Studying with mobile phones, is it "learning" or "scrap"?

Studying with mobile phones, is it "learning" or "scrap"?

  In modern society, almost everyone is inseparable from mobile phones, and the secondary school students are also.

Although the school prohibits the use, many families have spread parent-child contradictions, but most middle school students have mobile phone reasons to be "conducive to learning."

The mobile phone, is it a learning tool, or the obstacle to learning? Open the middle school mobile phone, what APPs are there inside? … with these questions, recently, Beijing First Zen Middle School Student Regiment (hereinafter referred to as "Reporter Group") conducted 100 middle school students in this school "Do you learn to learn?" Some classmates and teachers have conducted a deep interview.

  Can the mobile app also become a "weapon"? After going home, the first-year-old Zhang Tiancheng classmate has already thought about it in front of the desk, and the biological operation in front still has no progress.

Complex "amino acid" "peptide" "dehydration condensation", etc. In the case of the test, the foundation work cannot be successfully completed, which allows Zhang Tiancheng anxiety. But there is not much time, in order to solve the problem quickly, he opened a search software, simply photographed the topic, this software rapidly listed a variety of search results. What surprised him is that this software not only gives the answer to this question, but also provides a different approach.

"The search software will even give some teachers, I don’t know how I don’t know, and I can sum up the formula." Zhang Tiancheng said.

  With the help of the search software, Zhang Tiancheng quickly understood "the number of peptide chains of protein = the number of amino acids-peptide chain = dehydrated condensation). Subsequently, Zhang Tiancheng actually made a good result in the long term "short board" – biological test. He will be attributed to this search software. Zhang Tiancheng claimed to be a "primary school slag". He believes that the learning function of the mobile phone APP is not only widely used by "scholastic", and some of the "learning" "" learning "is more good at using. For example, on the mobile phone of the "big cow", put all kinds of learning software – brush questions, search, finishing class, and printing apps. A set of flow, easy to learn, efficient and fast: "Brush" to find thin weaknesses, "Search" to find answers, "finishing" to expand the wrong question bank, then print the wrong question by printing the app, attached to the wrong question .

  The first third year of the third year of the second year of the second grade is the English "School God" in the eyes of the students, and he said that he has said that he has never gone through an English training course. Mei Yanyuan’s experience is to insist on using English learning app, and some English learning materials are found through some video apps.

  In the view of Meiyuan, there is a lack of immersive locale in daily life, so we must grasp the resources on your mobile phone and cultivate English.

These software not only improve the fun of learning English, but also provide targeted guidance to the upcoming oral examination.

  "Of course, it is not to say that these software will be able to improve the English level, or you must stick to it. As long as you insist on every day, even a few minutes, you will be able to see results.

"Mei Yuyuan said. In addition, some learning apps also pay great attention to fun. The school’s high-grade Xu Qingxia learned that when she is using the app back words, some words pronounced the sound Each word has repeatedly listened more than ten times.

  The school teacher Gao Shan said that it will also make the students in the class with a "college entrance examination necessary ancient poetry" song list, and have a deep memory.

Because the ancient poetry has a rhythm, with the music, this is conducive to memory and reciting, and ancient poetry is also needed to sing, and students can understand the charm of ancient poetry.

  With the development of mobile phone applications, the development of network technology, high efficiency and simple, diverse, and interesting learning APP are increasingly favored by students. The questionnaire of the reporter group showed that% of the students said that they usually use mobile APP to assist in learning, and 57% of students have an average of more than 10-30 minutes per day. At the same time, 94% of classmates said that using mobile phone App will help to learn results, including 87% of students believe that learning APP helps to solve problems in operations. There are more than 70% of classmates who believe that the app can solve the knowledge points that have not mastered in their own class, helping to consolidate knowledge and achieve independent learning. In these apps, 5 APPs with the highest frequency of high school students in the survey are: search, dictionary, English practice, short video classes, and music classes, mainly for solving operational problems, wrong sorting, English learning, extracurricular data expansion and personal interest class learning. Many students have believed that learning APPs bring not only the change of learning methods, more is "Open" of thinking, is good at learning more interesting than burying, and more effective, and persistence.

These tricks let children stay away from myopia troubles

These tricks let children stay away from myopia troubles

Original title: These tricks let children stay away from myopia, and face young people who have been in the campus. In August 2018, 8 departments of the Ministry of Education jointly issued the provincial people’s governments "comprehensive prevention and control children’s youth myopia Embodiment (hereinafter referred to as "embodiment"). Since the three years, what is the implementation of the Implementation Plan? What are the "true tricks"? Recently, the Ministry of Education held a press conference introduced the relevant situation.

  How to make the market of myopia prevention and control are "labeled", product quality "can be dependent"? Du Yuma, deputy director of the US Department of Market Supervision, introduced that the glasses industry is strongly standardized by approved the recommended national standards such as "Children’s Youth Learning Products" and "General Requirements and Test Methods for Speed ??Rack" and Development; China Consumers Association for some of the 13 mobile phone, tablet and TV products, and 20 mirror products, 73 read and write table lamps and 25 household projector products. Comparison Test, provide reasonable advice to consumers purchase products.

  Through these three years, the metering special supervision and inspection of the glasses, the overall level of the national glasses preparation, and the overall level of the overall oversight, providing powerful support for comprehensive prevention and control children’s adolescents.

  Strengthen myopia prevention and control, inventory training, training.

It is reported that the Ministry of Education has supported 21 universities to open an eye optic medicine, 37 universities opened the visual optical majors, and 86 universities opened health services and management majors. They set eye light and light technology and health management in higher vocational schools. 645; hosted a total of more than 820 provinces, municipalities, county three-level education department, primary and secondary school president, kindergarten head, school doctor, etc., the close-up prevention and control special seminar; the establishment of 85 experts composed of national comprehensive defense Controlled children’s adolescent myopia experts propaganda groups, online online preaching more than 3,600 scenes.

In addition, it is also issued "pre-school, primary school, secondary school, and self-study, anti-control guidance", for the characteristics of students such as before school, primary school, and secondary school, improve my myopia prevention and control knowledge penetration rate and awareness rate. The Qijian Committee launched a technical pilot of children’s youth nearly 183 people’s adolescents, and established a ‘National Children’s Youth Vision Health Management Expert Advisory Committee’, identifying 11 professional institutions to segmentation of segmented parties; Policies, all provincial-level disease prevention and control institutions set up a school health department, and the approval of nearly controlled and controlled the assessment of national disease control work, and effectively strengthen the construction of health service capacity in grassroots schools.

Wu Liang, deputy director of the National Health and Control Bureau, said.

  "I have two core problems of myopia prevention and control. First, if the heavy lesson burden can be really subtracted, the second is inadequate, not attached, weakened sports, beauty education, and labor education can really increase.

Only the two-pronged approach can truly promote the healthy development of children’s adolescent vision.

Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Ministry of Education, Sports Health and Art Education, said Jiang Qingguo, deputy director of Youth Sports Division, Sports General Administration, said that the Sports General Administration has widened the popularity of sports knowledge skills, issued a scientific books and manual, set up a scientific fitness lecture hall, and carry out sports skills training. The teaching video such as "Adolescent Idown Prevention and Control", "Love Eyeness" and other teaching video, prepares publishing fitness guidance method books, organizes multi-college sports education group, and conducts in-depth development of young people’s myopia prevention and control, physical monitoring, and health intervention activities.

  "In the future, it is necessary to unswervingly implement the ‘double reduction’, and effectively reduce the student’s lesson burden and the external training burden, give students more time to exercise, protect students’ adequate sleep, this is to do a good job in children. The basis of vision protection.

The second is to promote the teaching reform of sports, aesthetic education and labor education, so that students really enjoy the fun of sports, feel the charm of art, experience the value of labor.

The third is that the guarantee conditions should be followed, solidly promoted the reform of education, especially the evaluation of students, schools, and education development levels, the evaluation of education administrative departments and local government education effects must be truly implemented, Truely mobilize students, teachers, schools, parents and social five responsible subjects joint efforts.

"Wang Deng said. (Our reporter Zhou Shixiang) (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Li Yihuan) Share more people to see.

Yixian, Hebei: "Beautiful Courtyard" life beauty village revitalizes new scenery new

Yixian, Hebei: "Beautiful Courtyard" life beauty village revitalizes new scenery new

In the past two years, Yi County has been building a beautiful courtyard as a starting point to build a beautiful courtyard as a new starting point for villagers to pursue happiness life, to create a "courtyard small home", driving the construction of "beautiful everyone", a village net, Jingmei, People and beautiful country painting rolls are slowly launched.

Based on the advantages of local tourism resources, in the work promotion, Yixian created the "beautiful courtyard" into the "national tourism" development, and strive to create three blocks of "Red Cultural Wolf Wolfshan, Manchu Culture Qingxi Mausoleum, Taihang Cultural Easy Water Lake", Leading the women’s "beautiful courtyard" as an opportunity to create economic garden, book incense court, civilized courtyard, filial piety courtyard, etc. The environment is more tidy and effectively achieves the overall development of the beautiful courtyard and rural residence. Up to now, the county has created 87,219 "beautiful courtyard", including 19,100 boutique courtyards.

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