International Yiju City Grand Prize Kaohsi Take 4 Gold 3 Silver 3 Copper

People’s Daily Online Taipei December 6 (Reporter Wu Yaming, Ren Chengqi) The 17th International Livility City Awards final results announced that Kaohsiung City won 3 silver 3 copper.

Not 上海水磨工作室怎么样 just the most winning prizes in the Taiwan city, and the world’s 42 participation in the city is the most winning. Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Ju shared his good news to the public in the first time, and returned the glory to the city and all citizens, and he also hoped that the team continued to adhere to the quality of construction and creating a better environment.

The International Livalent City Award is jointly hosted by the United Nations Environment Program and the International Park Association. It is the only one in the contribution of various cities in sustainable development and improving environmental awareness, and the huge impact on local society and the environment is the only one. Encill the international competition of important issues such as urban landscape, community environmental management, ecological construction, resource utilization, people and natural and environmental sustainability, is also recognized as "green Oscar" worldwide.

Kaohsiung City, the gold medal project is: "Qijin Coastal Coastal Protection Project", "World Trade Exhibition Convention Center", "The Leni Daqiao (including Maolin Totem, Wanshan Rock Carving)", "Hama Railway Culture Yuan.

The silver award project is: "Sustainable Construction Environment Reconstruction Action Plan", "The Star Bicycle Road Bridge" in the Former Town, "Month World Scenic Area."

The copper award project is: "Red Harbor Cultural Park", Gunshan District (Drumshan Green Hall – Lohas New City), the big tree area (walk around the beautiful new 桑拿论坛最新上海 garden). It is reported that Kaohsiung City won 1 gold, 1 silver, 3 copper achievements in the international livable city last year.


Industrial and Commercial Bank Ningxia Branch: Online Line, Incentives to Helps Rural Revitalization

People’s Network Yinchuan October 12 Electric (梦 婕) To comprehensively implement the central "Country Revitalization Strategy" implementation, the Industrial and Commercial Bank Ningxia Branch surrounded Ningxia "nine" key industries, fully exerted the advantage, focus on the line, focus Sales of 上海微信炮群二维码 agricultural and sideline products in key counties in Ningxia District, integrate resources, play system synergy, promote sales, special resources development in key counties, and development, and help rural residence. As of the end of August 202, the bank realized the number of rural revival lines, and the new year-ended E-purchase B2C key county merchants were 65% year-on-year.

New B2B key county merchants, 50 households, 5,000 households, cumulative stock B2B key county merchants, 44 households, and 64 households in Ningxia. All coverage.

Adhere to the party building leadership, do "three integration + two insists". Give full play to the leading role of the party building, deepen the "three integration", and promote the party construction work to better integrate into the grassroots, 上海龙凤阁 integrate business, integrate into the hearts, and lead business development with party construction, inspiring the internal power of the branch of the country in the country, and the center work Planning, the same deployment, with the same promotion, with the party building leading business development, promoting the development of party building and achieves "party construction leading, performance improvement". Increase merchants expansion and cultivate merchants’ operation skills.

For the labeling of the board, the local high-quality merchants are actively visiting the local high-quality merchants to work, support the local high-quality merchants to enter the E-buy platform, and give preferential policies such as enterprises to reduce the deposit reduction, assisting merchants from trademark registration, 美女自荐上海夜生活 logistics agreement, etc. Many ways to improve access materials, and actively help merchants to carry out the first store decoration operation through the online remote guidance, offline home assistance, and training to raise merchants in the event of E-buy platform, product maintenance, shop operation, etc. All kinds of online operational capabilities.

Next, the bank will actively contact government agencies such as rural revitalization of the autonomous region, strengthen silver and political cooperation, continuously in-depth key counties, expand the government’s key attention to small business, help enterprises to broaden the sales channels, promote Ningxia brand farmers The by-products go out of Ningxia, enjoys a certain reputation in the country, enhancing its national brand influence and awareness.

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Innovative real writing high quality development wonderful answer

Transformation and upgrading to activate new power, in recent years, Gongyi City adheres to the innovation of the core position to built Henan Province transition upgrade demonstration zone and the important advanced manufacturing base of Henan Province, the adjustment structure, transformation as the main attack direction, actively introduced High-tech enterprise, new business. Implement the "three-year action plan for industrial transformation and upgrading and innovation and development", fully hit adjustment stock and optimization increment "combination", and focus on building a total of 100 billion high aluminum industrial clusters, high-end electrical industries and provinces Important high-end equipment manufacturing industry clusters.

At the second quarter of this year, there were 13 key projects, and there were 13 key projects, total investment billions, and annual plan to invest hundreds of millions, covering industrial transformation and upgrading, new urbanization, cultural tourism, social people’s livelihood, etc. is Gongyi City. Gather the development of new movements, realize the upgrade of industries, enhance the high quality of the city, and protect the new height of people’s livelihood and support points.

Strengthen service to protect the company "What is the current problem in your business development? What is the need for us to coordinate?" Urgent, difficult, expect, clear service list, help enterprises to develop problems. In recent years, Gongyi City has introduced "Gongyi City’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team Project Funding Regulations", actively striving for higher-level science and technology plan projects, corporate research and development, patent funding, high-tech enterprises and other policy support. At present, Gongyi City has 上海工作室外卖 more than 1.4 billion industrial enterprises, and the growth rate of R & D investment reaches 6%.

Formulate "Gongyi City on key industries, key enterprises, high-level urgent need for advanced talent introduction incentives (trial), and vigorously cultivate entrepreneurial innovation talents.

At the same time, further build an innovative platform and optimize innovative carriers. In addition, 上海东皇娱乐会所 Gongyi City has continued to carry out the "three-to-one" "three-game" activities, increase support, accurate and effective implementation of tax reduction, and good health enterprises, organize preaching activities, and advance "acres On the hero, continue to implement the comprehensive evaluation of industrial enterprises, further enhance the enterprise innovation and place of exciting, and the phoenix. Creating a good development environment, making high-end talents and global lighting. At present, Gongyi City has 106 high-tech enterprises (113 high-tech special industrial bases (fire-resistant materials, aluminum belt foil, metal products), 113 national technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises , 7 national "special new small giants", 3 provincial-level enterprise technology centers (Zhongfu Industry), 35 Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center, 3 Provincial Engineering Research Center, province Level science and technology innovation teams. (Editor: Song Fangxin, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


In the hot summer, these smart home accompany you to cool a summer

 The temperature of about 30 ° C these two days has made everyone feel the summer at the summer.In this intelligent era, cooling and cooling is certainly inseparable from the help of smart home.Seeing that the summer’s footsteps have arrived in the six-rings, these 上海静安区品茶微信 trendy home Goods will take you in advance.Hanging neck without leafless fan: The "small air conditioning" in the car is already sinned enough, and now because the epidemic is still sulky, it is harming!In order to free from the heat, many people will go out to hold a small fan.However, although the handheld fans can bring cool, but sometimes it will become a cumbersome.

Thus, a fan that can hang on the neck has been welcomed by everyone. The first generation of hanging neck fans is a fan blade, its advantages are: only in large ends, the wind is concentrated. At the same time, the disadvantage brings that the neck portion does not have the wind, the neck, the back of the head can’t blow it … and it still has a major security risks, that is, a lot of long-haired girls are not very friendly, one It is easy to be stranded in the fan. Today’s fan field, "no leaf" design can be said to be trend. Similarly, the application is on the small fan of hanging neck, and there is also a turbine "no leaf" design, which is very humanized to "hide".

This clever design also makes the volume of the fan of the fan smaller.

  "This fan is not seen by the fan, is the wind?" In fact, this is hidden in "Black Technology"! Its two large ends have a brushless motor, and the motor drives turbine blades to make flow winds.

The wind is supercharging by extruded the air-liquid trail, and finally flows out from the N surround air outlet from the fan fan.

Hanging on the neck, not only blowing to the face, but also makes the neck, the body is also refreshing, and the wind blows out of 360 degrees without dead ends, the wind is very soft, even if it is blowing, do not have dizziness and dry eyes Status. There are many kinds of fan, which can be carefully selected according to your pockets, like design types. It is recommended to compare from the three aspects of the outlet, work volume, and life when purchasing.

  Among them, the work volume is a very important parameter for the fan, no one wants to buy a hair dryer back, and the sound of "booming" in the ear. With the current level of technology, the volume of the 12-stop volume is basically acceptable, and the third block is not displayed in the day, but it will feel a bit noisy at night or in a quiet place. Air-conditioning partner: Traditional air-conditioned one-button smart air conditioner intelligent has become a key factor in people, voice operation, remote control, body sensation radar, AI blows … The unexpected intelligence concept does increase the summer life experience, also Let people have a lot of choice space when picking air conditioners.

So the problem is coming: Is the old air conditioner bought many years ago? Traditional air conditioners turned into smart air conditioners, only one "artifact" called air conditioner partner. The so-called air-conditioning partner is actually a combination of gateways, smart sockets, infrared remote controls. Users can remotely switch air conditioners directly through smart speakers or mobile phones. Speaking straight white, air conditioning partner is to turn traditional air conditioners into "smart air conditioning", so that air conditioners without intelligent functions can also be controlled by mobile phones. At present, the most well-known air-conditioned partner on the market is a small rice ecological chain of air-conditioning partners and Mijia air-conditioning partner.

Its operation is very simple, connect the air-conditioned plug into the socket through the air conditioner partner, and can operate through the mobile phone app.

With air-conditioning partners, you can bid farewell to the remote control. Before you get home, open the air conditioner to 24 ° C, open the door as if you have entered another world. The air-conditioning partner can also achieve sound control through a smart speaker, you can view how much electricity itself is used one night, and can also use it with other sensors to extend more intelligent features. In addition, its sleep temperature control is also not done by many old air conditioners.

  Air conditioning partners is just a market demand for the transition period of traditional air conditioning to smart air-conditioning.

In addition, it also has some shortcomings, such as many user feedback, there is no cases of air conditioning, handling failure, etc.

Because it is infrared control, there is a requirement for the position of the air conditioning socket. If the position of the air conditioner is occluded, it is very likely that the case where it is possible.

  Intelligent mosquito repellent: Timed switch solves the danger of electric mosquito-saving heat, if the high temperature is the first test of summer, then mosquito is a difficult problem in the summer, although it is a small affairs, but who can’t stand it from time to time. "Send Red Packet".

In order to destroy these enemies of these combat power, human beings have also made a decimal number. Ancient toxamer mosquitoes, now come to artificial intelligence, all methods have tried it.

  Now that the mosquitoes have also entered the intelligent era, open the mobile phone application shopping mall, which can be found that the APP of the mosquito head is more than one. These App claims to make the mobile phone imitate the ultrasonic frequency of the dragonfly, bats, thereby achieving the purpose of mosquito repellent. It seems that there seems to be quite technical, but in fact, there is almost no other mosquito repellent. Compared to mosquito repellent APP, smart mosquito repellent is more testing. The smart mosquito repellent in the market can basically be divided into two, one is the intelligent electric mosquito shaft, which can be regarded as an upgraded version of the electrosurgical liquid.

Difference to traditional electric mosquito fragrance, smart electric mosquito columns can connect to the mobile app setting timing switch, such as opening at 9:00 in the evening, close to 7:00, basically the time to enter the bedroom and sleep, no longer like to use electric mosquitocent liquid or When the mosquito flakes, I have forgotten the troubles.

In addition, there is also the function of reminding the residual liquid to prevent the electric mosquito flavor. Another kind of intelligent mosquito repellent use is similar to the first difference, and it is performed by a fan blade, and the agent in the mosquires is blown out, or the insecticular suction sheet is used, and the insecticide is evaporated.

  Whether it is using a traditional disc mosquito coil, the electric mosquito liquid, or the new 上海足浴flkb intelligent mosquito repellent, its main ingredient is almost – destallulent, the difference is only the carrier. Relatively, dentular is ester is a relatively safe mosquito preparation, but be careful when purchasing these products, to choose a regular product, and pay attention to ventilation, so as not to cause chronic poisoning.

In addition, the destallomerous ester has a high toxicity, and the home likes to raise heat belt fish and goldfish should try to avoid using such products.


In Zhen’an District, Dandong City, Liaoning Province, insisted that the people were put in their hearts and tried practical things to practice.

628 people’s livelihood highlights the people’s big feelings in Zhen’an District, Dandong City, Dandong City, Dandong City, insisted that the masses were put in their hearts, and practiced the practical practice January 12th 14:40 Source: This newspaper "In the past, the summer is odor Winter is cold, now changed to the house to sit in the water, and the individual can enjoy a penny, you can enjoy the city’s people! "On January 7th, the village of Shangguun Village, Jiulian Town, Zhen’an District, Dandong City Jiang Jiaqiang talked about the happiness of the "toilet revolution" in the village. The change in Shangtui Village is a microcosm of the Zhen’an District in the theme education.

Last year, the Zhen’an District Committee, the district government identified the Ten practical things in the Island of the Madao Island, and the transformation of the five administrative villages in the Island of Madaoji, while carrying out water Safe, traffic road, village, road lighting, etc. Integrated integrated rectification. In just one year, the people in the people in the city of Madao is upgraded, seeing, and the Huimin practical things have been praised by the villagers.

"Carrying out the subject education, it is to continue to education to guide the party members and cadres to consciously practice the party’s fundamental purpose, put the people’s view, the mass lines are deeply rooted in the ideology, and the specific implementation of the people, try to solve the most realistic interests of the masses. problem.

"The main leaders of the Zhen’an District Committee said. Combined with the local actual situation, Zhen’an District launched the special actions 上海桑拿 of" Guardian, Solitament, Doctors "in the whole group and party members, using the real thing in the educational results. Party organizations at all levels insisted on their eyes, the small sections, focus on the "hurry", pressing the people’s livelihood "acceleration".

In order to effectively maintain the legitimate rights and interests of vulnerable groups, the Zhen’an District Judicial Bureau puts the focus of salary of migrant workers as legal aid work, and specializes in defending the rights of 8 towns (Street) Justice and 63 villages (communities) in the district (community) in the region (community). It is convenient for migrant workers to apply for legal aid in a timely manner, and 175 people who have been accepted on the launch of migrant workers.

Zhenshan Community 爱上海娱乐地图 Sillennium Community is the old residential community that has been relocated. There is no lighting tool in the community. The road is long-lost.

After the Pearl Street Party Working Committee learned the issue, specialized organization staff was fully repaired on the outer wall structure of the community, and there were 2 lights of the lighting street light, and there were more than 700 square meters of road square bricks, so that the community environment was greatly improved. "Little things" highlight "big feelings".

Under the driving of the district committee, the district government, the towns (streets), various departments and party organizations in Zhen’an District have seriously combed problems, and pay close attention to practical implementation.

Since the 魔都龙凤网 development of theme education, Zhen’an District has been combed and disclosed in a list of practical things, involving 630 real things, currently completed 628 pieces, completed,% completion rate. (Zhang Qiushan, reporter Cai Xiaohua) (Editor: Duan Chen, Yan Yan) People’s Network Copyright, not used without written authorization.


International consumer center urban stimulating domestic demand (people comment)

Original title: International Consumer Center City has stimulated domestic demand (People’s comment) International Consumer Center is one of the core functions of modern international metropolis, with powerful consumption, leading and driving the cultivation of international consumer center cities .

It is necessary to focus on "International", tight "consumption", highlight the "center" to build an international consumer center city, is to play a leading role, stimulating the 上海私人订制品茶 consumption potential of the national market, providing a solid domestic demand for building a new development pattern "Ten Four-five "Planning and 2035 Route Objective Prospects, cultivate the construction of international consumer centers, and build a group of regional consumer centers.

This year, China is approved by the State Council, my country has taken the lead in the cultivation construction 上海外滩419会所哪家好 of international consumer centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing.

Dacheng, the city, urban cultivation construction, the construction draw, "buy global" "sell global" gradually into new fashion.

The international consumer center is one of the core functions of modern internationalization metropolis, with powerful consumption, leading and driving.

Since the reform and opening up, my country’s consumer market has continued to develop rapidly, and the consumption structure is continuously upgraded. Some urban consumption is large, the development is fast, the potential, and the internationalization is remarkable. . Anchoring international consumer center urban cultivation of new marks, 5 cities are accurate, focusing on, distinctive characteristics, and powerful measures.

Shanghai has played a large-scale circulation advantage, forming the consumption supplies of Wanhang Gray, and strives to build a new product, global consumption destination.

Beijing is committed to creating a number of international influence-based consumer landmarks, and proposes "top ten special actions" such as consumer new landmarks and cultivation of consumer brand matrix. Bay Bay Area, big consumption, big manufacturing, big service advantages, Guangzhou Zhengzheng Tong Hong Kong and Macao builds a global impact-rich consumer city group.

As an important industrial and commercial center and hub city in China, Tianjin is characterized by urban characteristics of the river, sea, port, foreign buildings, supplementing shortboard, strong foundation, and platform. Chongqing puts forward the construction of international shopping, food, exhibition, tourism, and cultural "five famous cities", build a special international consumption center city of Babai Characteristics, radiant western regions, facing Southeast Asia.

These initiatives have both geographical characteristics, but also into the national market, helping to promote the optimization of consumption structure.

Of course, the cultivation of international consumer center cities is not a day. First of all, we must focus "International", strive to build agglomeration integration of global consumption resources, facing global companies, global goods and services, global consumers, further expanding open, and cultivating a group of global consumption destinations and high points. Second, we must close the "consumption", fully build the new highlands of consumption upgrades, improve the city’s business environment and consumption level, build a group of landmark business circles with global influence, create a number of windsome guidance leading to the global consumption, promote consumption Lift expansion. Finally, to highlight the "center", continuously strengthen aggregation radiation and lead the driving effect, through the radiation effect of the central city, drive the surrounding area development, and form a demand traction supply, supply to create a higher level dynamic balance. In the first three quarters of this year, the final consumption expenditure contribution to economic growth has become the first power source that drives China’s economic growth.

From a long-term trend, the construction of new development patches that have been promoted with domestic circulation, domestic and international dual cycles, the support of China’s economic development will further highlight. Building an international consumption center city is to play a leading role, stimulating the consumption potential of the national market, providing a solid domestic demand for building a new development pattern.

At the same time, build an international consumer center city will also enhance China’s status in the international consumer market, and lead the optimization and upgrading of domestic supply on high quality consumption. Consumption is the ultimate demand, which is the most important, most stable and longest-lasting power of the economy. It is also a direct reflection of the people’s better life. Entering the new stage of development, the people’s living standards are overcharged, and the consumption is upgraded.

The cultivation of international consumer center cities will accelerate the improvement and upgrading of consumer markets, enhance urban consumption level and internationalization levels, and contribute to our economic high quality development. "People’s Daily" (12th edition, November 10, 2021) (Editor: Liu Yingqi, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


Inner Mongolia, the newly increasing hospital, 21 cases of local confirmed cases, 21 cases

People’s Net Zhhot November 6 (Zhang Wei) November 6th, according to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 上海干磨水磨一条街 Health Committee news, as of 12:00 on November 6, there were 21 cases of the newly confirmed cases in Inner 上海喝茶外卖 Mongolia Autonomous Region, and cumulative 67 cases.There were 117 cases of local confirmed cases, including 1 case in New Town, Hohhot; 10 cases of Xilin Gol League, Erlinkhali; 1 case of Ykin Hollower, Ordos City; 105 cases of Alashan Leep.6 cases of diagnosis in overseas inputs.

All diagnosed cases were treated at fixed-point hospitals. All discharge cases were subjected to isolation management and health monitoring in designated places, all close contacts were concentrated in medical observations at designated venues.

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Innovative system mechanism strengthens cooperation exchange Haikou Jiangdong New District Development and Imposited Expressway

People’s Network Haikou April 14th, in recent years, Haikou Jiangdong New District Innovation System Mechanism, continuously strengthen cooperative exchanges, in the process of trade port construction, the more faster, the development is going on the fast lane, and the development highlights are constantly presenting.

Explore institutional reforms to promote a flexible market-oriented employment mechanism was introduced to Haikou Haikou Koto Koto district established the New Authority according to the law, the establishment of Haikou Koto New development and construction limited liability company, as the main development and construction of new district of Koto and marketing investment and financing platform, responsible for park land acquisition, a development, financing, infrastructure construction, operation and management. Founded Haikou Airport Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Development Co., Ltd., responsible for the development and operational management of the airport economic zone, development of urban and industrial areas, land development, infrastructure construction, investment in 上海宝山区按摩快餐 major projects, property management, corporate services and so on. In order to improve management and service levels, Haikou Jiangdong District Authority and give full play the advantages of open market operation recruitment recruited a group of high-quality personnel, the existing staff of 22 people have a master’s degree or above, with more than mid-level professional titles 18 people, with overseas study, experienced staff, refrain, as a whole showed a high degree of internationalization, specialization trend.

Synchronize the introduction of compensation, performance management approach, the establishment of award and punish bad, healthy competition evaluation system, regular assessment of all the staff, dynamic adjustment, the formation of reward and punishment in a timely manner, promoted or demoted, can be hired 全国高端私人预约 incentive competition mechanism. Industry is flourishing facilities continue to improve with the ongoing work of investment, corporate headquarters have settled in Koto district, airport industry to flourish. As of 2021 the end of March, Koto New starting area has floor-based economy in 15 projects, has started the project seven, Koto International Energy Center, Haikou financial center, Datang International Trade Center (BOC) Haikou Koto International Financial Building, SDIC Building ecological environment, Hainan Bank headquarters, Nine dragons paper raw material procurement settlement headquarters and renewable resources trade Center project being implemented step by step. One-stop aircraft maintenance base project is currently 90% of the overall progress, the overall plan to be completed in May 2021, put into operation in August.

Aircraft engine maintenance base 上海sn外菜论坛 about 29% overall progress of the project, plans to be completed in April 2022, will become the Boeing 787 series aircraft GEnx engine is the only service platform, and a one-stop aircraft maintenance base and jointly promote the formation of agglomeration aviation maintenance industry. Fresh overall progress SF Hainan International Port project 44%, is scheduled for completion in November 2021, the project will also be contributing to industrial development of modern logistics and tact Koto district projects.

With the industry’s development, supporting constantly being improved.

Haikou Harrow school was completed in September 2020 and the smooth opening, Huandao school project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2021.

Yanlord, Wanhua international community to speed up construction, and constantly enrich and improve Koto New starting area of ??education and personnel housing facilities. The more civilized East River channel in 2020, opened to traffic on August 20, a total length of tunnel kilometers, of which km tunnel section, two-way 6 lanes, and strengthens the link Koto district and the main city to ease the traffic pressure Qiongzhou Bridge. Innovative construction mode new park construction has made systematic progress in government investment projects, large-scale, greatly enhance the efficiency of construction, 50 projects started in 2020, in 2021 plans to start 62 projects (has started 10), the integrity of the park, large range development pattern has been formed. Actively introduce social capital to participate in the project, in 2020, the successful introduction of social capital to participate in construction projects in Hong Kong enterprise-level projects, 2021 will also promote market-based financing nine projects, covering resettlement housing, 5G wisdom poles and other projects. It cited only multi-dimensional multi-channel service personnel to carry out the sea Koto district set up a "free trade port in Haikou, Hainan Koto district personnel workstation," "Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Overseas Chinese service station" to achieve a comprehensive service personnel under the window line "run through a window," one government online platform "to do a Netcom" build "enterprise e Koto benefits" mobile service platform. In 2020 a total of 2634 personnel policy advice answer times, for the introduction of talent settled 247 people, the introduction of talent grant housing subsidies 150 passengers cumulative million.

In 2020, the park enterprises employed 32556 people reach the end of the period, an increase of%.

Growth spurt market players continued to deepen exchanges and cooperation in 2020 Haikou New Koto cumulative contract value signed Intentions billion yuan, total contract value signed the essence billion yuan and tax billion, all-caliber foreign investment billion, new market players 8557. Signed 16 Fortune 500 companies. Shandong Energy, Bank of China, China Datang, China Petrochemical and other Fortune 500 companies have landed new district headquarters building in Koto CBD, to further enhance the attractiveness of the park. Deepening exchanges and cooperation. And the ASEAN countries Ambassador, Consul General, Chamber of Commerce to carry out all-round exchanges and cooperation, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots; 13th "Haikou – Consulate General in Guangzhou ASEAN Dialogue" Koto Haikou New Session promotion success; actively contributed to Cambodia Mae Lan Airlines Airbus A320 aircraft from Haikou to accept a high-level heavy maintenance work; Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Overseas Chinese service station was formally established in Haikou Koto district; has organized, received more than 280 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan overseas Chinese enterprises visit negotiate, organize, participate in large-scale promotion activities four games; a total of 79 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan overseas Chinese enterprises registered and settled Jiangdong District, the registered capital of over 18.7 billion yuan. In addition, Haikou New Koto first to complete the province’s 13, "the first single", respectively, for the landing QFLP fund business, leasing business aircraft navigation landing in real terms, made large aircraft leasing project substantive landing, landing ship leasing business, qualification license a full range of business jets operating companies settled in, high-level business jet 6C scheduled inspection business floor, the subsequent review of offshore trading floor business, material trade of raw materials "zero tariff" goods landed, Hainan free trade port registered business jet introduced Koto, turnover breaking hundreds of billions of trading venues birth of international cultural Exchange Center floor, the first aircraft outside the aircraft entering the country to perform aircraft heavy maintenance, such as the opening of a regular intercontinental cargo flights.

(Intern cattle Liangyu) (Editor: Liu Yang, Wangqing Fang).