Struggle 100 Years Road Qihang New Journey · School Party History Reform Thought Office Released New Bureau 丨 Zhejiang Cangnan: "Point" Governing is the base loss

Struggle 100 Years Road Qihang New Journey · School Party History Reform Thought Office Released New Bureau 丨 Zhejiang Cangnan: "Point" Governing is the base loss

  Xinhua News Agency, November 25th: Zhejiang Cangnan: "Point" governance is the grassroots reduction of Xinhua News Agency, Li Ping "has been reduced by 6 institutions in our village since 2019, the agency brand in our village has reduced 6, and the wall system is reduced. 11 items, the stamp is reduced by 22, and the superiors have less inspection and assessment. "Liu Chenghu said Liu Chenghu, Party Branch of the Pohan Town, Gangshan Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

  In the early winter, the reporter walked into the village of this mountain clear show to understand the changes in the grassroots to the village cadres and villages.

"The previous departments like to hang up the name in the village. In the most, there were 12 bodies in the village. They all rushed to the top of the wall. After using the ‘smart village social" platform, we don’t have to repeat the newspaper, the whole village paper table The account is reduced by more than 30%.

"Liu Chenghu said that the inspection of the" ushered to "in the village is there, and the village cadres are used for development and service.

  Xu Fang, the head of the party and government complex of Cangnan County, said: "The grassroots reduction is good for the grassroots cadres." He is exemplified, the original meeting is working for two or three hours, now compressed to 90 minutes Within the timeout, if it is free to time, you can report to the "grassroots reduction report hotline" 12345 anonymity, and the reporting clues are given by the county party committee to supervise the supervision of the supervision of the county party committee.

  Since 2019, Cangnan County has declined by "meeting, document, supervisors" three declines, and the three-course documents issued by the county have decreased by 75% year-on-year. The county meeting is 50% year-on-year, "supervised test" is reduced year-on-year. 75%. "From the ‘Wenshan Sea’, too many supervisors to check the grassroots cadres coming out of ‘Swirl’, now there are more time and energy to close the people, understand the public opinion, solve the civil." Zhou Wen, deputy director of the Cangnan County Committee. In front of the WeChat public number and official WeChat public number and official Weibo number, the Cangnan County Education Bureau staff Xie Zhou Yu is mostly used in the content update and maintenance of these two media platforms, because the employees are more working hours, The county education bureau later invited third-party companies to operate two media numbers, 1 year cost of 50,000 yuan.

  Xie Zhou Yu said that after the county is unified to clean up the media public account, they will liberate from the middle, focus on their own work. According to reports, in order to break the "fingertips" formalism, Cangnan County has closed the party and government organ "two micro-one" since 2019, the reduction of%, saving more than 4 million yuan.

"Now there is a need for information unified on ‘watching Cangnan’ App, which is effective for the reduction of grassroots cadres." The number of leadership groups in the township leadership group has been the importance of the grassroots reflection by the superiors.

In this regard, Cangnan County Big Treatment, Regulations for the Necessary Conditions and Personnel of the Leadership. "Through centralized cleaning and customization, the original 3292 leading groups in the townships of Cangnan have finally retained 431, and a large batch of pumping officers will be returned to clearly." Zhou Wen said. The reporter interviewed, in order to avoid the grassroots to reduce the wind, Cangnan County strongly promoted the "maximum of the most running" reforms in the department, and reducing the length of the grassroots cadres to the county-level department, the link, frequency, etc .; on the other hand, The grassroots level led by the supervision committee of the county discipline committee will reduce the "Blue Army" and carry out normalization supervision on the implementation of grassroots levels.

  "We must take the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China to grasp the" grassroots reduction "as an opportunity, so that the grassroots cadres will lose their burdens, earnestly solve the people, and better take the glory given from the times. Mission. "Zhang Benfeng, secretary of the Cangnan County Party Committee.

Xining City, Chengdong District, to create a double-creating "gold signboard" in the practice spirit

Xining City, Chengdong District, to create a double-creating "gold signboard" in the practice spirit

Yan Dentin, deputy director of the people’s government of Chengdong District, Xining City, said in a speech that the public is entrepreneur, and innovation is the source of economic vitality, and it is also an important start of the transformation and upgrading. Innovative entrepreneurial incubation bases in Chengdong District will attract more people to join the Eastern District Double creation, and will lead youth and wisdom to create tomorrow’s "Creation"! It is reported that the entrepreneurial incubation base is an important carrier for agglomerating entrepreneurial elements. It is an important position to implement entrepreneurial policies, carry out venture training, and provide entrepreneurial services. In recent years, Xining City, Chengdong District, highly attached great importance to innovation entrepreneurship, with "Volkswagen entrepreneurship, innovation" as leading, consolidating incubator, enhancing entrepreneurship services, and building a complete public employment entrepreneurial service system, gradually forming "nursery, incubator," Innovative entrepreneurial ecological chain of accelerators and industrial parks. Next, Xining City, Chengdong District, will polish the "golden sign" of the national entrepreneurial hatching demonstration base, continue to carry forward the "dare to be a priority", and close the double creation "pulse", expand its double creation, create Double innovation brand, forming the incubation service industry chain and "Double Eastern Eastern Region Model" in the East Eastern District, playing leading and epigeval effects in the province.

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Sprinkler consumption finance, the credit system query permission is called

Sprinkler consumption finance, the credit system query permission is called

People’s Network Nanjing May 26th (Reporter Wang Ji Liang) On the 26th, "personal credit reports in the People’s Network" issues, the People’s Bank of China Taiyuan Center Branch issued an announcement, in order to effectively protect the information subject Right, standardize the operational behavior of the financial credit information base database access institution, determine the provision of the Jinchang Consumer Financial Co., Ltd., and inside the internal rectification, and effectively implement the supervision requirements. The reporter noted that on the evening of the 25th, the People’s Bank Taiyuan Center Branch responded to the Dynasties Financial Corporation from April 8 and May 25, respectively, and said "will" verify the investigation of this incident, according to law Seriously processed seriously. "

Subsequently, the Shannan Consumer Financial Company released an apology statement on the official website of its company.

The statement said: "First, when our company is related to the information of the ladies credit report, the audit is not strict, bringing many troubles to the house, we solemnly apologize for this, for the relevant demands of women, our company has been Instead of maintaining active communication, the person is responsible for the proper resolution.

In the future, our company will further strictly strict customer information review and maintain consumer rights according to law. "But the declaration failed to respond to the error in which link is caused and whether it is diverted.

The reporter also learned from the ladies of the room that Jin Charity Consumer Financial Company received a good treatment with its contact. Related reports:.

The Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission of the Ministry of Central Promotion Department, the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, jointly released the

The Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission of the Ministry of Central Promotion Department, the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, jointly released the advanced deeds of "the most beautiful retired military" in 2020

Original title: The Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission’s Registration Military Affairs Department of the Central Military Commission jointly released the 2020 "most beautiful retired military" advanced deeds Xinhua News Agency Beijing December 18th (Reporter Yang Yen) In order to fully implement General Secretary Xi Jinping on the work of retired military Discussion, in-depth implementation of the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Party, telling the story of excellent retirement military personnel, playing advanced typical demonstration leading, motivating and guiding the majority of retired soldiers to actively participate in the comprehensive construction of socialist modern national new journey, central propaganda department, retirement Department of Military Affairs, the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission jointly released the advanced deeds of "the most beautiful retired military" in 2020. Guizhou Anshun "Bing Book" offensive and attacked the 19th National Advanced Collective and the Ding Guo, including 18 advanced individuals, including the "most beautiful retired military", including the "most beautiful retired soldiers" in Fujiang County, the retired military personnel.

They have the advanced model of the decisive battle, there is a grassroots "leader" that promotes the revitalization of the village. There is a helper pioneer in Hubei, there is a hero of the anti-flood and rescue, seeing the hero of the righteousness, and has the "leading geese" in the field of scientific research. There is an entrepreneurial model that is brave in pioneering and innovation, actively giving back to the society, and the moral model of the son of Dan, does not insult the mission. They are always colorful, attacking hard, showing retired soldiers who are brave and struggle; they dare to charge, dare to charge, and dedication, highlight the mission of "if there is war, call back"; their deeds are touching, remind People will be in motion, they will encourage the new era of the majority of retired soldiers to join the new era, gather to learn advanced, strive to be advanced powerful positive energy.

The publishing ceremony was held in the Central Radio and Television Trip, and the form of video display, interactive interviews and other forms were used to tell the "most beautiful retired military" advanced deeds and work life sentiment.

The Ministry of Central Propaganda Department, the restricument of Comrade and the Ministry of Political Science and Technology Department of the Central Military Commission is responsible for issuing a certificate for them. This year, I coincided with the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Volunteers against the United States, the release ceremony was also specially set up, inviting 3 anti-US aid to the old hero to come to the scene, asked the volunteers to be afraid of strong enemy, not afraid of the hero story of the sacrifice. "The most beautiful retired soldiers" advanced typical to the old hero, unanimously expressed that it is necessary to inherit the spirit of promoting the great anti-American assistance, more closely united around the party center of Xi Jinping as the core, struggling to build socialist modern national new journey Fighting, making new contributions to realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The "most beautiful retired soldiers" learning and publicity activities have been continuously carried out in 2018, and 20 advanced individuals and collectives have been selected each year. In the whole society, they have created respect for military professionals and respect the strong atmosphere of retired soldiers. (Editor: Ren Lin, Ma Chang).

Tegen het einde van 2025 moet Shanxi-provincie de drie grote toeristenwegen van de grote sectoren openen.

Tegen het einde van 2025 moet Shanxi-provincie de drie grote toeristenwegen van de grote sectoren openen.

  Originele titel: het vormen van de "1 kern 1 ring 7-shot" algehele wegennetwerk, speel Taiyuan – Jinzhong Toerisme voordeel Onze provincie zal de drie grote bordtoerismewegen openen op 5 juli nieuws, onze provincie zal het einde van 2025 van plan zijn om het einde van 2025 te openen Gele rivier, Great Wall, Taihang Drie grote sectoren Toerisme Grote kanalen, bouwen een stel boetiektoerismewegen die Shanxi-kenmerken weerspiegelen, in principe "Chengtong, Jingjing", die een nieuwe standaard vormen voor het ondersteunen van de gebalanceerde ontwikkeling van de provincie.

Speel tijdens dit proces de basisvoordelen van Taiyuan – Jinzhong Tourism Development, het vormen van de algehele wegnetwerkstructuur van "1 kern 1 ring 7-opname" inline buitenste ring.

  De bovenstaande doelstellingen zijn zelfprovinciaal geweest "Shanxi Province Huang River, Great Wall, Taihang 3 Tour Roadplan", die de "Yellow River, Great Wall, Great Wall, Shanxi Province, China), 2018 Tourism Highway Plan (2018 – 2027) ". Volgens de nieuwe "overzicht" bestaan ??drie nr. 1 toeristische wegen uit drie hoofdlijnen, 389 toeristische wegbranche, 361 toeristische wegconnectoren, in totaal 13024 kilometer.

Zal effectief 213 A-niveau en meer toeristische gebieden verbinden, die 726 niet-A-niveau toeristische hulpbronnen behandelen, de drie grote secties van de provincie "intranet, externe circulatie" langzaam reisnetwerk construeren, het vormen van de "Wanli River Road" met prachtige Shanxi Met de snelweg vormde de National Trunk-lijn gezamenlijk "Chengtong, Jingjing Tong" snelreizigersysteem. Onze provincie speelt Taiyuan – Jinzhong Tourism Development Basic Advantage, Buzzard Yellow River, Great Wall, Taihang Plate Tourism Short Board, het vormen van de algehele wegnetwerkstructuur van "1 kern 1 ring 7" inline buitenste ring. "1 kern", dat is, verbeterde optimalisatie van bestaande wegen, die Taiyuan vormen – Jinzhong-toeristische ringlijn.

De ring is 206 kilometer lang, bedekt Taiyuan City, Jinzhong City, verzamelde de meest representatieve Jin Community Culture in onze provincie. Alle ringlijnen zijn samengesteld uit gevestigde snelwegen. Op basis van het benadrukken van de culturele kenmerken van de Jinhang-rechtbank, zal het de taklijn verder verbeteren, de recreatieve faciliteiten verhogen, fietsenwegen bouwen, naar de weg lopen om te voldoen aan de diversificatie-ervaring. "1 ring", is gemaakt van de Gele River No.1, Great Wall No. 1, Taihang No.1 Tourism Highway Mainline, The Yellow River – Great Wall – Taihang Ring Road, 3595 km.

Onder hen, de volledige lengte van de Yellow River No. 1 Tourism Highway is 1238 kilometers, bedekking Zhangzhou City, Luliang City, Linyi City en Yuncheng City, Sunne Pottan Waterfall, Yongji Caihu-gebouw en andere meer dan 60 schilderachtige plekken; Great Wall No . 1 Toerisme Snelweg Volledige lengte 1198 Kili, Divering Datong City, Zhangzhou City en Zhangzhou City, serie van meer dan 100 attracties zoals Datong Guanbao, Flat Cleaning; Taihang No.1 Toerisme Highway is 1159 kilometers lang, bedekkend Jincheng, Changzhi City, Jinzhong City, Yangquan City en er zijn meer dan 90 schilderachtige plekken in Zhangzhou City, Taiwan Wang Mingli, Acht Wutai Culture Park, Wutai Mountain.

Gele rivier – Great Wall – Taihang ringlijn, kan verbinding maken met de belangrijke toerismebronnen in het kanaal, de opleving langs de gele rivier Chinese beschaving, activering langs het oude culturele erfgoed van de stad, promotie langs de rode cultuur van Taihang, landschapscultuur en de oude bouwcultuur.

  "7 schot", het binnen- en buiten-toerismetwerk, 7 van de 7e "1 kern" "1-ring" is voltooid, 1631 kilometer lang. "7 Shots" zal het verkeersverkeer in Shanxi effectief leiden naar de drie belangrijkste toeristensecties, neem dan contact op met de buitenwereld rond de provincie, distributiecentrum en helpt de gehele geco?rdineerde ontwikkeling van het hele domeintoerisme.

The United States boycotts Beijing Winter Olympics will only become a laughter of the international community.

The United States boycotts Beijing Winter Olympics will only become a laughter of the international community.

  Nice Researchor, USA, Institute of Modern International Relations, Jia Chunyang, recently, US President Biden said in answering reporters "whether to support the Beijing Winter Olympics for diplomatic", "We are considering this."Previously, the US "Washington Post" columnist Josh Luo Jin said that US officials revealed that the Biden government expects to announce that "president or any US government official will not attend the Beijing Winter Olympics before the end of November."

The words of Biden have confirmed the "Washington Post" report at least to some extent, that is, the Biden government is indeed considering whether to "diplomatism" for Beijing Winter Olympics. From the US domestic political atmosphere and anti-China power to resist the sound waves of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Biden government is ultimately likely to make a boycott. However, is the so-called "diplomatic boycott" in Beijing Winter Olympics to block the process of Beijing Winter Olympics? Can you bring benefits or benefits to the United States? The answers to the two are obviously "can’t". On the contrary, boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics not only can’t hold the Winter Olympics, but also unable to enhance the interests of the United States, but will damage the interests of the United States, and ultimately can only become a laughter of the international community.

  First, "diplomatic boycott" Beijing Winter Olympics will not achieve any effect.

Although the Beijing Winter Olympics is hosted by China, it is not a Chinese Winter Olympics, but the stage of the world’s participation in the world is a shared sports event in the people of the world.

In the context of new crown epidemic, athletes in the world need such a grand event that demonstrates their competitive level and hard work than ever, and human society is more likely to boost like this. Morary, firmly defeat the determination and confidence of the new crown epidemic.

  In this regard, the CEO of the US Olympic Committee said, "Sarahhirshland, said," After a new championship in the world, there will be no more important moments than this Olympic Games. "HUGHROBERTSON, Chairman of the British Olympic Committee, said he is full of Beijing Winter Olympics," We know how difficult it is to prepare for the winter Olympics during the global epidemic, we especially look forward to participating in this world-class sports meeting. I hope that Beijing Winter Olympics is successful. " It can be said that the Beijing Winter Olympics is completely compliant with the time and people. In this context, the so-called "human rights" and scorpion, obviously can’t afford any wind and waves, and will not give any substantive impact on the Beijing Winter Olympics. Second, the United States will not get any benefits from the boycott of Winter Olympics.

The excuse of the US anti-China to resist the Beijing Winter Olympics is the so-called "human rights issue", especially the issue of the problem. In order to strengthen the moment, the US anti-China power is not only boycott, but also encourages the United States allies and partners.

However, well known, so-called "human rights issues", especially those involved, only the United States used to latenate and maliciously suppress China, and the facts do not match the facts.

At this point, it is not only very clear that the Chinese people are clear. Any international perspective to Xinjiang is also very clear. I have to smear China’s "violation of human rights" in Xinjiang or even the so-called "racial extinction", which is completely insulting these IQ who have been visiting Xinjiang.

Linking the Winter Olympics and the so-called "human rights issue", it is entirely the politicalization of sports, which is completely embarrassed to the Olympic spirit. Therefore, the United States bosses the Beijing Winter Olympics in the United States, especially the problem of the problem of the problem, and cannot use this to increase the moral status of the United States in the international community and will not enhance the US international reputation and other countries.

Because most countries, most countries know why the United States has to resist the Winter Olympics, knowing that "human rights issues" is just a scorpion of the United States.

In this regard, Johncoates, vice chairman of the International Olympic Committee, said, "Any country boycotts the Beijing Winter Olympics." Third, boycotting Beijing Winter Olympics will only harm the US own interests and become a laughter of the international community. As we all know, the Olympic Games are not only the arena of the athletes, but also an important event in the development of friendship in the world. During the Olympic Games, not only the country and the invited country guests can strengthen their exchanges, but also the leaders of all countries can also link in contact and enhance understanding. Therefore, if the United States and its small allies finally choose "diplomatic boycott" for Beijing Winter Olympics, then losses are not China, but the United States, because the United States has lost a communication with the world, enhancing the opportunity of friendship, lost Opposition to promote the United States with an Olympic event. At the same time, if the US does not send officials to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, then they have lost the opportunity to refueling the athletes in the field.

In this regard, the US Olympic Committee Chairman Susannelyons has a clear understanding. She is disclosed, "Although the voice of the Beijing Olympics continues to continue, this is a harm to those who have been training for this event. We think this kind of boycott is no effect.

Will only hurt athhers who put them in the training of their lives to represent their own countries. "At the same time, regardless of how the United States and Western anti-China will not noise, it is foreseeable that most countries in the world will follow the United States to" diplomatism "for the Beijing Winter Olympics, only may be the United States and their small allies, obviously According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian President Pujin has enjoyed the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Obviously, a few countries entered the "diplomatic boycott", not only will not expand the influence of the United States, but will become a laughter of the international community. Today, the footsteps of the Beijing Winter Olympics have become more and more close. The athletes from all over the world are conducting the final preparation. The people of the world are also enthusiastic about the opening of the Winter Olympics. Those who have boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics, it is time to gain, boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics will not receive any benefits, but will harm their own interests, and there is no way to stand in the opposite of the people of the world. Do you really do it? .

The second phase of the National Convention Center is delivered to the service of more than 100 intelligent robots.

The second phase of the National Convention Center is delivered to the service of more than 100 intelligent robots.

Original title: The second phase of the National Convention Center, the main media center, the three national stadiums, national speed skating halls, the national swimming center, the main group of Beijing "Shuangbo City", the first collective light, this newspaper is thisOpened the patrol column of Winter Olympics.Yesterday, Beijing Youth Daily Visit the Second Phase of the National Convention Center and two major venues in Wukesong Stadium, in detail the operation of the game and the service situation after the game.In addition to the competition for the competition, the Olympics is also a "stadium" competition in the world.

Yesterday, Beiqing reporter learned from the Beijing Major Project Office that as the main media center of the National Conference Center of the Winter Olympics Media Reporter, the second phase of the National Convention Center, which has been completed in June 2021. The Olympic Broadcasting Services has been delivered. . At the time of the Winter Olympics, the venue is expected to receive more than 3,000 text and photographers, about 12,000 new people. At the same time, more than 100 intelligent robots will serve the media staff, undertake, cook, dining, etc. The "Flying Bird" curtain wall appeared in a smart rhythm yesterday, the North Youth Daily reporter came to the second phase of the national conference center that has completed delivery, and the entire building will show milky white, and the large-scale "flying bird" curtain wall cooperates with a large glass. Transparent, give it clean, fresh. According to Zhang Lidong, Minister of Engineering, Minister of Engineering, Beijing Beichen Exhibition Investment Co., Ltd., the second phase of the national conference center, the main project is mainly based on steel structure, and its external wall uses a unique "group of bird" styles. The main building is east, south, and the north side of the north, the metal and glass curtain wall of the special curtain wall unit – "Bird Window" modeling. 2376 The wall unit is connected to the face, just like a slight flying bird, with the shape of the architectural main body "鲲 鲲 展", "like Bird", the wings of the birds seem to fly from the curtain wall Out of a general, highlighting the intensive rhythm of architecture and nature. During the Winter Olympics, the media from the world will see that the sun is sprinkled through the "flying bird" in the curtain wall, forming a soft and active light and shadow effect.

How is this realistic effect? The project team uses the smuggling of the group of birds, and the curtain wall is used in the curtain casting process – double enamel steel plate program, stamping the shape of "group bird" on the curtain wall, not only look good, "Flying Bird" curtain wall also has insulation , Light transmissions and so on. You can receive 15,000 journalists and broadcasters, according to the Beijing Municipal Major Project Construction Command, Sun Guojun, the total construction area of ??the second phase of the National Convention Center, is the latest in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Beijing Division, the largest New project.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Main Media Center serves as Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, site selection is in the project, which is a global registered plan medium and a newer time of the media headquarters.

The total use area is about 10,000 square meters.

During Winter Olympics, more than 3,000 text and photographers were expected to receive approximately 12,000 new newspapers, reporting and broadcasting the International News Editor and TV Signal Production Transfer Center of Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics.

At the same time, the main media center is also the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Broadcast Service Company, and the Tournament Command of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee. The North Youth reporter entered a layer of hall found that the decoration project in the field has been basically completed, and the sponsor settled in the renovation.

Zhang Li Dong introduced that there were nearly a thousand square meters of the main press release hall, and there were two three-three news release halls to meet the needs of the press release. In addition, there is enough broadcast area in the venue to meet the demand for broadcast. The underground layer is the media restaurant, which can meet the dinner needs of 10,000 people. Along the elevator up, you can reach the three floors of the conference center. Here, the roof garden is also set up. The garden can be opened, about 3,000 square meters of glass lighting tops can achieve large-scale electric opening, enhance natural ventilation and natural lighting effects. Can also start the exhaust function. Let the main building and the city sky "total breathing", not only visually enjoyment, but it is better to understand the beauty of "urban oasis" when you are in its situation. More than 100 robots will be worth mentioning at the time of the game. There will be more than 100 robots will serve you during the season.

According to different division of labor, it is divided into killing robots, cooking robots, shipping robots and clearing robots.

The most expecting thing is that there are a variety of robots that will serve the media reporters in the Media Wisdom Restaurant. Zhang Lidong told Beiqing reporters, whether it is a chef or a service person, the media reporter will see robots that will be cooked, make coffee, burger and other functions in the restaurant, and only need mobile scanning code.

"The whole process does not have to operate, but we will set some guiding staff to guide everyone." Zhang Lidong said.

In the stage of time, robots can complete more than 170 dishes, and the media restaurant can also meet 10,000 dining needs. However, for the special needs of different people, the media restaurant has also set some dinner windows, which is convenient for everyone to eat.

After the game, the integrated body continues to use Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics to practice "thrifting" office Olympics, "borrow" urban infrastructure service Winter Olympics, continue to serve urban people’s livelihood and development after the game, becoming another Olympics in Beijing Innovation. The second phase of the National Convention Center is an important facility that strengthens the international exchange of capital international interactions. Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be temporarily used as the main media center of the Winter Olympics, serving the media service for the world, will return to the original exhibition after the game Function.

After the game, the second phase of the National Convention Center will continue to build as a conventional construction.

After completion, the first phase of the National Convention Center will have a world-class exhibition complex of the total scale of more than 1.3 million square meters, which can meet the demand for high-end government, state affairs activities, but also meet all kinds of large international exchange activities and business exhibition activities. need.

Zhang Lidong introduced that in the future, a city complex will be formed to meet one-stop demand such as conference and business travel. Text / This reporter Liu Yang photography / reporter Cui Jun (editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

Tibet Autonomous Region Library set up the first child reading promotion service point

Tibet Autonomous Region Library set up the first child reading promotion service point

The picture shows the students to read the book in children’s reading promotion. Lhasa Fusion Reporter Ramsha Ren Retrieval according to Cultural and Tourism Department, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Finance, "China" encourages public cultural services and education and integration development, The spirit of establishing an extracurricular education base for primary and secondary school students, the Tibet Autonomous Region Library jointly in Mozhukiku County Township Township Tourism Team, recently established the "Tibet Autonomous Region Library Children’s Reading Service Point" in Mozhu Autonomous Region.

  Mima, deputy director of the Children’s View Department, Tibet Autonomous Region, said: "Ni Duo Township Central Primary School, as the first children’s reading promotion service point set up in the whole district library, planning the management model of the library total branch construction, With a service point 1000 books as standards, some books are made in the form of some books in the form of a book.

The Tunar Tourism Team has taken a bridge, followed up, and supervises the implementation of the two-party agreement in the future. "It is reported that the Tibet Autonomous Region library applies for some books to the Beijing Cotton Public Welfare Foundation, and it is suitable for books that are suitable for local children’s children’s reading. The 749 volumes of the book will be continuously suppressed. In order to adapt to the management of modern libraries. In high-quality mode, book borrowings and follow-up reading promotion activities, volunteers, etc., the Tibet Autonomous Region Library introduces the small library automation management system according to the actual situation of the school, and provides online management of service points. It will also make a special custom branch card for the students. "The Tibet Autonomous Region library set up a service point in the school, aimed at the form of bookwork, and the third-party resident work team supervision through book borrowings, and various forms Continuous child reading promotion activities to improve children’s reading rate. In order to promote common collaboration, the unveiling ceremony, the Library of Tibet Autonomous Region, and the Niko Township Primary School representatives have signed the "Tibet Autonomous Region Library Views and the Rural Primary School Cooperation Construction Agreement". Mima said.

  The person in charge of the library of Tibet Autonomous Region, Beijing Coteon Public Welfare Foundation, Tibet Autonomous Region Library View Department, Japan Township Government, Niko Primary School, Japan Township Tourism Team Related Head of Township Tourism Team All students, Parents represent the unveiling ceremony.

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The Central News Network Office issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Information Standards for Entertainment Stars"

The Central News Network Office issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Information Standards for Entertainment Stars"

Recently, the Central News Services issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Information Standards for Entertainment Stars" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), aims to further strengthen the online information norms of entertainment, maintain good network public opinion order, and create a more clear network. space.

In recent years, online pan-entertainment tendency, vulgar hype phenomenon has been banned, traffic is supreme, malformed aesthetics, "rice" chaos, etc., some online related stars’s publicity information is lost, gossip gossip, privacy broke the news Platform headline layout, hot search list, occupying a large number of public platform resources, the people reflect strong. In order to further standardize the online information on entertainment, create a positive and healthy and upset network environment, the CCM Office formulate and issue "notice".

"Notice" proposes 15 specific work measures from four aspects such as content orientation, information presence, account management, and public opinion, and strives to effectively regulate the online information on entertainment. "Notice", strictly control the content of entertainment star online information, strengthen positive guidance, establish a negative list, prohibit entertainment star online information contains preaching aesthetics, vulgar gossip speculation, malicious brush control assessment, false, unsuitable, inducement Chasing the stars and other content. "Notice" according to the information content attribute, affecting the role, etc., the entertainment star online information is divided into six types such as performance arts, personal dynamics, business activities, announcements, public welfare, authoritative release, etc., for website platform home page, hot recommendation, The key links such as hot doors are made to make clear requirements to further standardize the information presented on the online information. "Notice" requires strengthening the management of accounts and subjects such as star, brokerage company (studio), fan group (posttle meeting), entertainment, MCN institution, and regulates online information on the source, and requires website platform to establish Improve the entertainment star online public opinion monitoring, disposal and guiding mechanism. "Notice" emphasizes that the local Netcom department must attach great importance to strengthening the information of entertainment stars, combined with "rice" chaos rectification, formulate refining implementation plan, and guide the implementation of website platform to implement various measures to implement, and seek work effect .

Weifang "Fucai House" rural revitalization volunteer service center Linyi Station unveiled

Weifang "Fucai House" rural revitalization volunteer service center Linyi Station unveiled

Free medical services are provided free of charge.Photography: Wang Xiaofeng Linyi County "Fucai House" Rural Zhenxing Volunteer Service Center Joint Weifang City Fucai Volunteer Association, relying on "Fucai House" to carry out public welfare activities such as righteousness, righteousness, and acts;The old man will send a yellow bracelet for free; the old man needs to retain a beautiful moment, free on the door, rinse the photo; for children to popularize the scald less knowledge, issue hot hot stumps; Joint 捌 zero zero Linyi portal department provides the elderly free mouthDiagnosis, let the elderly understand more oral knowledge; carry out calligraphy public welfare courses, enrich the spiritual cultural life of the elderly; Yishan Da Yan responded to the call of the top "Home Economics", regularly carrying out free public welfare family courses, providing relatively difficult peopleFree learning and employment opportunities.Through a series of public welfare activities, close to people’s livelihood, jointly build "Fucai House" public welfare brand.