an City Report

On June 2nd Jiangsu’s newly added local symptoms of infection, 1 case of Huai’an City Report

People’s Daily Online, Nanjing, June 3 (Wang Dandan) According to the Jiangsu Provincial Health and Health Commission, at 0-24 on June 2, Jiangsu had no new confirmed cases, and 1 new local infection was added (Huai’an City Report, for the report, for it, for the report, for the report (Huai’an City Report, for it, for it, for it, it was reported. The management personnel from the Soviet Union from other provinces and cities have received isolation medical management in designated hospitals).

An additional case of hospitalization (overseas input) was added, and 4 asymptomatic infections were lifted by isolation medical management (3 cases of 3 cases, 1 case of overseas input).

At present, there are 13 confirmed cases (5 cases of local, 8 cases of overseas inputs) in a designated hospital, and 20 asymptomatic infections who receive isolation medical management (9 cases of 9 cases and 11 cases overseas). According to the report of the Huai’an Huai’an New Guanye Pneumonia Epidemic Institute of Defense and Control, on June 2, Huai’an City detected 1 case of new crown virus nucleic acid positive among the isolation control staff. The personnel were separated from May 14th to 24th in other provinces (cities). The nucleic acid detection of nucleic acid was negative from May 25th to 31st. Fixed -point hospital isolation treatment.

No social communication risk.

Regulating live broadcast rewards must reasonably define platform responsibilities

Regulating live broadcast rewards must reasonably define platform responsibilities

Regulating live broadcast rewards must be reasonably defined on the platform responsibility Release time: 2022-05-1020: Tuesday Source: Rule of Law Daily-Rule of Law Network □ Xue Jun not long ago, some media reports that a company’s financial personnel are addicted to the online broadcast of live broadcasts and misappropriated the company’s funds for the company’s funds. , Frequent high rewards on different platforms. Due to the huge amount of funds, the company’s operations were trapped. This extreme case once again attracted the public’s attention to the chaos of live broadcasts.

In recent years, with the development of live broadcast technology, activities such as various information release, social entertainment and commercial marketing have been increasing with the help of live broadcast technology.

User rewards are the main sources of live broadcast platforms and anchor income. In order to get more reward revenue, the live broadcast platform and anchor have continuously tried various methods to increase user attention and online duration. Cases such as embezzlement of public funds, rewarding anchors of husband and wife common property, and high rewards anchor of minors appeared from time to time.

These chaos in the live broadcast reward also aroused great attention from the regulatory authorities.

In the 2022 "clear" series of special operations in 2022, webcast rewards were listed as the key governance objects. The webcast reward involves the main body of multiple parties. The key to effectively control the existing problems is to implement the management responsibilities of the live broadcast platform.

Regarding the responsibility of the live broadcast platform, my country has formulated a series of regulatory policies in recent years. In November 2020, the State Administration of Radio and Television issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Live and E -commerce Live Management of Network Show"; in February 2021, the seven departments jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Management of Online Live Streaming Standards". These documents put forward a series of standardized management requirements for live broadcasts.

For example, the live broadcast platform of the online show should implement real -name system management of online anchors and reward users; the platform should restrict users at the highest amount of rewards each time, daily, and monthly reward; Consumption reminder, set up a reward for a calm period and delay to the accounting period, and so on. The above documents are based on the governance of live broadcast rewards, and the main starting point of implementing the governance responsibility of the live broadcast platform is the main starting point.

This idea is worthy of recognition from the whole, but it also needs to consider the reasonable boundary of the platform responsibility.

As a business operation model, live broadcast rewards are inseparable from the technical and operation and maintenance support provided by the live broadcast platform. Therefore, combined with the technology of the live broadcast platform and the underlying logic of operation and maintenance, it is more accurate and reasonable to define live broadcasts more accurately and reasonably The border of responsibility on the platform is particularly important. The types of Internet platforms in real life are tens of millions, but the underlying logic of the platform runs is similar.

The standard system of my country’s e -commerce law on the responsibility of platform operators still has applicable space. The primary content of the platform responsibility is to "get started", which is the same in the implementation of the responsibility of the Internet live broadcast platform. As long as the "entry control" is good, then an account -based management based on anchor -based management of an anchor who has bad dislocation will have a solid basis. In addition, the issues that have attracted much attention can be effectively resolved.

In the implementation of this responsibility, the live broadcast platform does still have a lot of room for improvement and improvement. In addition, operation and maintenance activities carried out with the technical capabilities of the live broadcast platform, such as the channel settings of the live broadcast platform, keyword search, algorithm recommendation, etc., there is no doubt that it can be solved directly through the corresponding requirements of the live broadcast platform. For example, do not play the ball on the channel settings, and do not set fixed channels such as "sexy" and "temptation".

In the site search function, do not provide similar search keyword recommendations or prompts.

When using the algorithm recommendation content, we should set the weight reasonably, and recommend more positive and healthy live content.

These are what the live broadcast platform itself can do. In addition, for bad behaviors such as induction and rewards that the anchor may exist, the live broadcast platform needs to strengthen daily monitoring, actively accept user complaint reports, and take management measures for the corresponding anchors.

Effectively implementing the above -mentioned governance responsibilities of the live broadcast platform should be able to largely curb various chaos in live broadcast rewards. However, in practice, the boundary of the platform responsibility should also be reasonably determined. For some special extreme cases, the live broadcast platform should be allowed to bear the responsibility that is difficult to match with the underlying logic of its technology and operation and maintenance. If you expand the platform responsibility unlimited, it may be difficult to achieve good results.

In short, strengthening platform responsibilities is very important, but the boundary of the platform responsibility reasonably is the key. (The author is a professor at the School of Law of Peking University, Director of the Research Center of Peking University Electronic Commerce Law) Editor in charge: Zhang Meixin.

The National Unified Medical Insurance Information Platform is completed

The National Unified Medical Insurance Information Platform is completed

May 12, 2022 05:49 Source: This newspaper, Beijing, May 11 (Reporter Sun Xiuyan) The reporter learned from the National Medical Insurance Bureau that after more than two years, the national unified medical security information platform has been basically completed. At present, the medical insurance information platform has been launched in the entire area of ??31 provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, which effectively covers about 400,000 designated medical institutions and about 400,000 designated retail pharmacies to provide high -quality medical insurance services for the billion participants. According to reports, the medical insurance information platform covers 14 subsystems such as payment methods, inter -provincial medical treatment, public services, drugs and medical consumables, etc. It has been applied one after another, which can meet the diversified business needs of hundreds of coordinated areas.

The new platform has played an important role in the fields of medical settlement, payment method reform, medical insurance intelligent supervision, centralized procurement of drugs, and medical price monitoring. The new platform has complete functions, efficient response, and stable operation. The average response time of hospitalization settlement is about a second, which is 3 to 5 times the average performance of the old system.

The medical insurance information platform has formed a platform pattern of standard national unified, data concentration, platform hierarchical deployment, comprehensive network coverage of the network, regulatory project construction, and strong security guarantee, and supports the cross -regional, cross -level, cross -business, cross -sector, and cross -system of medical insurance. Information sharing, business collaboration and service integration, realizing the "one -Netcom office" and "one window settlement" in the medical insurance business.

The key to stabilizing the economy is to stabilize expectations

The key to stabilizing the economy is to stabilize expectations

  [Guangming Forum] Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the complex situation of the century -old changes and the century epidemic, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups in the country to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development."Implement a good start.

In the first quarter, my country’s GDP increased by%year -on -year, an increase of%from the previous quarter in the fourth quarter of 2021. The national economy continued to restore the development trend, and the economic operation was generally stable.

  At the same time, we must also see that the global epidemic situation is still severe and the Russian -Ukraine conflict has led to a significant increase in risk challenges. The complexity, severe, and uncertainty of my country’s economic development environment have risen, and stable growth, employment, and stable prices are facing new challenges. Especially since March, the marginal changes presented by various economic data, the expectations of economic entities have become weakened, and the downward pressure on the economy cannot be ignored.

In view of this, the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on April 29 emphasized that "the epidemic should be defended, the economy must be stabilized, and the development must be safe." Economy, strive to achieve the expected goals of economic and social development throughout the year, and maintain economic operation in a reasonable range. "

  To achieve the expected goals, it is important to stabilize the market expectations.

Expect management is an important way to guide the public’s expectations by strengthening information communication with the public to improve the effect of macro policy regulation. The Central Economic Work Conference held from December 8th to 10th, 2021 pointed out that "we must see that my country’s economic development is facing demand shrinkage, supply impact, and expected weakness."

This means that resolving the current economic downward pressure must not only promote expansion of demand, but also ensure stability of supply, but also to strengthen expected guidance.

The "triple pressure" pointed out the problems existing in China’s economic operation from different dimensions, but there are also closely related logic mechanisms between the three. If the shock of demand shrinkage and supply is regarded as the adverse effects of the economy at the macro level, then weakening is expected to reflect the decline in the potential economic growth trend caused by a series of structural issues from a micro level, and therefore The stability, consistency, and effectiveness of the relevant policies formulated by the formulation of relevant policies are lack of confidence and concerns about subjective cognition caused by multiple factors such as.

The expectations of micro -economic entities will inevitably extend from the aspects of supply and demand to prevent the macroeconomic operation and unblocking macroeconomic operations, and will further increase downward pressure on the economic downlink effect through the "self -enhancement" cycle effect.

Therefore, in this triple pressure, the expected problem seems invisible, but it will have a tangible impact on the overall economic operation, which is the key to stabilizing the economy. Only by stabilizing the expectations of micro -economic entities, investment and consumption demand can expand. At the same time, by improving the quality and efficiency of the supply system, the changes in demand structures can be better connected to form a higher level of dynamic balance of demand -to -supply supply and supply creation demand, and then stabilize the economy to stabilize the economy increase. In particular, the current domestic and foreign environments are complex and changeable, and the situation that exceeds the expected situation has exacerbated the uncertainty of economic development. It is necessary to stabilize the expectations with more intensive and advanced policy measures. First, at the macro level, we must continue to implement positive fiscal policies and stable monetary policies. At the same time, we should focus on organic combination of cross -cycle and reverse cyclical regulation. The policy curve must lead the market curve and carefully introduce a shrinkage policy.

On the one hand, positive fiscal policies must improve efficiency and pay more attention to accurate and sustainable.

The first is to ensure the intensity of fiscal expenditure and speed up expenditure progress.

The second is to coordinate with policies such as currency, employment, and industry. The third is to improve the accuracy of key expenditures, focus on the high -quality development of manufacturing, ensure the construction of key projects, effectively solve the problems of small and medium -sized enterprises, focus on supporting scientific and technological innovation, implement new more intensity taxes and fees, and further optimize the fiscal expenditure structure. , Strengthen the financial guarantee for basic people’s livelihood.

The fourth is to enhance the sustainability of fiscal policies. When coordinating the arrangement of fiscal expenditures, it is necessary to determine the appropriate deficit rate, scientifically arrange debt scale, increase the payment of local transfer payment, and alleviate local fiscal pressure. On the other hand, a stable monetary policy must make good use of various monetary policy tools to increase support for the real economy and meet the reasonable financing needs of market entities. The first is to maintain a moderate growth of credit and social financing in terms of total amount, and maintain basically matching the growth rate of total currency indicators with the growth rate of GDP.

The second is to give full play to the unique advantages of structural monetary policy tools in promoting the development of the real economy, and guide financial institutions to flow to key areas and weak links in economic development such as small and micro enterprises and green development.

The third is to meet the rational financing needs of market entities, reduce the cost of corporate financing through measures such as lowering rations and lowered loan interest rates, increase the demand for effective credit, and stabilize and expand total demand. Second, at the level of the middle view, pay attention to the continuous and healthy development of key industries, effectively control the key risks, and keep the bottom line of no systemic risk.

The first is to stabilize the real estate market. Adhere to the positioning of the house for living, not for speculation, support all localities to improve the real estate policy from the local area, support rigid and improved housing needs, optimize the supervision of pre -sale funds for commercial housing, and promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market.

The second is to improve the capital market system and mechanism.

Promote the reform of stock issuance registration system steadily, actively introduce long -term investors, and maintain smooth operation of the capital market. The third is to promote the healthy development of the platform’s economy. Through standardized, transparent, and expected supervision, it has stabilized and completed the rectification work of large platform companies as soon as possible. The red lights and green lights must be set up to promote the stable and healthy development of the platform’s economy and improve international competitiveness. Introduce specific measures to support the healthy development of the platform.

  Third, from the micro level, the confidence of the market subject must be boosted. First, adhere to the principle of neutrality in competition, further promote the implementation of fair competition policies with market -oriented and rule of law, strengthen antitrust and anti -unfair competition, use fair supervision to ensure fair competition, reduce the direct allocation of market resources for administrative forces, and promote the direct allocation of market resources, promote the promotion Form a fair and transparent market competitive environment. Second, comprehensively use various methods such as law, administrative, economic, technical, and social governance to build a intellectual property protection system, create a good environment for the development of various ownership enterprises, and continue to stimulate the vitality and potential of the market entity.

The third is to build a new type of political and business relationship, create a good atmosphere of respecting entrepreneurs in the whole society, promote the spirit of entrepreneurs, establish a normalized entrepreneurial communication mechanism, and form institutional arrangements to timely solve problems for enterprises, enhance their confidence in development confidence Essence In general, my country’s economy still maintains a good recovery trend and has a solid foundation for stabilizing expectations. Promoting economic stable growth is to stabilize expectations.

Only by stabilizing expectations can we enhance the confidence of market entities for economic development, thereby promoting the stable, healthy and sustainable development of my country’s economy. Author: Guo Wei (Central Party School [National Academy of Administration] Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideology research center and professor of the Ministry of Economics).

"Politieke partijen bij de mensen" – Interview met algemene secretaris van de Britse Communistische Partij Robert Griffith (100 buitenlandse politieke partijen om de CCP te zien)

"Politieke partijen bij de mensen" – Interview met algemene secretaris van de Britse Communistische Partij Robert Griffith (100 buitenlandse politieke partijen om de CCP te zien)

Aanbevolen lezen van Huawei versmalt verder de afmetingen van de spleetengine, geladen in een kleinere diverse sensor, waarbij een gediversifieerd slijtapparaat wordt bereikt en voert deze mogelijkheden toezicht op alle diensten te openen.

2021-11-1721: 29 Deze studie zal naar verwachting een potenti?le biomateriaal voor op botdefecte reparatie bieden en nieuwe invoerpunten bieden voor de daaropvolgende op- en botdefici?ntietherapie.

2021-11-1710: 55 Langzame weerstand is een complexe ziekte, getroffen door genetische factoren en omgevingsfactoren, waar roken de grootste omgevingsfactor is, en mensen die gemakkelijker worden weerstaan. 2021-11-1710: 52 De kosmische lijn is een hoog-energie geladen deeltje geproduceerd in een extreem analoge omgeving. Het onderzoeksteam bleek ook dat de kosmische energiedichtheid van de kosmische draad in het centrale moleculaire cloud gebied in de buurt van Yinxin lager is dan de energiedichtheid van de kosmische "zee" buiten de moleculaire wolk.

2021-11-1710: 49 Onlangs hebben Amerikaanse wetenschappers 77 tropische vogels bestudeerd in de afgelopen 40 jaar gegevens in de Braziliaanse Maiden Tropics, vonden dat om zich aan te passen aan de klimaatverandering, hun gewicht afneemt, en sommige soorten zijn elke soort afnemen 10 jaar. Bijna 2% van het lichaamsgewicht, 1/3 van de soort groeide een langere vleugels.

2021-11-1710: 48IBM zei, ik hoop volgend jaar een 400 quantum-bit-processor te introduceren en een processor te starten genaamd "Condor" in het laatste jaar, doorbreekt door 1000 Quantum-ratio. 521-11-1710: 47 Harbin Institute of Technology, het moderne microscopische instrumentstudie, de studie, heeft doorbraak gemaakt op het gebied van optische superresolutie microscopische beeldvormingstechnologie.

Op 16 november werden de onderzoeksresultaten gepubliceerd in de vorm van "Nature – Biotechnology" in het internationale gezaghebbende magazine in Changwen. Op basis hiervan past het projectteam ook nieuwe kroonvirus nucle?nezuurdetectiekwaliteitscontrolesystemen toe in de geaccepteerde beoordeling en kwaliteitscontrole van nieuwe kroonvirus nucle?nezuurdetectie laboratoria, en verbetert sterk het detectieniveau van Ningxia New Crown Virus Nucleic zure detectie.

2021-11-1709: 48 Pols, het dragen van een slimme horloge, de neus wordt opgehangen in een slimme bril, opgehangen draadloze hoofdtelefoons in het oor … In de afgelopen jaren hebben Smart Wear Industries snel ontwikkeld, slimme horloges, een koptelefoon, enz. draagbare apparatuur, meer en meer de gunst van mensen.

Experts zeiden dat met de verdere ontwikkeling van 5G, AI, Cloud Computing, de Smart Wear Equipment Market in meer ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden zal doen.

2021-11-1709: 462021 Ruimtechnologie Vredebenutting (Gezondheid) International Seminar Press Conference werd gehouden in Beijing op de 16e, en verslaggevers leerden van de conferentie die de 4e ruimtetechnologie en vredig gebruik (gezondheid) internationaal seminar 11 de maand zal zijn werd op 18e in Beijing gehouden. 2021-11-1709: 44 De zogenaamde "kernenergie en openbare afstand", wat betekent dat kerncentrale-energieopwekking direct is verbonden met het raster, en vervolgens naar duizenden huishoudens wordt getransporteerd. 2021-11-1709: Volgens de media-rapporten 2021-11-1709: 36 Met een oneindig enthousiasme voor de wetenschappelijke zaak van het moederland, is de 87-jarige Shari-rivier nog steeds onvermoeibaar worstelen in de eerste lijn van wetenschapsonderwijs en wetenschappelijk licht wordt op elke hoek bestrooid. 2021-11-1709: 35 In december 2020, de voorcommandant van de vier zonen van innerlijke Mongoli?, een 80-jarige oude man, ongeacht de lage temperatuur van de minus 30 ° C, wachtend op "嫦娥" thuis op de plaats. In de vroege ochtend, toen de No. 5-rendement soepel is, waren zijn ogen vol tranen – "" drie stappen naar de centrale overheid van het feest "Drie stappen" werd eindelijk een realiteit! "Hij is onze maan en diepe ruimte De pioniers van het exploratieproject, de algemene opdracht van het eerste reclassereproject van mijn land is academicus. 2021-11-1709: 32 Directeur van de afdeling Ecologische Milieu en de standaarddirecteur van de standaarddirecteur, zei: "Posetage van de wet" is het volledig op te nemen van de ecologische milieubescherming in de rechtsstaat, en de rol van de rol van De regel van de regel van het ecologische milieu-governancesysteem en het bestuur. Het vermogen om, diepgaand, diepgaand, we zullen de vervuilingspreventie en -controle plaatsen en de bescherming op hoog niveau bevorderen van de ecologische omgeving met hoogwaardige ecologische beschaving. 2021-11-1709: 23 Wat is de mijnproductie onbeheerd? Mijn intelligente besturingssysteem, automatische inspectie-robot, explosieveilige mobiele telefoon Real-time communicatie, superstofverwijderingscamera … met nieuwe apparatuur, nieuwe systemen versneld in kolenmijnen, een steenkoolmijn intelligente blauwdruk schildert in Shanxi. 2021-11-1709: 23 De wereld lijkt te praten over "Yuancos".

Maar de verklaring hierover, de mensen zeiden, en het is een baan.

Sommige mensen denken dat dit in de toekomst een race is, en er zou een race houding moeten zijn; als iemand denkt dat "Yuan Universe" een kapitaalspeculatie is, wat de technologie van een bepaalde bedrijf is, wordt een investering opgeslagen.

2021-11-1709: 20 Wilde aardbei-bronnen hebben uitstekende fruitkwaliteitskenmerken, zoals de vijf-blad aardbei witfruit heeft een sterke geur, gele framboos heeft perzik geurige, groene aardbeien hebben geurige smaak … de huidige cultivatie vari?teit heeft verloren enige aromatische geur.

2021-11-1610: 44 Sichuan Virgin Xichang-ziekenhuis beslaat een oppervlakte van 202 MU, met een totale bouwoppervlakte van ongeveer 10.000 vierkante meter, die een "aardbevingsziekenhuis" is in het grootste gebouwgebied van het land.

De totale investering van het project is ongeveer 3,5 miljard yuan, bestaat uit drie delen van het uitgebreide ziekenhuis van drie verdiepingen, het International Medical Service Center, het opleidingscentrum en de werkgelegenheidscentrum.

2021-11-1610: 27 Voor verschillende pigmenten gebruiken de oude ambachtslieden verschillende concentraties van gel om zich aan te passen, zoals goedkeuring van concentraten en zilver, met behulp van medium en dunne lijm en aarden, met behulp van pizza en zwarte rook. 2021-11-1610: 21.

Hong Kong media: RMB weight increases China’s economic status to be recognized

Hong Kong media: RMB weight increases China’s economic status to be recognized

It was reported on May 16 that the Hong Kong "South China Morning Post" website published an article from Beijing on the 15th from Beijing, entitled "China Winning in the International Monetary Fund, increased the weight of the RMB special withdrawal authority". The excerpts are as follows: RMB has obtained a weight improvement in the evaluation of the special withdrawal rights of the International Monetary Fund once every 5 years. This is the international community’s recognition of the RMB and China’s economic status. According to a statement issued by the International Monetary Fund on the 14th, the weight of China’s currency will increase a percentage point based on the 2016 evaluation, accounting for%.

It will decide to take effect on August 1.

However, this increase is not as good as the dollar: the weight of the dollar increases a percentage point, accounting for%in currency baskets.

This indicates that the dominance of the US dollar in the international financial system in the future will still face arduous challenges.

The euro still ranks second, although the weight decreases from%to%.

The weights of the yen and the pound have also been reduced, and they are reduced to%and%, respectively.

China strives to expand the scale of RMB from overseas from trade settlement and domestic financial opening.

China’s internationalization index is still much lower than its status as the world’s second largest economy, and its dependence on the US dollar continues.

In the assessment, officials of the International Monetary Fund generally acknowledged China’s progress in the reform of the financial market, but they also called for further efforts to continue and deepen the RMB market in the shore.

A piece of "golden leaves" plant the happy life of the people in 3 provinces and 5 counties

A piece of "golden leaves" plant the happy life of the people in 3 provinces and 5 counties

Huangdu Village is located in the middle of the northeast of Anji County, Zhejiang Province. It is known as the "Chinese White Tea First Village". The area of ??white tea planting is 10,000 acres, with an annual output value of about 100 million yuan.

In 2018, the village rely on white tea sales, with an average household income of more than 300,000 yuan. "Do not forget to dig wells, and get rich and not forget the party.

"In April 2018, 20 members of Huangdu Village wrote to General Secretary Xi Jinping, reporting the situation of planting white tea in the village, and proposing to donate 15 million tea seedlings to help the people in poor areas get rid of poverty. Village farmers’ members donated white tea seedlings to make important instructions to emphasize, enhance the sources of drinking water, not forgetting the party’s grace, and promote the spirit of dividing the party for the party, the first to be rich, and then rich. The party members of Huangdu Village actively actively, and the county named the poverty alleviation project "Baiye No. 1" project. Therefore, the donated tea seedlings have a common name- "Baiye 1".

Carry out systemic training, implement tea package sales, and establish a rural rejuvenation party building alliance … In April of this year, the donated land "Baiye No. 1" entered the high yield period and benefited more than 6,600 people in 3 provinces and 5 counties.

From the donation of tea seedlings to picking harvests, what is the "walking path" of "Baiye No. 1" in the past 4 years? Scan the two -dimensional code in the figure above, follow the H5 wave, and feel the journey of galloping through a "golden leaves". (Responsible editor: Zhang Liwei, Kang Mengqi) Share let more people see recommended reading.

Tsai Ing -wen was discussed: "The importance of 3,000 people is not as important as the artist’s baby"

Tsai Ing -wen was discussed: "The importance of 3,000 people is not as important as the artist’s baby"

On June 1st, according to Taiwan Zhongshi News Network reported on May 31, Taiwanese male artist Huang Zijiao welcomed the birth of her daughter Huang Corn on May 19, and recently shared the gift received, including Taiwan leader Tsai Ing -wen in his own Congratulations to the signature. This made the Internet celebrity Zhu Xueheng sighed: Ten children did not see a tear, Yibao saw the presidential card, and discussed that the recent death of children’s infection was noisy, but Tsai Ing -wen only cared about the artistic life.

According to China Shishi News Network, Zhu Xueheng reminded everyone to wake up, (infected with the new crown) 10 children who died without names and no surnames, they could not receive a tear of Cai Yingwen, and pointed out that you dare to say that 10 children die 10 children If there are many, the authorities will immediately investigate you. Su Huanzhi, the former head of the Democratic Progressive Party, also wrote an articles to the Cai authorities on Facebook on May 31 on Facebook on Facebook.

Su Huanzhi first wrote about Tsai Ing -wen’s congratulatory letter: Star President congratulatory, more than 2,000 diseases, and rescued typhoon six points.

The so -called six -point rescue typhoon, Su Huanzhi explained in the message area that the current dyeing of infection, the Taiwan authorities subsidize the 100,000 yuan (10,000 yuan for about RMB (about the Note of the RMB). Six points of one.

Shuozhou "Tuoju Brother" lifts up great love

Shuozhou "Tuoju Brother" lifts up great love

  The "most beautiful" lifting of an ordinary person blooms shocking power.

Recently, Pingshuo Rescue Fire Emergency Rescue Center Mine Rescue Second Squadron Fighter, An Peng, Shuozhou City. An Peng bravely rescued the heroine of the girls who fell the window. It was a good story in Shuozhou. At 2:30 pm on May 18th, a resident in the Qinyuan Community in Qinyuan District, Shuocheng District. The mother went to school to go to school, leaving a 5 -year -old daughter to sleep alone at home.

When the girl woke up, she saw her mother’s absence, so she climbed up the window sill and opened the window screen and hurried to find her mother.

Accidentally, the neck was hanging from the window to fall from the window. At this moment, An Peng, who lived in Qinyuan Community, saw that a child was hung outside the window. "At that time, the child was hung on the sixth floor, the entire body was hung outside the window, and there was no support point. The head was stuck in the gap between the window protection. "An Peng said. Seeing this, he rushed downstairs. Based on the professional ability of hard training in the rescue team, it quickly evaluated the on -site environment and danger. Before he could make more preparations, An Peng made a stop and decided to rescue immediately. He used his hands and feet, grabbed the anti -theft bar installed by the residents on all floors, climbed from the first floor to the sixth floor with his bare hands, and successfully reached below the dangerous child. He fixed his own hand on the window, and the other hand was held up with the child.

He wanted to push the child back to the window sill, but tried several times without success. So he had to appease the child while waiting for the rescue. "Because the child was hanging for a while, she was scared and kept crying. I told her not to be afraid, and my uncle would save you.

"In this way, he held up his child with one hand for more than ten minutes to fight for the time for rescue. At this moment, he had forgotten his dangerous situation.

At this time, the child’s mother rushed back, and successfully rescued the child back to the room with the cooperation of the two. Fortunately, the rescue was timely, and the girl did not hurt. "At that time, I was shocked, but I was crying. I didn’t even say a word of gratitude to the kind people. Today, I want to use the media to represent our family, let me say thank you!" On May 20th, the reporter came to the interview in the interview. , Girls Mother Zhang Chunhua is grateful. The entire thrilling rescue process was captured by the residents of the community. The rescue team member An Peng risked his life and rescued children. He immediately called him "the most beautiful brother" around him. In all, he raised not only a lively life, the happiness of a family, but also the love of the rescuers. An Peng, born in 1989, gave the first impression that it was spiritual, agile, and negligible.

In an interview, he said: "At that time, there was a thought in his mind, and the girl must be rescued. There is really nothing. I believe that no matter if anyone encounters such a thing, it will do it so, let alone I am a person. Rescue staff. "Ren Yongliang Wu Yuelin (responsible editor: Chu Jialin, Liu Yang).

Liang Xiaosheng: Write ordinary people with ordinary heart

Liang Xiaosheng: Write ordinary people with ordinary heart

  [Close to the literary artist] At the age of 73, he has just published two new works -the essay collection "Little Character has gone through the Big Age" and the novel "Chinese Tao Li". Today, he does not have to be deeper in writing, and no longer deliberately choose a certain subject matter or certain types of characters for writing.

He believes that literature must be viewed in ordinary mind, showing the truth, kindness and beauty of human nature in words, and let readers remember some truths after reading it. This is enough.

  "Pippi, Pippi, we will meet.

"The old man put on a piece of clothes, walked to the desk, and gently called a lively rolling dog.

  At the end of spring, the sun is getting longer. A common community near Beijing West Erqi, willow color is green and spring flowers are rough. Writer Liang Xiaosheng lived here. This residence was mentioned in Liang Xiaosheng’s prose "Brother" that he bought his brother who had a mental illness many years ago.

This spring, "Brother" was included in Liang Xiaosheng’s prose collection "Little Character Walking over the Big Age", which is the first part of the collection.

  Liang Xiaosheng wrote the room to the sun. The desk was not large, with a few stacks of paper, four or five boxes of pencils and a pack of cigarettes on it.

There is a simple vine chair at the desk, which is the exclusive location of Liang Xiaosheng’s dog "Pippi" to accompany the owner.

On the wall opposite the desk, there was a half -meter -high Tolsta portrait hanging.

  "Writer is a kind of feelings. Tolstoy wrote for everyone. I am willing to follow him." Liang Xiaosheng sat at the desk and stared at the portrait for a long time.

  Liang Xiaosheng, who is the same age as New China, was born in a worker family in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province.

In his teens, Liang Xiaosheng read a large number of Russian literary works. The works of writers such as Tolstoy and Torgenev left a deep mark in his heart. After graduating from high school, Liang Xiaosheng spent seven years of knowing youth in the Peking University of Wilderness. This experience has become an important source of his future creation.

In 1977, Liang Xiaosheng graduated from Fudan University and was assigned to Beijing Film Studio. He was completely immersed in the world of reading and writing after his work.

Later, with a series of works such as "There is Storm Snow Tonight", "This is a magical land", "Snow City", and "annual wheel", he became the representative of "educated youth literature". In 2010, Liang Xiaosheng, who was in the year of Er Shun, began the creation of the novel "The World".

With the simple wish of "writing a work and paying tribute to literature", Liang Xiaosheng insisted on writing for about 10 hours before the book case. In the meantime, the increasing cervical spondylosis was constantly entangled with him for a long time. When writing the lower part, Liang Xiaosheng confirmed the gastric cancer. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the creation, he chose to conservative treatment. In 2019, 70 -year -old Liang Xiaosheng won the 10th Mao Dun Literature Award with the game. This year, this 1.15 million -word work has been adapted to the TV screen, causing a wave of chasing drama.

  In this spring, Liang Xiaosheng was particularly busy. In addition to cooperating with the publicity of the TV series "The World", he also published two new works -prose collection "Little Character Walking over the Big Age" and the novel "Chinese Tao Li". This "evergreen tree in Chinese literary world" is still open and loose leaves and make new fruits.

  For writing, Liang Xiaosheng always has a concept, that is, "self" is not a deep well that can never be dug to the end.

"As a writer, if writing has had a close and long relationship with his life, his eyes should pay more attention to others. His pen must write more about his life and destiny." Because of this Liang Xiaosheng created a large number of "other" images in his creation. From brother to educated youth friends, from neighbors to the people of the city … In many descriptions of Liang Xiaosheng’s many descriptions to others, the "little people" are often seen. In the postscript of the essay collection of "Little Persons Walking through the Big Age", Liang Xiaosheng wrote: "My prose, naturally there are a lot of chapters who write their emotions, feelings, feelings, moods, and emotions, but they are more written by others. ——The others who have attracted my attention. "The hawkers who recovered the waste, the village women who bought stocks lost money, and the young people who worked overtime … When asked why they paid so much attention to these ordinary others, they were asked Liang Xiaosheng admitted that his record of these people was almost instinct.

"Sometimes I just saw them on the side of the road, and I wrote their stories." At the same time, Liang Xiaosheng was also willing to give them the help that he could, sign a few more books for friends, and help the elderly with a pound of tea. Liang Xiaosheng occurs in daily life. "My writing does not have to be deeper." Today, Liang Xiaosheng no longer deliberately choose a certain subject or a certain type of character for writing. He believes that unlike movies and music, literature itself is not a matter about skills.

"Literature must look at it with ordinary intentions." In Liang Xiaosheng’s view, literary creation is like the noodles in the bun shop day to make buns day after day, just to make customers full, and it looks like a driver diligently and diligently. We are doing their own jobs and driving.

"Use words to show the truth, goodness and beauty in human nature, so that readers can remember some truths after reading it, which is enough." In the TV series "The World", Liang Xiaosheng guest a judge.

When reading the judgment, the scenery, lighting, and props were all into the real scene. He watched Zhou Bingkun in the play and remembered his prototype character -his death brother, and he could not help but red. In his novel "Chinese Peach Li", "Liang Xiaosheng" also appeared.

In the book, Liang Xiaosheng talked about the contact and adherence to the growth of the post -80s college students in the post -80s of the post -80s of the post -80s.

At the end of the novel, Liang Xiaosheng prepared a signing meeting for "Writer Liang Xiaosheng", and used the evaluation lecture of the novel protagonist Li Xiaodong as "the old talk, too far away from reality, and the writer puzzled the sorrow."

  In reality, Liang Xiaosheng continued to understand and record what young people thought, and extended a warm and powerful hand to a large number of literary youths.

When coaching at Beijing Language University, Liang Xiaosheng liked to read his works with the students so that students could feel the power of literature from the text.

He has a WeChat group named "Liang Shiyou" with his graduate student, and he also meets and chat with graduates every year. In April, the first "Liang Xiaosheng Youth Literature Award" awarded the award, Liang Xiaosheng presented the signature version of the novel "The World" to the winner.

"The young feeling is so good. The literature written by young people is always the most readable literature!" Liang Xiaosheng sighed at watching the young faces.

  "In the usual age, the background of literature should be the April days of the world." When talking about his own view of literature, Liang Xiaosheng summarized with Lin Huiyin’s poems: "You are the flowers of one tree and one tree. ——You is love, warmth, hope, you are the April days of the world! "In the garden of literature, the" one tree and one tree flower "has the red literature of the martyrs, and Lu Xun’s shot dagger. There is also a huge cactus, and all kinds of flowers bloom, all of which are landscapes.

  In the middle of the interview, a graduate of Liang Xiaosheng came to visit with a thick book, and Liang Xiaosheng signed him skillfully. Love dog Pippi was lying on the vine chair, and the black eyes condensed the owner’s busy pen tip.

Outside the window, the spring light is warm, and the flowers are flourishing. (Reporter Hao Zehua correspondent Xie Junyan).