Interpretation of the Central Economic Work Conference: Key to solve the problem of youth group housing

Original title: Focus on solving young group housing issues from December 8th to 10th, the Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing.

The meeting proposed that it is necessary to stick to the house. It is not used to speculate, strengthen the expected guidance, explore new development models, and adhere to the rental purchase, accelerate the development of the long-term rental market, promote the construction of affordable housing, support the commercial housing market It is good to meet the rational housing needs of the buyers, and the city will promote the benign circulation and healthy development of real estate industry. Professor of the Urban Economics and Public Administration of the Capital University of Economics and Public Administration, Zhao Xiuchi, Vice President and Secretary General of Beijing Real Estate Law, said that the Central Economic Work Conference made the direction of the development of real estate next year. "Currently, key points need to solve housing problems in new citizens, young people, housing difficult families, adhere to the positioning of the house and live, speeding up the rent, the construction of affordable housing is very important.

"Zhao Xiuchi said that such policy guides are ideal for real estate situations in my country.

  Zhao Xiuchi observed that with 阿拉爱上海同城对对碰论坛 the growth of people’s income, the improvement of people’s living standards, and the adjustment of fertility policies, the changes in family population structure and the impact of the new gown pneumonia epidemic situation, although the housing prices of all cities have high, but residents’ purchase will of commercial housing It is still strong.

Therefore, it is important to better meet the rational demands of residents on commercial housing. At present, the contradiction between my country’s housing distribution is still inadequate. Some people need to solve the problem of no room, and some people need to solve the housing for large rooms, old houses and other housing upgrades. "The area of ??the housing is more. The quality of housing is higher, and these are reasonable demands.

"Zhao Xiuchi 上海外卖私人工作室思 believes that the current real estate regulation policy should be adjusted in the future, and should be classified, and the housing demand for the just need, improved housing is tilted.

  "Guide expectations are critical, and it is expected to help fell." Zhao Xiuchi saw that for some people, the high-house price is cost-effective.

Zhao Xiuchi believes that the real estate industry should explore the new model of multi-channel supply, not only to provide incremental rental housing, but more importantly, the stock housing uses good, put inefficient utilization factory, commercial class, etc., allow the storage house to be used in the house . At the same time, when developing the rental housing supply plan, it is necessary to combine with property housing supply to consider. In recent years, individual 上海品茶资源网 housing leasing agencies have changing the cracked chain of funds, resulting in many tenants’ rights, more of which are young. Zhao Xiuchi believes that in improving the rental and raising system, it must be used to maintain the order of the rental housing market.

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Improve the street "上海静安桑拿会所value" to increase the city "temperament"

Today, Into Tongxing Street, presented in your eyes is a spacious and clean road, neat and tall, ladder, the ladder of the green plant, the shop, the leisurely and comfortable pedestrians … "I live here. Ten years, the previous vehicle is chaotic, the environmental sanitation is poor, the traffic conditions are not good, the residents are inconvenient, and now there is safe and comfortable, there are many neighbors to go downstairs. "Yang Wenyuan, a retired worker Yang Wenyuan told reporters After his fertilizer factory community, now the road has been repaired, the sanitation is clean, and the parking space is new, the car will not stop. Since its inception, the street has been adhered to the strong pain points from the people. It is difficult to get a 爱上海sn品茶 difficult problem, and effectively combine the national health and civilized city’s achievements and the health environmental governance of the back street alley. Problems such as rebounding, implement cell centralized rectification, standardized management, normalized mechanisms, and fully enhance the city’s living environment and overall image.

"In the process of visiting the transformer in the entrance of the leather factory, the line is very short, the line is messy, the corridor, the vehicle is chaos, there is no cultural wall, etc. Carry-up, coordinate the implementation of the route transformation of the Urban Management Bureau, and now the stairs have been completed, the parking line has been drawn, the 120 square meters of cultural walls have also been completed … "Talking about the work of the old 上海干磨398 city, Tian Hall Deep: "There is a problem such as the debris in the district of Chengnan Xincun Community, the blockage of septic tanks, benefited from the help of the municipal government office, urban management, etc., timely clean the septic tank and launched the internal governance project, the masses care The problem has been resolved.

"For the block of parking, the block is difficult to reflect, the street adopts the way of local conditions, adopts the model of the village group to invest, the model of the enterprise, and address the three-dimensional parking lot that can accommodate 150 parking spaces. The current construction plan has been Formulated, this year is about to start; will be originally converted to a parking lot in the first place for the official land bay, which can accommodate more than 50 vehicles. It is expected to be put into use in November, and its income can further strengthen the community collective funds; The East Tai Farmers Market has an air integrated project to use the temporary parking lot, and more than 60 cars can be stopped; at the same time, the parking lot of the open jurisdiction unit is promoted, and the parking spaces in the road other than the fire passage can be resolved. More than 600 parking spaces for public parking. Under the common leadership of the relevant leaders, the joint efforts of multi-staff workers, the street "value" is new, the supporting facilities are complete, the residents have a great improvement. The street work is trivial, and each One work involves the personal interests and quality of life, only to rest assured that the happiness of the people, can truly change the appearance of the street and improve the urban temperament. Next, Tongxing Street will accelerate the education , Medical and other people’s livelihood, innovation promotes the implementation of wisdom bronze construction, focusing on the exhibition of epidemic prevention, rural revitalization, property improvement, social security, population management, and effectively improve the intelligence level, truly make data more running roads, Let the masses run less legs.

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Innovative Party History Learning Yuncheng to promote key project construction and speed

"The Municipal Party Committee has organized a practical thing for the masses, and has brought great convenience to enterprises," April 6th, the deputy chief engineer of Yuncheng City City Group Co., Ltd. and Engineering Management Department Ministers, Honglian, said that through this event, we only completed the procedures for the procedures of the Book of Corporate projects for only two days, which greatly broke the time for the previous procedures and accelerated the pace of project construction. This activity in the Hong Kong joint refers to the joint related functions of the Yuncheng Municipal Committee Office, carrying out "do practical things for the masses, the problem of project solution", in-depth project line, strengthen service guarantee, and promote the construction of key projects.

The theme activity aims to in-depth implementation of the city project construction and the spirit of the investment promotion meeting, with the "project construction year" as an opportunity to do a good job in "three service" work as the main line, fully implement the "five-grazing one and one promotion" economic work The main starter, firmly establish "project is the king" concept, enhance the ideological and consciousness and action consciousness, service project construction, optimize the business environment, and promote all work around the project.

In the early stage of the event, the Yuncheng Municipal Party Committee Office made a small team in the joint function unit, adhere to the "one enterprise and one policy, one project one program", start with the project signing, and the approval window forward, United City administration Approval Authority, go to the project construction line, to carry out earlier counseling on the project leader, to conduct simulation approvals of 上海贵族宝贝油压 the project to ensure that the project "starts". It is worth mentioning that the Yuncheng Municipal Committee has also identified the governing commissioner, responsible for the whole process of giving agency work, guiding the project, clearing the approval process and hierarchy, preparing relevant application materials, coordinated the difficulties and problems in the process of project construction . And arranged project communication, real-time masterpiece, do a good job in the coordination of the project, ensure real-time and accuracy of information, and accelerate the promotion of project construction. The relevant person in charge of the Yuncheng Municipal Party Committee said that the next step, the Municipal Party Committee will take the opportunity of party history and education as an opportunity to further 上海美女经纪工作室 serve the project construction, optimize the business environment, contribute to the high-quality high-speed development of the city.

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Industrial investment continuous growth project construction successfully advanced

In the past few days, the total investment of 17 billion yuan of Shenhua National North China Hai Power Plant accelerated construction, and strive for the completion of the first phase of the year, the second phase of the project started. Entering the North Sea, rolling the face, is a rolling boom in the economic development; it is seen from the eye, it is the birthplace of the project construction; it is full of strength. In the North Sea, a large project, a good project landing root, such as the fire in full swing, the construction scenario is visible everywhere.

Since this year, Beihai City has planned a good job in the prevention and control and economic and social development, focusing on the major projects of the six major leading industries in the focus of the autonomous region, and the leading projects such as "Shuang Baihuang New" project, actual action practice The project is the concept of king, landing is the idea, continues to force, concentrate on the construction of major projects.

After the joint efforts of Beihai City, a group of major projects successfully advanced, in order to ensure that the entire year’s goal "double" is "double" this year, and the completion of the established goals laid a solid foundation. The key to the development of the project is stabilized in investment, and the key to investment is in major projects.

A string of digital exciting: From January to June this year, Beihai industrial investment completed billions of yuan, growth%, and growth ranking in the whole region, and maintained more than 50% of growth for 6 months. Beihai 2021, 589, 589 in the first batch of priorities, and completed investment of approximately 25 billion yuan in June; included in the 2021 autonomous regional level of 66, 1- June, accumulated investment billion yuan.

"Double Hundred Supreme" project plays a major support for industrial investment.

In the first half of 2021, the "Double Hundred Supreme" project promoted by Beihai City has a total of 35 projects. The number of "Double Hundred" project is the whole district. As of the end of June, Beihai City’s "Double Hundred Shuangxin" industry project completed investment billions, accounting for 65% of the annual issued plan investment tasks (14.3 billion yuan), and the "double" task target is over complete. A climax of the site: Huiko Electronics Industry New City, Sun Paper 3.5 million tons of forest pulping paper integrated project, Shenhua Guohua Guangtou Beihai Energy Base Project, Tie Shandong Port Guangxi Xinfoxing Silicon Technology Industrial Park and other major The project project "鏖 鏖 正 正". A group of groups of results are eye-catching: Huike Electronics Beihai Industrial New City completed industrial output value by 153% year-on-year, taxation increased by 163%, Beihai City (North Bay) Binjiang Road Tourism Distribution Center Project, Lege Wisdom University Health Western Industrial Park According to the project, the 131 projects such as the modern aquaculture project of the Handling Forest Farm, Helong Forest Foundation, and Ocean Economic Innovation and Development (Beihai) Industrial Park (Beihai) Industrial Park (Beihai) Industrial Park and China 鲎 Marine Biological Industry Base are completed . In addition, Beihai 上海藏凤阁论坛 Yintan West District Binhai Greenway Project is completed, Yintan 6 + N project, high-star hotel group construction has made new progress, the completion of Lianzhouwan Avenue in the North Shore is completed, and the silver-based water world began trial operation. One of the prospects is expected: At present, Beihai initially forms green chemical, electronic information, new materials, silicon technology and photovoltaic glass, high-end paper, energy and other leading industries, total investment is over 500 billion yuan, all built The output value of postpartum is expected to reach 750 billion yuan, and it is striding towards the goal of actively building three major global production bases such as photovoltaic glass, high-end paper, smart TV.

A project is a new growth point; a batch of projects constitute a new 上海品茶外卖交流群 growth. The strong advancement of project construction has driven the development of economic and social development in Beihai. Precision scheduling strong planning and scheduled, hard work, hardcore.

In the first half of the year, Beihai City continued to improve the scheduling mechanism, compacted the target mission, and pay close attention to major project planning to ensure steadily advancement of key projects. In-depth development of major projects to attack and attack.

Since this year, the Beihai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government established a major project to attack the Action Headquarters, from the secretary, mayor, personally exchanged the commander, the previous working group, the land acquisition group, the supervision team three special working groups, focusing on the key cultivation 上海品茶群 of Beihai City The eight major industries, with the 100 billion projects of various industrial clusters, the autonomous regional levels are well-promoted, and the leading projects such as "Double Baidou New" projects are supported, and 76 major projects are strongly promoted, and the revolutions, monthly will, etc. Coordination system, timely solve the project block point, follow the implementation of the protocol, and go through the promotion of the project land acquisition. Scientific planning and guiding the development of industrial clusters.

"Beihai City, high quality development" 14th Five-Year Plan "has completed the review, and other special industries planned to be prepaffed.

In response to the 6 major industrial main leading industries in Beihai, "four maps" (industrial tree panorama, regional layout, technical research map, application area map) have currently launched a "Industrial Tree Panorama" text revision. Promote the regularization of major projects to concentrate on completion activities. Printing and distributing the working system of the top-notching activities of Beihai City, "realization, realization, institutionalization, regularization, regularization, regularization of the last month of each quarter, to open the completion activities, review for a quarter Since the achievement of major projects, the strong atmosphere of "who is the hero, who is a good Han, the project in front of the project" has achieved "the advanced, spur" effect, forming a unit of one unit to actively grasp the project, and push the project good situation.

Carry out the project library construction 100-day attacking action. According to the deputy mayor of administration, six major project libraries are established, covering industrial, transportation energy, new urbanization construction, new infrastructure, agricultural rural, modern service, ecological construction and environmental protection, social people’s livelihood, etc., From the leaders of each branch city, they serve all the departments of all sectors of Beihai, and the previous work reached a certain depth project summary forming a total library, implemented unified management, printing projects and fund declaration guidelines, and actively "Fund, take measures, solve" Where is the money from ".

The cumulative operation of the project funds from June and June this year, more than 100 million yuan, including special bonds with the park infrastructure government, effectively alleviated the pressure of the infrastructure construction of each park, accelerating the construction of standard factory and park infrastructure construction. Optimize the environmental strengthening roots of the project, how to land in the North Sea? All of this is from an investment environment, attributable to an investment environment.

In order to continuously increase the project promotion, Beihai City in-depth launches the creation of national civilized city activities, further optimizing investment and project construction environments, and builds investment.

In the country’s first "7-in-one" one network, the company is ready to be in place, and the company is as convenient as online shopping. In the whole district, the social investment simple low-risk engineering construction project, social investment decoration and decoration project classification and approval reform, implement municipal public facilities zero door, zero approval, zero investment service, to build Guangxi’s first professional "multi-rule" Business collaborative platform, "a blueprint" coordinates planning, accelerating project planning generation.

The construction of the house construction and municipal engineering has achieved a full-scale electronic, bidding margin realizes the seamless docking of banks and trading centers, and built a public resource transaction electronic security service platform.

Precise service enterprises promote stable production and increased production.

The leadership team of Beihai’s normalization visits service enterprise was established, and the main leaders of Beihai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held a team leader. All departments at all levels of Beihai City strengthened collaborative to form a cooperation, and jointly implement the visit to enterprises, focusing on solving corporate concern. Seven uses a row of logistics "and other nine construction and operating elements guarantee.

Today, look at Zhuji Dadi, no matter where the machine roars, it is still the construction site of the tower crane; whether in the sun-varying industrial park, or the hinterland of the car horson, you can listen to the city’s urgent feet. Beihai City is transforming location advantages, resource advantages, cultural advantages, urbanization advantages into investment advantages, project advantages, transformation development advantages, use big projects, good projects to support the future of Beihai.

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Inner Mongolia police in Blizzard, hike 8 hours to find a cattle group

  The picture shows the police to rush back to herders. The Tongliao Public Security Bureau Korqin District Branch is available on November 5, and Tongliao City has encountered the strongest storm and snow in the local meteorological record. Tongliao Meteorological Bureau’s statistical analysis shows that at 12 o’clock to 12 o’clock on the 5th, there is a large blizzard in the 8 counties (districts, flags) in the city, and there is a large blizzard in 6 places in the city. Because the snowstorm is raging, the visibility is very low, the police station is difficult to 上海耍耍网 snow in the past 1 meter deep. Sun Lu, Zhang Shu, is responsible for looking for East East along the provincial road. Due to the urgency of help, the two have dinner, the cold wind blows the cotton coat, but the physical strength is close to the limit, but they don’t dare to delay.

  Around 12 o’clock, Sun Lu, Zhang Xingfa found part of the lost cow in the northeast 15 in Jili Buzhen Town.

The two are looking for the hoof prints all the way, and there is finally found all the lost cattle at around 14 o’clock. Then, the police sent all the lost cows. Looking at the 30 cow, the herdsmen hide out, tightly holding the people’s words: "Every cattle is worth 30,000 yuan, if not you, our loss is big.

"" Cattle is all of her herders. At that time, there was no time to think too much, and cow 上海浦东哪有快餐服务 can find it back, we are also happy, paying points. Sun Lu said.

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Inherited "Yong" germline gene Merchants Yong Jing City "advanced" of the Road

  November 24 Xinhua Chongqing Electric (Jiang Qian) present, with all walks of life into the high-quality development trends, real estate development companies on how the rules and layout, arrange the value curve of development? In the Twin Cities area economic development circles background Chengdu-Chongqing, Chengdu-Chongqing region around the target location – "an important economic center has the influence, innovation and technology center, reform and opening up new heights, high quality of life livable places," Development companies are working to improve product and service quality, to inject new life into the city.

  With the continuous optimization and updating urban core resources, a variety of low-density products available, enabling developers enterprise "product strength" is especially important.

China Merchants Shekou, since the Chongqing, followed by urban development context, are constantly living with high quality products for the "focal point", the city of Chongqing help Habitat upgrade.

  17 years to build Chongqing into quality living matrix from Skyline 上海水磨娱乐会所论坛 to long investment time sequence, from investment to investment Chongqing Tianfu cloud Di, 17 years, China Merchants Shekou line with market demand and by creating the era of Habitat products, deeply involved in urban construction, coincides with the era of regional development context. In 2004, China Merchants Shekou enter Chongqing, it took root in Chongqing, China Merchants Jiangwan City, the project is one of the typical works of green real estate investment in the way of successful practice, after one after another to create a Garden City Merchants, China Merchants Evian Bay Merchants Yun Di and other residential projects, covering the area of ??North Shore Drive, Nanbin, leading Temple, central Park, became the first group entered the region to open up housing prices. China Merchants Shekou brand map. Xinhua issued 上海指压飞机店 after years of steady development, China Merchants Shekou, has been upgraded from the urban functions, production upgrade, lifestyle upgrade, provide a wide range of urban development and industrial upgrading, covering the whole life cycle of the customer’s products and services, covering 14 formats the benchmark 25 product lines, the main city to build more than 20 quality projects. As a strategic investment again North Extension class products – Merchants Yong Jing City, continuing investment enterprise "hard power", the pace of development siting area Metro Airport, followed by the city, another new "anchor" for the enterprise territory. Airport, Chongqing has a livable place in 2016, Chongqing became the first airport economic demonstration zone "National airport economic demonstration zone", the region economic corridor innovative, cutting-edge science and technology city, the Airport Economic Industrial Park as the basis, economic indicators have been achieved four consecutive years of double-digit growth, total foreign trade volume billion, an increase of 22%, 14 bonded port area in the country ranked first, accounting for about a quarter of the import and export trade of the city. Meanwhile, the demonstration area first in the country to carry out cross-border electricity supplier "front shop from mentioning warehouse + Fast" "cross-border export" business to explore and actively play an exemplary role.

CDB successful cross-border electricity supplier export train, 2020 transaction volume billion yuan, an increase of 29%, representing the city’s proportion of cross-border electricity supplier 70% of turnover. This year, the 5th line of the north extension of the track construction in full swing, and the Line 3, Line 10 series from the main city of each section, while No. 9 will also be open to traffic by the end of the line. Commercial side, 2017 Commission of Commerce issued a "business district in Chongqing Development Report", has been incorporated into the airport business district 18 urban core business district.

Another high-profile Liangjiang International Business Center in the region, is expected in 2025 will reach 600 Articles body.

  Thus, as an important part Chongqing airport economic demonstration zone, Yong Jing City Metro Airport is located, now ushered in the value of cash. "Focus on urban development Heights, forward-looking vision has always been to treat urban development, to take every piece of land, the development of each project, selected after careful investigation and professional judgments made." Merchants Yong Jing City project official said. A project really making plans. Xinhua issued based on this, based on years of product precipitated strength, China Merchants Shekou to Yong Jing City project as the starting point, to 2,300 acres next to jump tread River Wetland Park (plan), the introduction of high-rise and low-density quality new eco-luxury villa, area help people Habitat mention upgraded.

  To improve products and upgrade to boost regional Habitat for residential, people have not only concerned about living functions, but the living environment, quality, supporting the need to upgrade with higher demand. Insight into this phenomenon, Merchants Yong Jing City siting airport hinterland, enjoying the greatest degree of regional advantages of resources and convenient living facilities, in order to highlight the strength of China Merchants Shekou enterprise, to create representative for "Yong" word-based products. It is understood that the project is close to Metro Line 3 station Lotus, and with the area "six vertical and three horizontal" skeleton network enables quick access to the central business district Guanyin Bridge, Jiangbei Airport, Chongqing North Railway Station, etc., to achieve rail / road traffic can get a quick access throughout the city.

  In addition to regional resources, the project has the advantage on the product itself "hardware", crafted.

For example, in architectural design, Yong Jing City project using new Asian-style facade, designed for use King King walls and glass curtain wall elevation site formation, structure vision improvement products. In detail, Yong Jing City project residential green area of ??up to 35%, taking back a desktop green retaining wall; home door from the hotel’s design lobby, use of water elements to create a cascading landscape, enhance the quality of a sense of living; type design, Merchants Yong Jing City in the sale of house products Unit Founder, double balcony design, lighting and ventilation conditions are good, independent entrance home …… careful consideration of every detail, to create a wide throughout the whole life cycle waterfront bungalow.

Merchants Yong Jing City II really making plans.

Xinhua send "from" have room to live ‘to’ good living rooms’, changing times to promote the development of human settlements, Merchants Yong Jing Airport City project to build the low-density, high-quality ecological residential area.

"The official said.


Innovative anti-fraud publicity form Hebei’s first anti-fraud propaganda theme park debut community

For the anti-fraud propaganda work into the community, Kong Xiangqian, secretary of the Sunshine Xinyuan Community Neighborhood Committee, said: "We launched community residents to participate actively, and play the role of network length and building door.

At the same time, we also formed a volunteer team composed of 20 people, combined with 爱上海同城论坛aish the community anti-fraud theme park, carrying out various publicity activities, continuously improving the awareness of anti-fraud. "It is understood that since the beginning of 2021, the Sakura Community of Langfang City, Sunshine Xingyuan Community, realized the zero case of residents’ telecom fraud cases, and other cases of cases have declined, and a good community environment is created. The residents have improved .

"The anti-fraud theme park is part of anti-telecom fraud publicity, the next step, the police will continue to increase 上海水磨会所实体店 the propaganda of anti-fraud work, watch the ‘money bag" of the masses of the jurisdiction, and explore better anti-telecom fraud work methods And mechanism, jointly create a new situation in the harmonious society in the security district. "Xiao Wei said.

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Inner Mongolia launched a routine inspection on 31 units

Original title: Inner Mongolia launched a routine inspection of 31 units Recently, the Ninth round of inspection work mobilization deployment will be held in the Ninth round of the 10th Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The conference conveyed the study of General Secretary Xi Ping, listening to the important speech at the time of the central inspection, announced the decision of the ninth round of inspection team authorization and task division.

Liu Qifan, member of the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, and Guided Leading Group, director Liu Qifan attended the meeting and mobilized speech. This round of inspection will send 12 inspections, for the Inner Mongolia Party School (Administrative College), Autonomous Region Social Sciences, Inner Mongolia Daily, Practical Magazine, Inner Mongolia Archives, Autonomous Region Party Committee, Inner Mongolia Socialist College, Inner Mongolia Broadcasting TV Station, Autonomous Region Big Data Center, Autonomous Region Agriculture, Autonomous Region Wenshi Research Museum, Autonomous Region Workshop Joint Society, Autonomous Region Cooperation Exchange Center, Autonomous Region People’s Government in Beijing Office, 15 Region of the Inner Mongolia Art Theater 15 District Party Group (Party Committee) , The Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Autonomous Region 上海喝茶工作室外出 Women’s Federation, Autonomous Region Science and Technology Association, Autonomous Region Literature and Commerce Federation, Autonomous Region Federation, Autonomous Region Red Cross, China International Trade Promotion Committee Inner Mongolia 9 groups of autonomous regions, the party group, and Linger New District, Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone, Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone, Hulunbeier Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chifeng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tongliao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wulanchaburhar The Party Crafts Committee of the 7 Development Zone (New District) of the Economic and Technological Development Zone conducted a routine inspection; the party committee of Hulunbeier Agricultural Reclamation Group conducted an examination; special 上海千花论坛 inspections on the party committee of the Autonomous Region Prison Administration. The meeting pointed out that we must consciously stand in the height of "two maintenance", the highness of the service overall, the height of the party, deeply understand the political significance, urgent requirements of this round, urgent requirements, enhance the mission and urgency of the performance feel. Continue to deepen the political inspection, focus on General Secretary of Xinping on Important Speech on Inner Mongolia, Important Speech, Focus on Promoting High Quality Development, Deepening Supply Side Structure Reform, and Building Two Barriers, Two Bases, A Bridgehead and other major strategies, stare Functional responsibility and power, go deep into political bias, correct political bias; seize the main contradictions, pay attention to grasp the common characteristics of different objects, different levels, different stages and individual differences, accurate political portraits; focus on key rectification tasks, improve supervision and inspection quality Effect, continuously enhance the inspection political effect and social effects; implement the work responsibility, enhance the struggle, strict discipline, and strive to do the ninth round of inspection.


India: At the end of the India, I will sign 3 billion US dollars in the United States.

India Media No. 26 news said that India will sign a contract with US $ 3 billion in December this year, officially purchasing 30 MQ-9 armed drones. It is reported that in addition to the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France is also equipped with the drone, and its single machine cost is 30 million US dollars.

According to the "First Post" of the India, I reported on October 26. If everything goes well, India and the United States will sign this agreement during the "2 + 2" 上海不正规油压店 conversation held in December. The "Indss Times" said that India’s anti-General and foreign ministers will meet with the US Secretary of State and the Directors in Washington. According to the report, when Modi visited the United States in 2017, the Indian army expressed the interest of MQ-9 drones, but the two countries failed to reach transactions. In March 202, the India Navy, Army and Air Force said that armed drone systems that would jointly purchase 30 US manufacturing, with a total amount of 3 billion US dollars. According to the preliminary plan, the Sail and Empty Third Army of India will receive 10 MQ-9 respectively.

According to the "India Times" report, India plans from the MQ-9 attack drone from the United States. Due to expensive prices, the procurement decision is delayed.

The Indian Ministry of Defense requires the United States to provide specific price, maintenance and technical maintenance costs, transportation to India’s detailed information.

The printing plan will first pay 15% of the down payment, which will then pay the remaining fees within 5-6 years. According to the International Peace Research (SIPRI) data in Stockholm, India is currently the third largest military drone importer in the world.

Most of the country’s previous imported drones are monitored and reconnaissance purposes.

It is reported that the Indian military has leased four "Heron" unmanned reconnaissance machines from Israel to make up for the gap between procurement funds and equipment demand. MQ-9 is a kind of discretionary drone, developed by the US General Atomic Aviation System.

上海sn水磨 In addition to the United States, countries equipped with the drone include Britain, Italy, France, Turkey, etc., whose stand-alone cost is $ 30 million.

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Interpretation: Where is Jiangsu Hai’an Construction Cultural Strong Market?

On October 30, Jiangsu Hai’an City 上海松闵行水磨会所 held the first cultural development conference. Shortly before the reporter of the People’s Daily News, Jiangsu Hai’an City held the first cultural development conference, which is not many in the county-level city of Jiangsu.

At this conference, the city put forward the goal of "cultural big city" to "cultural strong market", with the same, local launch of a series of policies, and establish a 200 million yuan cultural development fund and 20 million yuan cultural undertakings funds. The power of Hai’an to create a cultural city will soon see this. What is confident? "Culture is the charm of the city and the soul, and the culture is in the city, and the city is strong.

"In the view of the Hai’an Municipal Party Committee, Hai’an has witnessed the Nan Mo Qingdun ruins of Longyuan history. There is a red imprint of the party’s 上海徐汇桑拿 100-year struggle, there is human gathering, Chongwen Shang teaching, respect teacher The rich atmosphere, there is a solid mass cultural basis. "These are all our cultural confidence.

"He said.

More than 6,000 years ago, the ancient priments were in this land, and they had a swelling in this land and launched the source of green and cultures.

"Thousands of years of cultural accumulation covers the hero’s chest of the ancestors of the Yangtze River, and found the cultural traits of Hai’an, innovation, opening, inclusiveness and heavy workers, and respecting the cultural trainees, and became high quality development. Walking in the forefront of a strong engine.

"Yu Li Zhong said.

Hai’an is a gathering place in red culture.

Anti-Japanese model Korea, the hero of the Heroes, the hero, the "Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yi, Su Yu and other older generation revolutionary people in Hai’an battle work is more important.

At the top 100 anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the party, the city combines party history education and vigorously promotes the protection of red resources and sustainable development. These are the glory of Hai’an City. It is also a valuable spiritual wealth that encourages Hai’an people. As a hometown of education, Hai’an has walked out of the poetry and print master Zhong Yuezi, mathematician Yang Bing, the father of Xinhua Dictionary Wei Jiangong, Red Student Jiang Heishi and other cultures. During the Northern Song Dynasty, Mr. Hu Jian, who had the idea of ??"Renyi Li Zhi Xinxin", who said, in Hai’an Fengshan Academy, and laid the spirit of Hai’an people. In recent years, Hai’an has also achieved remarkable results in cultural undertakings, cultural industries, and a large number of literary boutiques have obtained national and provincial cultural and cultural awards, and a large number of excellent cultural companies have emerged, outstanding individuals and teams. At the 5th Jiangsu Wenhua Awards awards party, Hai’an has won the award, the total number of winners ranked first in the provincial counties.

The city has also been awarded the title of "China Literature Township".

"From Qingdao Neolithic Age, I will go to Wen Tianxiang, Lu Wei and other ancient sages, the gathering of the Yunjian; from the modern Korean, Wei Jiangong, Zhong Yizi, etc. Jie ‘Immortal Legend, then to the Corner Red Flag Corps Firefire, Hai’an has a good foundation and traditional gene in building’ cultural strong market ‘. "Deputy Secretary, Haishi Municipal Committee, Mayor Tan Zhen, the city will vigorously promote" culture "Construction of strong", earnestly improve the degree of civilization of the whole society, and improve the contribution rate of cultural development of economic and social development.

According to statistics, during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the city built 1 national cultural industry demonstration base and two provincial cultural industrial demonstration bases and nine Nantong Municipal Cultural Industry Demonstration Base. In 2016, the increase value of the city’s cultural industry accounted for the proportion of GDP, which increased to nearly 6% last year, ranking 1st in Nantong City (city, district) from the 7th place to 1st. How to build in cultural strength? Cultural Strong Market is in the final analysis of cultural benefits, Hai’an insists on meeting one of the basic cultural needs of the masses as a key task.

In 2016, the Hai’an Cultural Art Center of Hai’an City, the total investment of 100 million yuan; in May 2019, the total investment of about 24 million yuan was opened. In January 2020, "Hai’an Public Cultural Venue is free. The implementation Measures and Safeguard System "introduced … In order to enable the" zero distance "of the people at home, the city realizes the cultural and sports room, the cultural service point coverage is 100%, more than 200 villages and communities. The comprehensive cultural service center was built. Not only that, a cultural and art festival will be held in May every year. "We are committed to building a cultural position, built a farmer’s stage, garden, square, normalization, ‘looking for the most beautiful family’ ‘product construction, the villagers have something to say,’ ‘farmers, the day’ and other activities, rich villagers’ amateur Cultural life, can also guide them to participate in village-level governance and promote rural residence. "Jiang Xiaoliang, secretary of the Town End of Chengdong Town, said.

Talking about the changes in the village, the village of Chamber of the village Xu Xiufeng has a deep feeling: "The village has changed in recent years, but not only the cement road, the street light is installed, but also has a fitness equipment. Not only that, the village is still moving a brain In the form of our people, I will enrich everyone’s spiritual culture. "It turned out that Hai’an rely on the new era civilized practice station, office, according to the actual" order "of the people," order "," order ", the literary performance Send to the door of the people.

A group of data shows that during the "13th Five-Year Plan", Hai’an Culture Huimin activities have been constantly, send more than 1,000 games, send movies to 10,000 books, send 2,000 books, send nearly 500 games, send more than 100,000 people .

The village "two committees" is the main body, and the local "Le Dong" peasant art festival is held more than 920 fields, and 3,900 games in the "Wanli Road, entering thousands of doors" projects are implemented. The reporter noted that the fourteenth party generation of Hai July concluded the "building a cultural city" goal. As of the end of "13th Five-Year Plan", the city area has a total of 100 million yuan, an average annual growth%, an increase in the province, Nantong average.

"During ’13th Fiveth’, Hai’an City ‘high-quality development is the first, and the top 100 ranks into twenty’ steadily advanced, in the national county economy, the comprehensive competitiveness of the country, the most investment potential, small, medium, honest list, manufacturing The 24th, 7th, and 12th place, 35 bits, 27th, 27th, respectively, respectively, respectively, and respectively moved 35, 2, 27, respectively. "Yu Lizhong realized that the city has achieved in economic construction. The score is the strongest after building a cultural city.

"Hai’an has a good foundation and traditional gene in building ‘cultural strong market’." Tan Zhen revealed that the city was exhausted and dried and founded to establish the drafting group of "cultural strength" policy documents. The main person in charge of the Municipal Party Committee took the team to Nanjing and other places to hold a symposium. Please ask the superior department, leaders and experts at all levels provide valuable recommendations, extensively collecting the opinions of all parties, eventually forming the "Opinions on Accelerating the Building Culture" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") and related supporting policy documents. "Opinions" pointed out, currently, Hai’an has entered a comprehensive construction of socialist modernization, enhances urban comprehensive strength, guaranteeing people’s livelihood, enhancing the people’s happiness index, and urgents need to be highly cultural consciousness and cultural confidence, and strong cultural Strong market construction, earnestly improve the degree of civilization of the whole society, improve the contribution rate of cultural development of economic and social development, and constantly enhance the cultural strength of the city.

How is the cultural and strong market? Combined with the above "opinions", Tan Zhen gives the path diagram: Hai’an will focus on more emphasis on cultural boutique production and high talents, pay more attention to the high-quality development of cultural industries, and pay more attention to the promotion of cultural construction, and pay more attention to accelerating cultural and economic , Science and technology, tourism, education, etc., "four more attention", focus on implementing advanced culture leading, cultural and cultural cultivation, cultural sharing benefits, cultural famous products, cultural inheritance innovation, cultural industry revitalization, cultural talents collection and other seven major Project, fully realize cultural cohesiveness, cultural service, literary creation power, industrial competitiveness, cultural influence in five aspects, the completion of regional cultural characteristics, good cultural literacy, prosperity, cultural industry, and cultural system more Vitality, with strong influence, competitive "cultural strength".

At the same time, Hai’an will implement cultural sharing of cultural sharing of cultural and shared work from the 3-level level of public cultural facilities, public cultural service systems, and public cultural services. Looking forward to the future, Hailang goals: "145" period, per capita public cultural venues are square meters; per capita public book collection book 上海嘉定足浴你懂得 volume, per capita annual reading capacity of 16; per capita accepts public cultural venues of 7 times Received 10 in the 24-hour study; 100 national, provincial cultural and cultural awards; 60 key cultural industry projects; 200 cultural industries, the number of cultural industries, added value, account for 8 GDP, 8 %; Each village (community) is equipped with a full-time cultural worker. "It can be said that Hai’an culture is prosperous, which has enriched the cultural life of the masses, and effectively stimulates and condenses the wisdom, enthusiasm and courage of the city. It provides a strong spiritual support and solid cultural foundation for opening modernization. "Yu Loyalty said. (Editor: Fan Xiaolin, Li Vang) Sharing let more people see.